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Local Eats

Local Florida Restaurants Offering Delivery/Take-Out Right Now (Metro Areas)

By Charity De Souza | Mar 24, 2020

Even though we’re practicing social distancing and working from home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite dishes from…

Sunny Stays

17 Incredible Airbnbs in Clearwater Beach, FL

By Charity De Souza | Mar 16, 2020

Clearwater is a top Florida destination for enjoying the beautiful outdoors, as its postcard-perfect bright blue Gulf of Mexico waters…

Cultural Experiences

10 Best Local Tours in Porto, Portugal

By Charity De Souza | Feb 19, 2020

Porto is a dazzling coastal city home to renowned wine cellars, leafy parks, a photogenic historic quarter and cozy restaurants…

Coastal Gems

12 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

By Charity De Souza | Dec 5, 2019

Costa Rica is a beautiful, rainforested country in Central America known for its expansive coastline of picturesque beaches. It’s a…

Sunny Getaways

15 Airbnbs in Florida for Every Style and Budget

By Charity De Souza | Nov 28, 2019

Florida sees vacation-goers from around the globe flocking to its picturesque beaches and family-friendly attractions, which means there is no…

Sun-Kissed Coastline

8 Best Beaches in Key West, Florida

By Charity De Souza | Nov 19, 2019

Key West is the southernmost city in the United States, offering visitors a number of sun-soaked coastlines to bask in…

Beachfront Bliss

15 Dreamy Beachfront Airbnbs in the United States

By Charity De Souza | Nov 11, 2019

Relaxing under the sun is just what the doctor ordered, and there’s no better way to decompress than to wake…

Tiny Living

12 Incredible Tiny House Airbnbs in the United States

By Charity De Souza | Nov 5, 2019

One of the most popular categories on Airbnb, tiny houses offer adventurous travelers the chance to experience an eco-friendly, clutter-free…

Starry Nights

12 Coziest Cabin Airbnbs in the United States

By Charity De Souza | Oct 29, 2019

Picture yourself sipping hot cocoa by the roaring fire, enjoying woodland views from your private Jacuzzi and marveling at the…

Sunny Getaways

15 Coolest Airbnbs in the Florida Keys

By Charity De Souza | Oct 24, 2019

Known for its tropical atmosphere, seafood restaurants and memorable outdoor adventures, the Florida Keys are perfect for when you want…

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