Inspired by a pet goat and family, two women have set out to create one of the finest micro-creameries in the state. Let me tell you, they’ve succeeded! Calyroad is a place to learn, explore, taste and experience everything about artisan cheese, and we’re completely drooling.


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Great Location (Nearby Hotels)

Having moved from their 16 acre farm in west Georgia, Calyroad now sets in vibrant, culinarily rich Sandy Springs—appropriate! Just slightly north of Atlanta, it’s conveniently located and easy to get to from the north.

Made with Fresh Georgia Milk (Nearby Hotels)

Within cheese aging rooms, artisan practices are used to cultivate local milk into smooth variations that are superior to anything you could buy at a “run of the mill” grocery store. Every week, goat and cow’s milk is delivered from nearby farms—it doesn’t get fresher!

Learn How Cheese is Made (Nearby Hotels)

Bypassers are welcomed with open arms at Calyroad, to experience the expertise and craft that goes into creating all of the cheesy goodness! Classes are $65, and are held one Saturday each month from 4pm-6:30pm—you’ll specifically learn how to make feta, while you’ll leave knowing the basics to general cheese making.

Awesome Tours (Nearby Hotels)

If you long to experience being a cheese maker for a day, you’re in luck. The $5 tour goes beyond peeking in the cheese making room—you’ll get to dress up in “real deal” gear before entering into the vats. For some reason, cheese tastes even better after learning how it’s made!

Add-on Wine Tastings (Nearby Hotels)

For $5, you can add on a wine tasting to your cheese tour. Uh, yes please! Beer and other select appetizers are often served and perfectly paired with one another. Drinks served are ones that can’t be bought at any old store, making it a completely special experience.

Parties! (Nearby Hotels)

Cheese for you’re birthday? What more could one wish for! Calyroad is an out of the box place to celebrate another year around the sun, or any other occasion. We’re envisioning a wedding with an actual cheese cake!

Diverse Cheese Selection

Diverse Cheese Selection (Nearby Hotels)

Blue Cheese may rank as the favorite when skimming over yelp and google reviews, but from the bold to the mildly smooth, we’re in love with all of the variations.


Market (Nearby Hotels)

Calyroad conveniently offers local and artisan products in their little grocery shop. Of course, you can purchase their onsite made cheeses, and other wholesome treats like honey, pickles and pasta.

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