Expert Guide

9 Fun Things to Do When You Visit Pendleton, Oregon

By Alyssa Ochs | Mar 14, 2019

While often overshadowed by the city of Portland and the coastal towns in Oregon, there are still many great reasons…

Scenic Retreats

9 Places to Stay Near Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

By Karyn Wofford | Feb 13, 2019

Columbia River Gorge is a canyon that winds between Washington and Oregon. The entire area stretches 80 miles and is…


11 Coolest Boutique Hotels in Portland

By Madison Dragna | Jan 24, 2019

Make your stay in Portland just as cool as the city when you book a room at one of the…

Pumpkin Pickin'

10 Best Pumpkin Patches to Celebrate Fall in Oregon

By Alyssa Ochs | Oct 8, 2018

Many people flock to the Northeastern region of the U.S. in the fall season to see the colorful foliage and…

Fall Fun

8 Fun Oktoberfest Celebrations in Oregon

By Alyssa Ochs | Oct 3, 2018

Oregon is an excellent place to live or visit if you love beer, and our favorite fall beer festival, Oktoberfest,…

Best of the Best

9 Best Things To Do in Downtown Portland

By K.C. Dermody | Sep 20, 2018

Downtown Portland offers a whole lot more than most visitors imagine. Compact and walkable, it boasts an ideal blend of…

Historic Haven

Step Back in Time at National Historic Oregon Trail

By Alyssa Ochs | Aug 15, 2018

Depending on when you grew up and went to school, the computer game “Oregon Trail” is a beloved memory that…

Natural Wonder

Experience Pure Oregon Landscapes at Columbia River Gorge

By Alyssa Ochs | Aug 14, 2018

There’s a spectacular canyon in Oregon where the Columbia River runs through the Cascade mountain range, a sight that every…

Budget Trips

10 Best Things To Do in Portland, Oregon For $10 or Less

By K.C. Dermody | May 24, 2018

While you might think it would be hard to find much to do for $10 or less in any major…

Nature Lovers

8 Best Scenic Hikes in Oregon

By Alyssa Ochs | May 21, 2018

Without a doubt, Oregon is an outdoor lover’s paradise. There are so many varied landscapes, amazing recreation areas, and scenic…

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