Rome is at the top of many people’s European travel bucket list because of the city’s religious significance, historical architecture, cultural attractions, and regional cuisine. However, it can be difficult to decide where to focus your trip in Rome because there are so many different districts, neighborhoods, and streets that can feel confusing and overwhelming to a first-time visitor. Based on your travel style and what you want to see and do in the city, here are some tips for where to stay in Rome.


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Trastavere Tiber river in Rome
Tiber river in Rome


Why Stay Here: Lots of crowds and restaurant and nightlife options.
Top Hotels: VOI Donna Camilla Savelli HotelRelais Le Clarisse in Trastevere

One of the most popular places to stay in Rome is Trastevere, which is on the other side of the river from the historic center of the city. This is a picturesque place to stay and a great pick for couples on a honeymoon. There are tons of bars, restaurants, and cafes here, so it’s exciting to explore the area on foot during the day and at night as well. Stay here for easy access to some of the very best nightlife options in the city and if you enjoy offbeat neighbors and a lively, hipster vibe. Expect to have a lot of crowds here, and plan to walk to go sightseeing.

Aventine Building on Aventine Hill in Rome
Building on Aventine Hill in Rome


Why Stay Here: Quiet, off the beaten path, and safe for families with kids.
Top Hotels: Hotel Villa San Pio | Hotel San Anselmo

One of the most beautiful districts of Rome to stay in is Aventine, which is about 15 minutes or more to walk to the major sights but also filled with green space and hidden gems. This is a part of town where many wealthy people of Rome live, so it’s also fun to check out the lovely houses here. Stay in Aventine if you’re looking for something quiet and to get off the beaten path. Many returning visitors to Rome stay here, as well as families with kids. Aventine Hill offers lovely views, low crowds, and Testaccio is nearby for some great eateries.

Centro Storico/Historical Center Old red vintage car italian scene in the historic center of Rome
Old red vintage car italian scene in the historic center of Rome

Centro Storico/Historical Center

Why Stay Here: Centrally located among all the tourist attractions.
Top Hotels: Hotel LancelotHotel ConcordiaHotel Smeraldo

Many first-time travelers to Rome stay in the historic center of town, Centro Storico, so that they can be in the middle of all the action. You’ll be near the Piazza Navona and the Pantheon and have easy access to lots to do while walking along cobblestone streets. This part of town is admittedly touristy and not the most budget-friendly area because of its convenient proximity and popularity. Since there is so much to see and do in Centro Storico, many tourists don’t venture very far outside of the region.

Testaccio Testaccio district buildings
Testaccio district buildings


Why Stay Here: Hip vibe for foodies and to mix with locals.
Top Hotels: Althea Inn Roof Terrace | Hotel Re Testa

A hip and emerging place to stay in Rome is Testaccio, which is a great place to be if you want to avoid overly touristy areas when you end your days of exploring the area. Foodies love Testaccio because of the authentic cuisine restaurants here. Young people flock here on weekends for the club scene. Hotel options are more limited in this area than in some other parts of Rome. Plan to take public transportation to the major sights when you stay in this modern part of Rome on the outskirts of the city. It’s between a five and 15-minute bus ride to the Colosseum and Centro Storico from here. Testaccio is also a recommended place to stay if you want to meet and mingle with locals who live in Rome and know the city well.

San Giovanni Porta San Giovanni
Porta San Giovanni

San Giovanni

Why Stay Here: Budget-friendly, residential choice for travelers.
Top Hotels: Hotel Napoleon

You can also stay in the San Giovanni/Appio neighborhood if you want to be in a residential area that is safe and budget-friendly. This is not a very central neighborhood in Rome, but it is a good one to stay in if you want to be away from the tourist crowds and still be close to public transportation near the Metro line. Travelers with kids and who are looking to reduce hotel costs often stay here.

Monti Famous Borgia Ascent in the Monti neighborhood of Rome
Famous Borgia Ascent in the Monti neighborhood of Rome


Why Stay Here: Laid-back village area that’s great for families.
Top Hotels: Hotel Raffaello Hotel Colosseum

Monti is a laid-back village area of Rome that has hip bars, cute boutiques, and some excellent eateries. There are lots of things to see and do around the Piazza Madonna dei Monti, Via Leonina, and Via Urbana. This area has a bohemian vibe and is great for couples who are traveling here on their honeymoon or for an anniversary. Monti is also close to the major sightseeing attractions of the ancient forums and Colosseum. When you stay here, you can also shop for designer fashion, learn about history, and feel like you’re in a suburban environment. Overall, there’s a nice balance here between authentic Rome and touristy Rome. This is a recommended place to stay if you’re traveling to Rome with kids because it is safe and comfortable.

Esquilino Piazza Dell Esquilino, Rome
Piazza Dell Esquilino, Rome


Why Stay Here: Lively neighborhood well-connected by public transportation.
Top Hotels: Hotel ArtemideBest Western Hotel President

Esquilino is a lively neighborhood near the train station and therefore, quite well-connected to other parts of town. This is a multicultural district of the city where you can eat foods from all around the world and shop for interesting souvenirs. This is a good place to stay if you are traveling to Rome on a budget. But just be mindful that there are significant traffic and noise here. Things to see near Esquilino, Castro Pretorio, and the Termini train station include the Diocletian Baths, Piazza della Repubblica, and numerous basilicas.

Jewish Ghetto Old buildings in the Jewish ghetto in Rome
Old buildings in the Jewish ghetto in Rome

Jewish Ghetto

Why Stay Here: Charming and historic area with fewer crowds.
Top Hotels: Otivm Hotel Hosianum Palace

The Jewish Ghetto area of Rome is a historic Jewish community that was once used to keep this community all in the same place. But today, this is a charming district of Rome and a great place to stay for your trip. The area has an old-world atmosphere and is also home to the Campo de’ Fiori Market, Piazza Farnese, and some ancient ruins. The Jewish Ghetto is centrally located in Rome and offers an authentic experience without the large crowds of the more touristy areas of town.

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