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9 Most Affordable Beach Resorts in Hawaii

By: Alyssa Ochs  

Hawaii embodies the ultimate dream vacation for many travelers – the sparkling ocean water, the golden sand, volcano hikes, and consistently perfect weather. But if you’re not careful, this paradise can get pretty pricey.  It’s easy to get caught up in the stunning beauty of Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you have to toss your travel budget out the window. Whether you’re planning to travel to Hawaii for the first time or have an annual tradition in the islands, these are some of the most accessible and affordable beach resorts in Hawaii.

Marriott Kauai Resort and Beach Club Marriott Kauai Resort and Beach Club via marriott.com

1. Marriott Kauai Resort and Beach Club – Kauai, Hawaii (prices & photos)

This resort is an absolutely amazing and affordable option is located in Kauai. The Marriott Kauai Resort and Beach Club is designed like a royal Hawaiian estate and stretches along the scenic Kalapaki Beach. World-class amenities like golf, a day spa, fitness center, and 26,000-square-foot swimming pool are located on site. This resort is also popular for business conferences because there are eight meeting rooms, event planners, fax/printer service, and an overnight messenger service available.

  • Patrick Daly

    Before I ever spend my hard earned and saved dollars on a return visit to ANY of the Hawaiian Islands, they have to rid their state of the “meth-heads” and “riff-raff”. Oahu and Hawaii are by far the worst Islands with the other Islands close behind.

    • Pad

      That’s interesting. I know they have a drug problem, but I’ve been to Hawaii 8-10 times over the last 15 years and have never seen any evidence of it. I only go to Maui and Kauai, so that might be part of it….

  • Mom on the lake

    I stayed in Oahu for 2 months and never encountered anything drug related only problem, I saw was a lot of homeless people that live on the beaches and parks especially across from their main food mall, other than being expensive I thought the island was beautiful

  • Miguel Gutierrez

    Hawaii is the most beautiful paradise in the whole world and very affordable, I will be going very soon before my days are over