On nearly every corner in Seattle, you’ll find a coffee shop. Coffee began to root itself deeply into the city’s veins hundreds of years ago and has since been gradually even more intertwining. With the demand to have a place to gather, as well as to listen to music and gaze upon local art, customers have flocked to drink warm coffee on rainy, chilly days. Now there are countless roasters and establishments that keep with tradition while staying up with new trends, but below are the best places to find coffee in Seattle.


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Capitol Coffee Works Capitol Coffee Works
Capitol Coffee Works

Capitol Coffee Works

When lattes are topped with images made from frothed milk, it’s safe to assume this is probably a fantastic spot to sip coffee. Situated on Pike Street, the location is superb, right within the bustle of Seattle. Lattes and other beverages can be noted with pleasant flavors such as cardamom and rose, which compliment the wide selection of decadent pastries well. Sustainably sourced beans are the key to the complex flavors of each brew, as with any great shop. Breakfast tacos are an added treat, and customers truly appreciated the no tipping policy, as the owner’s state they fairly compensate their workers.

Slate Coffee Bar Slate Coffee deconstructed latte
Slate Coffee deconstructed latte

Slate Coffee Bar

Unique drinks and coffee flights allure coffee fanatics from far and wide. Flights allow customers to embark on a hand-brewed coffee adventure, with a balanced variety of cold and hot deliciousness. Slate Coffee Bar is perfect for deep exploration of coffee, because not only are there unusual menu items, but the baristas can guide guests through the experience. A deconstructed latte proves to be a fan favorite, as it literally comes disassembled into espresso, milk and a separate latte—this is done so that the flavors of the coffee can be appreciated, as well as the sweetness of the milk. An original concept of this particular shop, it’s not to be missed.

Seattle Coffee Works Seattle Coffee Works
Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Coffee Works

The artwork on the outside of this shop can be seen from quite some distance and depicts the charm before even going inside. The caramel latte, Au Lait, and even vegan beverages are given major flavor boost thanks to a rigorous effort to source pure beans—guests can even see a report detailing where the very coffee they sip was farmed from. Seattle Coffee Works is within walking distance from Pike Place Market, which is overflowing with fresh seafood, local booths, flowers and bay views. Pastries here get an A+ rating too.

Analog Coffee Analog Coffee
Analog Coffee

Analog Coffee

Inside Analog is cozy with an appropriate oceanside feel—come wait out the rain or just have an afternoon chat with a brew. Drip through coffee is a sought after treat, as it tends to pull more of the flavor from the beans. Cold brew is on tap, and the shop only uses local roasters and organic dairy, which makes for one heck of a rich, authentic latte, espresso or cappuccino. The price is quite friendly as well!

Elm Coffee Roasters Elm Coffee Roasters
Elm Coffee Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters

Like many Seattle joints, Elm Coffee Roasters focuses on single origin beans, which means you have highly pure, transparent coffee. The atmosphere is airy, relaxing and welcoming, as is the smell of roasting beans. If you try one thing, have a basic latte with housemate vanilla flavor—it’s subtle and oh so satisfying. While there’s not much else to munch other than pastries, donuts and other sweets, those are all that’s really needed, because each one is fresh, light and amazing.

Victrola Coffee Roasters Victrola espresso
Victrola espresso

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Another Pike Street shop, Victrola clings right to the historic theme of the market, with 1920s style inside. Cozy brick walls, local art and warm wood give great ambiance to this snug roaster. In addition to pairing baked good and salads with various beverages, enthusiasts are encouraged to attend the cupping session every Wednesday. Cupping is like wine tasting in a sense, as it educates attendees about the aromas, notes and qualities of each type of bean via various sensory exercises.

Moore Coffee Shop Original Locaion of Moore Coffee
Original Locaion of Moore Coffee

Moore Coffee Shop

Immediately cheery yet elegant, Moore Coffee Shop reaches beyond the classic wooden and white modern interior of some, and features vibrant accents and pops of color—it’s a fun place to be. But what people buzz most about are the intricate milk pictures, such as teddy bears and sunshine, that adorn the top of their beverages. This goes way beyond the occasional leaf or fancy swirl. With berry topped tarts, macarons and other breakfast and lunch options, they’ve also ranked amongst the highest in the food game.

Milstead and Co Milstead interior
Milstead interior

Milstead and Co

A bit more upscale and slightly pricey, craft coffee beverages here can be a little more expensive than the average, but totally worth it. With communal seating, it’s a cool place to meet people and make new friends over some seriously delicious dark chocolate mochas. In addition to some gorgeous and tasty pastries, they have gluten free biscuits!

La Marzocco Cafe La Marzocco
La Marzocco

La Marzocco Cafe

Spacious and somewhat industrial, La Marzocco is described more like an experience than as a mere place to grab a drink. In addition to an onsite vinyl shop, there’s an ice cream vending machine, comfy couches and a seasonally rotating menu. Guests even come to marvel over the world-class espresso machines, while browsing at coffee makers to take home.

The Original Starbucks Original Starbucks
Credit: starbucks.com
Original Starbucks

The Original Starbucks

Starbucks epitomizes coffee in America—it’s the most common place we flock to for our morning pick me up or an afternoon latte. What better place to celebrate our love for coffee than visiting the place where it all began, the original startup Starbucks near the bustling vendors in Pike Place Market in the bayfront in Seattle? While simple and small, lines wind out of the rustic shop, which is still adorned with original accents and signs—don’t look for the green sign you’ve come to know, because this one is still brown and the iconic figure is a bit different.

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