You probably know how it is, you hear about some fabulous destination that was incredibly cheap to visit, only the keyword in this situation is was. You just missed being able to enjoy an incredible vacation at a budget price. Don’t let that happen again – travel to these great spots before rates start to skyrocket.


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Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland (Hotel Prices & Photos)

An up-and-coming destination, Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. For about $100 a day, including food, accommodation, entertainment and other costs, you can experience fabulous attractions like Edinburgh Castle. Located in the heart of the city, sitting atop an extinct volcano, it’s considered a powerful symbol of Scotland’s heritage. Discover the dazzling crown jewels and explore the lavish palace rooms as well as “Mons Meg,” a medieval siege gun. In 1030, the castle was built with a chapel that still stands today. By venturing up to the highest parts of its structure, you’ll be overwhelmed by the breathtaking views of the city as well. Be sure to stroll the city’s famous Royal Mile too. It stretches between the castle and the Scottish parliamentin the Old Town and is lined with stone tenement buildings with cobbled closes in between. This bustling area also boasts St. Giles Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic church with an impressive crown spire.

Shanghai Shanghai Skyline
Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Shanghai is one of the world’s top three cities that experienced the highest growth in bookings in 2016. More and more are discovering what it has to offer, which means rates will be on the increase too. If you’re looking for better prices, consider a winter visit, which is quite a bit less expensive than the summer months. Some of the highlights include the chance to experience a blend of eastern and western cultures as well as a sleepless city with an incredibly colorful nightlife. You’ll find a very diverse culture with night clubs and bars open until sunrise, theater offering opera, drama, dance, acrobatics and more as well as cinemas that show both Chinese and foreign films. There are a wealth of attractions right in Shanghai and nearby, including Zhujiajiao Water Town, an ancient water town of typical Southeast China style.

Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Similar to Edinburgh, Lisbon has experienced a large increase in bookings, which means prices may be rising soon. This beautiful city has long been underrated, but that seems to be changing. For now, a full week’s stay at one of the city’s five-star hotels, runs the same as just one or two nights at a luxury hotel in other European capitals. It’s also known for fairly low dining costs and rental car rates. While you’re there, visit its most historic district, Belem. Especially picturesque, it’s the location of many of the capital’s most notable tourist attractions. Set upon the northern banks of the River Tagus, and from the ancient harbors of Belem, many of the 14th century “voyages of discovery” departed from here, including Vasco da Gama who discovered the sea route to India. Just a few of the highlights here include great monuments like the Belem Tower, an ornate and distinctively shaped tower that was originally designed in 1514 as a formidable fortress and key to the defense of the estuary mouth; Ajuda Palace, a fine example of the splendor of the 18th century in Portugal, and the Coach Museum, home to the world’s finest collection of royal horse-drawn carriages.

Hamburg, Germany Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Home to the largest port in Germany, Hamburg is one of the country’s lesser-known destinations, but bookings here are on the increase too. This northern town offers everything from an abundance of galleries and museums, funky boutiques and fantastic eateries as well as more canals than Venice and Amsterdam combined. It’s home to one of the biggest red-light districts in Europe, St. Pauli, where you can enjoy dancing the night away at hip nightclubs and listening to live music at an extensive array of great venues. On Sunday morning, rise early to enjoy the Fischmarkt, a massive outdoor market turned party, with fresh fish from the North Sea sold alongside steins of beer and sizzling sausages on the banks of the River Elbe.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur skyline
Kuala Lumpur skyline

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The capital of Malaysia ranked No. 10 when it comes to the highest increase in bookings, and while it’s always been a fairly budget friendly city, you may want to visit sooner rather than later if you hope to take advantage of the low prices. Especially warm and friendly, it’s known for both its cutting-edge sophistication and Old World charms, with towering skyscrapers tucked right alongside graceful colonial structures and pre-war ornate shops. With its warm climate, lush greenery and abundance of colorful blooms, it’s been likened to a tropical version of New York City. While you’re here, be sure to check out Bukit Bintang, an insane, world-renowned shopping center and explore the local markets for outstanding arts and crafts.

Vienna, Austria Vienna Ice Dream, Austria
Vienna Ice Dream, Austria

Vienna, Austria (Hotel Prices & Photos)

This Austrian city has experienced a rather remarkable increase in visitors recently as well. And, no wonder, as it’s legendary for its picturesque parks, fabulous cafes and avenues. There are practically an endless number of delights, including St. Stephen’s Cathedral, one of Vienna’s most symbolic sites, as well as a multitude of impressive buildings, many of which are clustered around the Ringstrasse, the grand boulevard that Emperor Franz Josef I had constructed in the mid-19th century. Highlights here include the Flemish-Gothic town hall, the Renaissance-style university buildings, the neo-baroque Burgtheater, and the neo-classical parliament. And, the wine – the true heart of Austrian wine can be discovered in the idyllic heurigen, or wine taverns, on the green outskirts of the city.

Kotor, Montenegro Bay of Kotor
Bay of Kotor

Kotor, Montenegro (Hotel Prices & Photos)

This breathtaking country has only been an independent nation for a little over a decade, and the coastal city of Kotor, which sits in a secluded tip of Boka Kotorsky Bay, offers extraordinarily striking beauty few travelers get to experience. Many still aren’t even aware that this country exists, which means you should go sooner rather than later before more start to discover it. Kotor offers a true untouched retreat from the chaos of the modern world, and the entire Old Town area declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Floating through the sunlight-drenched fjords with mountains soaring overhead, this is a destination you may want to return to again and again. Dining on delicious Mediterranean fare and exploring the medieval walled city with its many ancient structures, churches, cathedrals, palaces and museums, is just icing on the cake.

Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Another up-and-coming travel destination, this capital city is the old, traditional cultural center of Eastern Europe, and its Old Town is a fascinating historical site itself. Summer tends to be more expensive, while the winter months are typically about a third cheaper, though it’s still rather budget-friendly year-round. Here you’ll not only discover an intriguing history, but a abundance of interesting museums, spectacular castles, lush green spaces, diverse architecture and a host of pubs to pop in and enjoy the local lager for under $2 a pint. The city’s dining and entertainment scene is the best in the country, and, you can eat well and affordably here on cuisines from around the world. For only a little more than a buck, you can visit the Warsaw Fotoplastikon, one of the few turn-of-the-century 3D photo theaters left on the planet, featuring historical photos of everything from World War II-era Warsaw to the Radio City Rockettes.

Myanmar Karaweik Palace
Karaweik Palace

Myanmar (Hotel Prices & Photos)

In 2010, just 300,000 travelers visited Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. But a few years later, that number had skyrocketed to more than two million – and it’s expected to continue to rise. Before prices catch up, come to experience its numerous attractions. In areas like Bagan, there are so many that it would be impossible to see them all in just a single visit. You’ll find an abundance of beautiful temples and pagodas as well as historical sites, and you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy spending time on picturesque, often isolated beaches. While beach tourism is fairly developed in Thandwe and Ngapali, it’s still just slowly catching up in Chaung Tha, Ngwesaung and areas near Dawei, with beaches that offer lots in the way of solitude and scenery. One of the highlights here is a boat trip on Inle Lake, where you can explore one of the dark cave pagodas and watch a sunset as it reflects off Shwedagon Paya.