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Experts and Customers Agree: America’s Top Michelin, Forbes, and AAA Restaurants

Discover the best award-winning U.S. restaurants that captivate culinary experts and customers alike. In a comprehensive two-part analysis of 64 highest-ranking restaurants recognized by the Michelin Guide, Forbes Travel Guide, and American Automobile Association (AAA) Diamond Awards, I bring you the country’s 10 highest customer-rated award-winning restaurants.

Through statistical and qualitative review sentiment analysis, I uncovered the most exalted experiences and highest-praised features that set these restaurants apart. My investigation even found the most commonly leveled criticisms of these gastronomic behemoths. Join me in delving into this epicurean journey as we explore the culinary prowess behind these crowned dining destinations.

Here is everything you will learn on this page:

Fun Facts: Award-Winning Restaurants

  • Gourmet Grand Slam: 10 U.S. restaurants scored what I call a Gourmet Grand Slam 🏆 for acing all three guides; four are also fan favorites!
  • Michelin Magic: Michelin Star restaurants top all other award-winning gastronomies, clinching the highest ratings, averaging 4.5 on TripAdvisor and Google.
  • Full House: All ten restaurants are AAA Diamonds, seven are Forbes Star-Rated, and just four are Michelin-Starred.
  • King California: California is home to 23% of all U.S. Michelin, Forbes, and AAA top-rated restaurants, surpassing New York by two establishments.
  • Chef Star Power: Charleston restaurant’s Chef Cindy Wolf has the highest Chef Star Power, with the most mentions by name in customer reviews.
  • Happiest Customers: Victoria & Albert’s customers are most content, placing #1 in customer ratings and boasting an unmatched proportion of positive reviews.
  • Consistently Excellent: #1 for review count, Le Bernardin, with 6,354 Google and TripAdvisor reviews, boasts a 4.72 review score demonstrating supreme consistency.

Roster: The 10 Best U.S. Award-Winning Restaurants

This article utilizes two types of analysis to evaluate 3-Star Michelin, Five-Star Forbes, and AAA Five-Diamond-designated restaurants — a statistical and qualitative review sentiment analysis. The statistical analysis examines customer review counts and ratings from Google and TripAdvisor to calculate a weighted score I call the Customer Review Score. On the other hand, the qualitative review sentiment analysis of the restaurants with the highest Customer Review Scores extracts feelings, emotions, and nuanced points of view from customer reviews through natural language processing. Combined, these two analyses provide a powerful understanding of customer satisfaction and a holistic evaluation of the highest-rated establishments in the country.

While being featured on multiple guides did not grant restaurants additional points, we acknowledge and celebrate those that appear on Michelin, Forbes, and AAA guides simultaneously by recognizing them as a Gourmet Grand Slam 🏆.

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Visualizations: The Best U.S. Michelin, Forbes, and AAA-Rated Restaurants

Here is a table and a map of the ten highest customer-rated award-winning restaurants in the U.S.

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Independent: My data analysis research is conducted with independence and impartiality to ensure the integrity of the findings. My research is editorially independent, but Trips to Discover may earn a commission for any purchases made through links on this page.

Preliminary Research: I gathered a list of restaurants in the U.S. from the 2023 AAA Five Diamond Restaurant Awards list, the 2023 Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Restaurant Award Winners, and the 2023 list of 3-Star Michelin Restaurants. Between all three award systems, 64 unique restaurants remained. I sought to explore which of these restaurants, acknowledged by experts as the best, are the favorites among customers who dine there.

Data Extraction: These rankings are based on an analysis of 87,171 restaurant reviews for the 64 restaurants between Google and TripAdvisor. Google and TripAdvisor review scores and rating counts for all 64 restaurants were collected on 5/11/23 (4:05-4:43 PM MT) and 5/15/23 (10:05-10:30 AM MT), respectively. At the same time, I extracted the food, service, value, and atmosphere ratings on TripAdvisor and factored into my analysis.

Statistical Analysis Techniques: I used a proprietary ranking formula that, at its core, uses a weighted score analysis using a Bayesian average rating method to weigh each restaurant’s number of TripAdvisor and Google reviews against its average TripAdvisor and Google score separately. I call this the Lox Score in honor of the study it was first created for. We collected and utilized over 87,000 reviews between the 64 restaurants. Scores are on a 5-point scale. I then combined the TripAdvisor (40%) and Google (40%) Lox Scores with the TripAdvisor food (11%), service (3%), value (3%), and atmosphere (3%) scores into one weighted average “Customer Review Score” (CRS) also on a 5-point scale. My rankings are based on the ten restaurants, out of 64 total, with the highest CRS scores.

Qualitative Review Sentiment Analysis: Individual restaurant descriptions were created through qualitative review sentiment analysis using text mining methods and natural language processing. I used Outscrapper, a data-scrapping tool, to gather the most recent 50 customer reviews for each restaurant from Google and TripAdvisor. I used GPT-4 to conduct a qualitative review sentiment analysis of the 50 latest reviews for each restaurant focusing on various perspectives such as what sets the restaurant apart for customers, shared benefits and drawbacks for patrons, and essential decision-making factors for those who choose to dine there. All AI-generated analyses were thoroughly cross-checked for accuracy. Then I wrote the ultimate qualitative summary for each restaurant based on the information contained in the AI-generated qualitative review sentiment analysis.

Replicability: All the data used for this project is publicly available for study replication. The 64 restaurants are on the AAA, Forbes, and Michelin websites. All 64 restaurants are located on Google Maps and TripAdvisor, where you can identify review scores, counts and food, service, value and atmosphere ratings.

Contact Us: If you need assistance building a similar project or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected], and I can walk you through the process.

Data: You can download the data behind my analysis, including all 64 Michelin, AAA, or Forbes top-rated restaurants with their Google and TripAdvisor review scores and numbers at the time of this analysis, including our statistical calculations here in Google Sheets. This workbook also contains the other six Gourmet Grand Slams (top-rated by Michelin, Forbes, and AAA). You will additionally find the 500 restaurant review samples used for my sentiment analysis in that workbook without personally identifying information. I have also removed all proprietary calculations from the books. You can view the raw GPT qualitative sentiment analysis based on these 500 reviews here in Google Docs; however, I am choosing to withhold the valuable and meticulously crafted GPT prompts used to create these analyses. Please feel free to use or share this data with whoever may find this helpful — I ask that your purposes are noncommercial and that you link back to this page so I can receive proper credit for my work.

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1. Victoria & Albert's - Orlando, Florida Victoria & Albert's in Orlando, Florida
Credit: Victoria & Albert's in Orlando, Florida by TripAdvisor

1. Victoria & Albert's - Orlando, Florida

  • Expert Accreditation: Forbes and AAA

  • Customer Review Score: 4.81 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 1,927 Reviews

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 5 of 5

Welcome to the heart of Orlando, Florida, where the prestigious Victoria & Albert’s nestles within Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. A crowning jewel in the culinary world, this restaurant proudly wears its Five-Star badge from Forbes Travel Guide and AAA Five-Diamond honor with grace and elegance. Per my statistical analysis, it stands atop the gastronomic pinnacle with a sterling Customer Review Score of 4.81 out of 5 — the highest among a competitive field of 64 critically acclaimed culinary destinations.

My qualitative restaurant review sentiment analysis backs the statistical findings. Victoria and Albert’s is a highly regarded destination, with the vast majority of reviewers describing the experience as fabulous, memorable, and perfect. Reviewers highly praise the acclaimed tasting menu that caters to specific dietary needs. The restaurant is also a feast for the eyes — customers rave about the artistic presentation of dishes and the elegantly decorated yet intimate atmosphere of Victoria & Albert’s.

The sentiment analysis revealed minor detracting notes, such as isolated reservation issues or perceived quality inconsistencies. Despite these rare criticisms, the overarching sentiment for Victoria & Albert’s is overwhelmingly positive, with food quality, personalized service, and excellent past experiences being the most essential factors for culinary adventurers deciding to patronize this award-winning restaurant.

2. Cindy Wolf’s Charleston - Baltimore, Maryland Charleston Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland
Credit: Charleston Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland by Charleston Restaurant

2. Cindy Wolf’s Charleston - Baltimore, Maryland

  • Expert Accreditation: AAA  

  • Customer Review Score: 4.79 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews:1,763

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 4.5 of 5

In a masterstroke of culinary brilliance, Charleston, under Cindy Wolf’s helm in Baltimore, clinched AAA’s coveted Five Diamonds award in 2022. AAA celebrated the restaurants for their cutting-edge cuisine and unmatched ambiance. Charleston also shines in customer approval, holding a remarkable review score of 4.79 out of 5 in my statistical analysis, demonstrating its leading stature in the epicurean world.

According to my sentiment analysis, Cindy Wolf’s Charleston radiates culinary prowess, captivating diners with top-tier service, sublime cuisine, and a refined ambiance – the trifecta for many unforgettable evenings. Its price point, though steep, garners a nod of approval from patrons who see it as a justified indulgence, particularly for celebratory events. The analysis spotlights the allure of Charleston’s gastronomic excellence, impeccable service, and stunning environment as potent forces drawing returning customers. 

However, the accolades do come with occasional caveats. Isolated incidents of service hiccups, such as delays in drink orders and overlooked details, have been flagged. While patrons laud the overall food quality, a few dishes fell short of some expectations. Despite these minor and rare critiques, according to the sentiment analysis, Charleston holds an unquestionably high level of customer satisfaction.

3. The Inn at Little Washington - Washington, Virginia The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia
Credit: The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia by https://www.theinnatlittlewashington.com/

3. The Inn at Little Washington - Washington, Virginia

  • Expert Accreditation: Michelin, Forbes, AAA — Gourmet Grand Slam! 🏆

  • Customer Review Score: 4.76 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 1,802

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 4.5 of 5

Decked out with three Michelin stars, crowned with a Forbes Five-Star accolade, and boasting the AAA Five-Diamond honor, the dining room in The Inn at Little Washington holds an enviable position. It’s a culinary juggernaut, a ‘Gourmet Grand Slam’ — the first on my list. Despite being in operation for over four decades in the historic village of Washington, Virginia, the culinary creations of Chef Patrick O’Connell continue to dazzle with undiminished brilliance, according to Michelin

Underpinning Michelin’s prestigious accolades, my statistical analysis of 1,800 Google and TripAdvisor reviews — predominantly from the past decade — revealed an impressive score of 4.76 out of 5 for the restaurant. This data echoes the establishment’s culinary prowess and reflects outstanding customer satisfaction, further fortifying its esteemed reputation in the gastronomic realm.

Qualitative sentiment analysis of Little Washington’s last 50 reviews showcases an abundance of praise from diners, who frequently utilize powerful words like “impeccable” and “phenomenal” to portray their experiences. My sentiment analysis also surfaced a couple of comments pointing towards areas that might be improved upon. Some patrons shared their thoughts about pricing, suggesting it could match better with the overall experience. A small fraction mentioned instances where they felt service could be more attentive, and an even smaller share voiced comments saying a desire for a more contemporary atmosphere. Nevertheless, these dissenting opinions are few and far between.

4. Per Se - New York, New York Per Se in New York, New York
Credit: Per Se in New York, New York by Per Se

4. Per Se - New York, New York

  • Expert Accreditation: Michelin, Forbes, AAA — Gourmet Grand Slam! 🏆

  • Customer Review Score: 4.73 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 3,339

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 4.5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 5 of 5

Approaching its twentieth anniversary, Per Se, the illustrious creation of Thomas Keller, stands as the East Coast counterpart of The French Laundry. Nestled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, this beacon of haute cuisine exudes an unmistakable cosmopolitan vibe, embodying the finest culinary traditions in its offerings. Forbes reports that guests indulge in an epicurean journey, a five-hour feast featuring foie gras and truffles, all while basking in the attention of a 0committed team of servers.

Maintaining a stellar review score becomes a Herculean task as the volume of reviews piles up. But defying the odds, Per Se, with over 3,000 reviews under its belt, proudly flaunts an exceptional 4.73 out of 5 Customer Review Score in my statistical analysis. This feat speaks volumes about its unswerving commitment to luxury excellence. A parade of euphoric diners is proof of their consistency, frequently expressing near-identical sentiments in reviews of “best food I’ve ever had in my life,” underlining the unforgettable dining experience that Per Se delivers.

In culinary accolades, criticism is part and parcel of the game. Notably, reviewers of Per Se have voiced concerns about a perceived discord between taste and tariff, with some pointing to a lack of seasonal flair. Despite these hiccups, the allure of Per Se remains largely unscathed. An overwhelming majority of patrons praise the restaurant, celebrating its welcoming service, enchanting ambiance, and culinary masterpieces, attributing these facets to their high satisfaction levels.

5. Le Bernardin - New York, New York Le Bernardin in New York, New York
Credit: Le Bernardin in New York, New York by Chef Eric Ripert

5. Le Bernardin - New York, New York

  • Expert Accreditation: Michelin, Forbes, AAA — Gourmet Grand Slam!🏆

  • Customer Review Score: 4.72 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 6,354

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 4.5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 4.5 of 5

Located a mere stone’s throw away from Per Se in the heart of Midtown Manhattan lies another Gourmet Grand Slam known as Le Bernardin. This esteemed establishment has earned its rightful place in the annals of New York City’s gastronomic scene, boasting a reputation that will stand the test of time, praises Michelin. Lauded with AAA’s prestigious Inspector’s Best of Five Diamond designation in 2022, Le Bernardin reigns as a top seafood restaurant in the nation, according to the discerning standards set by the diamond designator.

Le Bernardin has undeniably captured the hearts of both customers and experts alike, solidifying its position as a top contender. With an impressive 4.72 out of 5 Customer Review Score based on over 6,000 reviews, the establishment leaves no doubt about its ability to satisfy foodie foragers. A qualitative review sentiment analysis reinforces its honors as reviewers flood Le Bernardin with accolades. From the impeccable presentation to the irresistible freshness of their seafood dishes, customers are in awe of how Le Bernardin seems to meticulously craft everything to perfection. 

While examining the sentiment analysis, it becomes apparent that some critical reviews center around a perceived sense of pretentiousness emanating from the service, leading to a lack of personal connection for specific individuals. However, despite occasional mentions of higher prices, there is a consensus that the overall value is justified. Numerous customers have lauded the sommeliers’ expertise, commending their skillful wine pairings and extensive selection.

6. Daniel - New York, New York Daniel in New York, New York
Credit: Daniel in New York, New York by Daniel

6. Daniel - New York, New York

  • Expert Accreditation: Forbes and AAA

  • Customer Review Score: 4.72 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 5,220

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 4.5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 4.5 of 5

Perched at the heart of New York’s opulent Upper East Side, Daniel, a restaurant of sparkling repute, garners significant acclaim, securing dual recognition as a AAA Inspector’s Best of Five-Diamond and a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant. Flaunting an exquisite blend of neoclassical finesse and organic whimsy, this gastronomic mecca is more than just a dining locale — it is a journey into elegance and culinary extravaganza, describes Forbes

Daniel skims the edge of the top five list with a nearly perfect score of 4.72 out of 5. Despite narrowly missing the highlight, this gourmet haven remains a rhythm to reckon with among connoisseurs who savor each moment of taste, creativity, and ambiance. Delving into the sentiment analysis, it’s evident that Daniel universally gratifies customers with its holistic dining affair. The waitstaff at Daniel receives substantial praise from patrons who celebrate their unparalleled professionalism and conscientious care. They masterfully articulate each course, enhancing the dining spectacle into a rich gastronomic tale.

Yet, not every visitor embarks on the much-touted epicurean journey at Daniel. Some find the pace of the experience more high-speed, according to the sentiment analysis, hinting that steering clear of peak hours might enhance the visit. This sentiment dovetails with sporadic mentions of fluctuating service quality that sharply diverges from the previously celebrated views. Despite these irregular shadows, a deluge of extraordinarily affirmative feedback vastly dwarfs them. Customers widely concur with the Michelin-Star accolade, with the luminary status of Daniel remaining indisputably brilliant in the eyes of gastronomy enthusiasts.

7. Gary Danko - San Francisco, California Gary Danko in San Francisco, California
Credit: Gary Danko in San Francisco, California by Gary Danko

7. Gary Danko - San Francisco, California

  • Expert Accreditation: AAA

  • Customer Review Score: 4.72 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 4,365

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 4.5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 4.5 of 5

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood, the illustrious Gary Danko stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. A Five-Diamond jewel, Gary Danko has caught the attention of AAA, earning their perfect accolades in both food and service. In the close-knit competition for supremacy, restaurants ranked fifth through tenth on my list boast scores within a remarkably narrow .01 range. Commanding a rounded-up customer review score of 4.72 out of 5, Gary Danko emerges on par with renowned establishments like Daniel and Le Bernardin.

Analyzing the last 50 reviews on Google and TripAdvisor for Gary Danko materializes a compelling narrative of praise. Hailed as a stage for memorable events, its intimate and upscale ambiance sets the scene for special occasions. Exceptional service, a beacon of staff attentiveness, elevates the experience to new heights. Critics extol the high-quality food that more than satiates — it dazzles. The restaurant’s pièce de résistance, might be its menu flexibility. Patrons treasure the liberty to customize their culinary journey, determining the number of courses to suit their preferences, amplifying the sense of personalization and grandeur to the Gary Danko experience.

My sentiment analysis for Gary Danko, a celebrated Michelin 1-Star restaurant, shows diverse experiences. While many customers revel in the top-tier culinary offerings, a small segment of feedback points to potential areas for enhancement in service pace, staff attention, and the consistency of the food’s quality. Yet, it’s critical to remember that most feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with Gary Danko maintaining a solid standing in the culinary landscape.

8. The Modern - New York, New York The Modern in New York, New York
Credit: The Modern in New York, New York by The Modern

8. The Modern - New York, New York

  • Expert Accreditation: AAA

  • Customer Review Score: 4.72 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 3,952

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 4.5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 4.5 of 5

Back to the East Coast for our final New York award-winning restaurant, The Modern. Nestled in the pulsating heart of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), this restaurant has amassed an enviable collection of accolades, including a prestigious AAA Five-Diamond rating and two coveted Michelin stars. The AAA particularly singles out The Kitchen Table, a culinary arena that affords patrons an intimate glance into the creative process of master chefs as they weave their magic. 

The Modern boasts an impressive 4.72 out of 5 Customer Review score, a testament to its exceptional service and quality, gathered from almost 4,000 reviews. Through sentiment analysis, we delve deeper into the praised features of The Modern, shedding light on what makes it a standout favorite among patrons. Based on a sample of the 50 most recent online reviews, the restaurant’s culinary prowess is what reviewers cite as its primary strength.

Raving about culinary masterpieces like duck and caviar, patrons laud The Modern for its creative and artistically presented dishes. The Bar Room experience, too, stands tall in the gastronomic adventure, with one diner dubbing it the pinnacle of affordable luxury in the universe of fine dining. Despite occasional service lapses and a few underwhelming dishes, the restaurant, set in the MoMA, offers an overwhelmingly positive, imaginative dining experience that most diners are eager to relive.

9. Alinea - Chicago, Illinois Alinea in Chicago, Illinois
Credit: Alinea in Chicago, Illinois by Alinea

9. Alinea - Chicago, Illinois

  • Expert Accreditation: Michelin, Forbes, AAA — Gourmet Grand Slam!🏆

  • Customer Review Score: 4.72 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 3,673

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 4.5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 4.5 of 5

The final Gourmet Grand Slam in our gourmet gala! Branded as “ingenious” by Michelin, heralded as the vanguard of molecular gastronomy by Forbes, and acclaimed as a virtuoso by AAA, Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea, Chicago, is a culinary mastermind. Alinea’s rich credentials — AAA Five-Diamond, Forbes Five-Star, and Michelin 3-Star — and countless accolades labeling it as the nation’s, and often the world’s, top restaurant make it a titan in the gastronomic realm.

Can anyone question such an extraordinary gourmet pedigree? The consumer verdict suggests otherwise. An impressive 4.72 out of 5 average Customer Review Score, distilled from a pool of more than 3,500 reviews, manifests the universal adoration for Alinea. It’s a resounding affirmation of the restaurant’s exceptional status, each high score furthering the chorus of approval for this Chicago-based gastronomic temple.

According to our sentiment analysis, Alinea is a riveting gastronomic spectacle tantalizing all senses. Customers describe a theater-like ambiance amplified by remarkable performances from the serving staff to the maestro. The accolades do not cease here. The restaurant’s dynamic menu, with a symphony of unique flavors, is a prominent factor contributing to Alinea’s sterling reputation. Nonetheless, the picture has a few blemishes; some reviewers point towards perceived culinary missteps, saying some dishes were over-seasoning or excessively fatty. In contrast, others found some offerings lacked the anticipated flavor profile. Nonetheless, such criticisms remain exceptions in the overall narrative of praise.

10. Kai Restaurant - Phoenix, Arizona Kai in Phoenix, Arizona
Credit: Kai in Phoenix, Arizona by Kai

10. Kai Restaurant - Phoenix, Arizona

  • Expert Accreditation: Forbes and AAA

  • Customer Review Score: 4.71 of 5

  • Total Customer Reviews: 879

  • TripAdvisor Food Score: 5 of 5

  • TripAdvisor Service Score: 5 of 5

Let the city that never sleeps, New York, step aside momentarily. The stage of culinary brilliance extends far beyond its dazzling lights! Rising from the heart of Phoenix, Kai Restaurant challenges the norm and proves that opulence does not tether to the world’s culinary capitals. Crafting a symphony of flavors amalgamating Native American traditions and global cuisines, Forbes says the “menu is unlike any you’ve seen before.” AAA echoes the praise with a perfect Five-Diamond rating for Kai with 5 of 5 marks in food, service, and decor. The message is clear: culinary excellence is not a monologue; it’s a global conversation!

Defying the odds with a slender tally of just over 800 reviews, Kai has managed to cement a formidable Customer Review Score of 4.71 out of 5. It doesn’t stop there; the restaurant stands tall among the mere quartet of restaurants from a robust selection of 64 critically lauded establishments with a perfect 5 of 5 rating on TripAdvisor. Additionally, its reviews are so overwhelmingly positive that even when subjected to a weighted analysis, the restaurant outshines many other celebrated eateries that boast significantly larger review counts. 

The path for Kai is clear: If it sustains its current trajectory of effusive praise and accumulates a few thousand more accolades, it can land the #1 spot as the top Michelin, Forbes, or AAA top-rated restaurant in the nation. 

Unsurprisingly, my qualitative review sentiment analysis of Kai uncovers an audience spellbound by the “exceptional” and “one-of-a-kind” cuisines. The harmonious and intimate ambiance set against the backdrop of Wild Horse Pass especially entrances customers. Even though reservations can be tricky, Kai’s impeccable, exquisitely plated, and presented creations continue to command spotlights from culinary experts and customers alike.

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