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5 Animals to Meet at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia

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Many families visit zoos on vacation, but there are other ways to learn about animals and also support a good cause. Noah’s Ark is a nonprofit animal sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia that takes in abused, neglected, and unwanted animals and gives them a home. There are over 1,500 animals here that you can see and learn about!


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Tigers Tiger at Noah's Ark
Tiger at Noah's Ark


Tigers call Noah’s Ark home, and you can learn all about their life stories here. Onsite Tiger residents include Gabby, Tiger Lilly, Golden, and Shelia.

Bears Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark


When you visit Noah’s Ark, you can also see bears of various kinds. For example, Angus is an American black bear, and Anna Lou is a grizzly bear that lives at Noah’s Ark.

There is no admission fee to see the bears and other animals, but donations are very welcome and appreciated. This is because it costs about $33,000 per month to care for and feed them all.

Primates Monkey at Noah's Ark
Monkey at Noah's Ark


Monkeys are always fan-favorites at Noah’s Ark because they’re so playful and fun! When you visit, you can meet macaques like Costello, capuchins like Sabrina, spider monkeys like Clarke Gable, and gibbons like Cherokee.

The monkeys and other animals have 250 acres of space to spread out and play on throughout the day.

Horses Horses at Noah's Ark
Horses at Noah's Ark


There are few sights more beautiful than horses roaming free across the Georgia landscape. Not only does Noah’s Ark care for exotic animals, but also farm animals as well. Wind Walker and Sierra are mustangs that live here, and you’ll also find llamas, cows, bison, and pigs here.

Make sure to wear good walking shoes when you visit the sanctuary and pack a picnic lunch to spend a little more time here.

Birds Wild parrots at Noah's Ark
Wild parrots at Noah's Ark


You’ll also find various species of birds at Noah’s Ark, such as Frankie the cockatiel, Gracie the blue and gold macaw, and Mr. Jay the Amazon parrot. There are larger birds, like emus and ostriches, here too.

Self-guided tours of the sanctuary are free and available between noon and 3pm on Tuesdays through Saturdays, weather permitting. But to learn more and help the sanctuary team with its important mission, you can book a WOW tour for $75 per person for an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the animals’ lives.

The most immersive experience is called Keeper for a Day, where for a fee of $500, you can get real hands-on experience on how to care for all of the animals at Noah’s Ark. You’ll spend all day from 10am to 4pm being a real animal keeper and even receive a certificate, lunch, t-shirt, and photographs to remember your experience!

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