10 Best Shaved Ice Shops in Georgia

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Here’s the thing about Georgia, there is so much good food, that it’s absolutely overwhelming. From Atlanta, Macon, Athens, all the way down to the coast, you’re bound to find a foodie gem. Georgia knows how to do shaved ice–not just basic snow cones, but a list of different kinds. Yes, there are many kinds of shaved ice, and you can try them in the south.


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Bon Glaze

Donut flavored shaved ice with a donut on top—pinch us. Featured on The Food Network for their tasty rings of goodness in a huge variety of lavish flavors, word is getting around Atlanta that this is the place for a cool treat. Bon Glaze is known for their fun take on sweets, and this frosty delicacy may be the most awesome yet.

Dolphin's Water Ice Factory

Almost too pretty to eat, Dolphin’s Water Ice is a Philadelphia style Italian frozen treat. With a smooth consistency, a variation of colors and flavors meld together to make a vibrant dessert that looks as good as it tastes. Recognizable and beloved flavors like Sour Patch Kids and Starburst are pretty much legendary in the ATL.



Marshmallow cream makes everything more amazing, and Valdosta’s Snopocalypse drizzles their indulgent shaved ice with the stuff! From unexpected flavors like Butter Beer and peanut butter, the shaved ice here seems more like an ice cream sundae, and we are loving it! Over 100 flavors could potentially top your snowball–best of luck deciding.

Savannah's World Famous Shaved Ice

Nothing quite hits the spot on a hot Georgia day like a ginormous, fluffy snow cone from Savannah’s World Famous Shaved Ice. These babies are absolutely huge, and have the consistency of real Hawaiian shaved ice. Located at the base of the bridge in Savannah, it’s an absolute must when in the east coast town.

SunO Dessert

Duluth, and the general surrounding area, has some amazing international dessert nooks. SunO features Okinawan style shaved ice with an incredibly fluffy texture, topped with creamy milk, and a variety of fruity or sweet toppings. Strawberry, milk, soy milk, green tea, rainbow, lychee, Thai tea and mango are your base choices, then just have fun picking your toppings. Mochi bits and fresh fruit are a majestic duo, but there’s plenty for the chocolate lover as well.

Bourbon Street Ice

Kennesaw’s Bourbon Street Ice uses organic cane sugar, reverse osmosis filtered water for the purest ice, and other natural ingredients, which makes their New Orleans Snoballs that much better. Handcrafted popsicles consist of real fruit, veggies and herbs– top your Snoball with one. Natural syrup choices include chocolate, peanut butter, blackberry, coconut and a pure twist on Rainbow with cherry, pineapple and blue raspberry flavors. But when the Banana’s Foster appears on the menu, act fast, because it’s only made in small batches.

White Windmill Bakery

On the iconic Buford Highway in Doraville, notable for its slew of crazy good international food joints, is a modern Korean dessert shop, White Windmill. Patbingsu is the Korean take on shaved ice, but is a lot more elaborate than your average carnival dessert. Kiwi, strawberries, syrups, cereal and even sweet beans top this frozen monster–condensed milk drizzle gives it an ultra-indulgent taste.

The Icey Girl & Co.

Every creative flavor at The Icey Girl in Columbus is made with crystals so finely shaven, it’s as smooth as silk. From crazy dill pickle and unicorn flavors, to classics we’ve grown up on, the pink hut truly has nailed it. Columbus has a fantastic list of places to get a treat, and this one should be at the top.

Sunset Slush of St. Simons
Sunset Slush of St. Simons

Sunset Slush of St. Simons

Get ready to drool over this classic Italian ice, which is scooped like ice cream into more solid orbs. Flavors are quirky, and it seems every flavor combination could be delicious—the zombie is a fun meld of up to 14 variations, and the Georgia Sunset is swirled with peach mango and strawberry. Key Lime, Birthday Cake and Peach Champagne are standouts, but you can mix and match anything if you’re struggling to choose.

Dominic's on the Bayou Handcrafted Snoballs

Dominic’s, like Bourbon Street in Kennesaw, also masters natural New Orleans style shaved ice. Only organic sugar is used, and ingredients are often sourced locally, like strawberries, which come from Southern Belle Farm. Dominic’s operates out of a vintage camper, which pops up at festivals and the Alpharetta Food Truck Alley. Tropical Bliss is an awesome flavor made with peach, mango and pineapple ice, stuffed with sorbet, and garnished with fresh blueberries and sweet cream.