World’s Top 9 Cities With Diverse Foodie Scenes

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Every foodie has his or her favorite type of cuisine and city to explore at the whim of the taste buds. While some travel destinations specialize in certain culinary styles, such as Southern, Southwestern, or New England favorites, other cities have a little bit of everything you could ever want. These places make it possible to eat your way around the globe without ever having to catch a flight! Here are our favorite foodie destinations with the most diverse and multi-cultural food scenes.

New York City
Gary Soup
New York City, New York

New York City

According to recent data collected by Bott + Co in the UK, New York City is the foodie capital of the world because of its ultra-diverse food scene with at least 94 national cuisines being served. Here you’ll find all of the popular types of cuisine you’ll find in every city. But you’ll also find Grenadian cuisine, Tunisian cuisine, Cypriot cuisine, Kazakh cuisine, and much more. When in New York City, take some time to experience the classics though as well, including popular bagel spots and New York-style pizza places. Then visit the various cultural neighborhoods to get an authentic taste of what life is like there. Some highly recommended restaurants to try include Roberta’s, Saraghina, Los Tacos No. 1, and Katz’s Delicatessen.

Dinner in the Sky in Toronto, Canada


Toronto is another great city to explore if you’re a foodie because Canadian culture is intertwined with global influences to create a really fascinating culinary environment. You can sample at least 73 types of national cuisines when you spend time in Toronto, including Guatemalan cuisine, Guyanese cuisine, Somali cuisine, and Belgian cuisine. The food scene in Toronto has been changing dramatically in recent years with celebrity chefs paying much more attention to its local fare. Grand Electric, Gusto 101, White Brick Kitchen, and Richmond Station are a few highly recommended options to choose from.

Brick Lane


In London, there are at least 89 different national cuisines being served around the city, so you can really find anything you’re in the mood for here. Some of the most unique cuisines being served here include Trinidadian cuisine, Bolivian cuisine, Congolese cuisine, and Yemeni cuisine. London has often been referred to as the culinary capital of the world and is world-famous for its street markets, food festivals, and wide variety of cuisines. Some recommended hot spots are On the Bao for Korean food, Flat Iron for steak, and Bread Ahead for tempting pastries.



Many people may only think of baguettes, croissants, and fancy cheese when they consider French cuisine, but Paris has a very diverse restaurant scene that is very multi-cultural. Paris has at least 65 national cuisines ready to please you, including Canadian cuisine, Beninese cuisine, Mauitian cuisine, and Serbian cuisine. It’s actually really interesting to get to know Paris’ food scene and all of its hidden history. For example, there’s a chocolate shop in town, Debauve et Gallais, that was actually founded by Marie Antoinette’s pharmacist. Also, the Notre Dame Cathedral has experimented with beekeeping on its roof to produce local honey. There is certainly no shortage of French restaurants to choose from but branch out to try other cuisines once you’ve gotten your fill of traditional French cooking.

Update: In April 2019 The Notre Dame Cathedral tragically caught fire. Efforts are underway to restore this iconic landmark to its former glory. Check in here for the most current information.

Berlin, Germany


The German city of Berlin is another great place to travel to if you love food because there are so many exciting things going on here to tempt your taste buds. Berlin offers cuisine from at least 64 countries, including Peru, Egypt, Ghana, Luxembourg, and Ukraine. Berlin’s food scene is eclectic and has expanded dramatically in recent years. In fact, many travelers come here now for the sole purpose of eating! There have been lots of creative young people moving to the city and bringing their own cultures with them to inspire this transition. Street food, supper clubs, and coffee are local food trends in Berlin.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles food truck

Los Angeles

Another great American foodie city is Los Angeles, which is home to the national food truck movement. With at least 61 types of national cuisines under its belt, Los Angelinos can feast on everything from Honduran cuisine to Venezuelan, Hungarian, Russian, and Burmese favorites. Los Angeles has been mixing up its food scene lately and adding more diverse offerings to mirror its diverse population. The foodie scene here is full of energy and local critics posting delectable creations on Instagram. Two city-defining restaurants to visit are CJ’s Café and Simply Wholesome.

Food court in Dubai Mall UAE


Dubai draws in tourists from all over the world, and you can feel like you’ve traveled the globe after just dining out a few times here. Some of the at least 62 types of national cuisine offered in Dubai include Kenyan, Swedish, Indonesian, Kuwaiti, and Singaporean cuisine. This is an especially great place to travel to if you want to try many different types of cuisine from Asia. However, it is still one of the most underrated cities for food. You can experience Dubai’s food scene in its mega-mall food courts, celebrity chef storefronts, and high-end establishments that will cost you a pretty penny.

Chicago pizza


Chicago cuisine is much more than deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and Midwestern comfort food. Of the at least 66 national cuisines offered in Chicago, you can take your pick from Dominican cuisine, Ecuadorian cuisine, Algerian cuisine, Senegalese cuisine, and much more. Dining out in Chicago is an innovative experience, indulgent, and always photo-worthy. Local favorites include the Girl and the Goat, Au Cheval, and Portillo’s. Meanwhile, you can venture out to the city’s ethnically diverse neighborhoods, like Pilsen and Greektown, to understand the city’s culture through the delicious language of food.

Melbourne, Australia


The Australian city of Melbourne is also a great place to live or visit if you’re a foodie. You can feel like you’ve just traveled to at least 64 countries when you visit Melbourne and dine out, including Argentina, Nigeria, Austria, Bangladesh, and Iraq. Chefs in Melbourne love to be creative and experiment with new dishes and flavors. Much of the city’s population was born overseas, which surely contributes to the diversity of food offerings here. Definitely check out Melbourne’s Chinatown, one of the oldest outside of Asia, and Little Italy.

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