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Where to Stay in Tokyo: Top Areas for Every Traveler

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Tokyo is a huge city with lots of things to see and explore on foot or by train. This means that travelers also have a lot of choices for where to call their home base in Japan’s capital city. For example, you might choose to stay in one neighborhood over another here depending on if it’s your first visit to Tokyo, if you’re traveling with kids, and what your budget is. Here are our top recommendations for where to stay in Tokyo.


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Shibuya View of Shibuya Crossing
View of Shibuya Crossing


Why Stay Here: Busy vibe with lots of shopping, entertainment, and the famous crosswalk.
Top Hotels: Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

If you want to be in an exciting and busy area of Tokyo, then Shibuya is a great choice for where to stay. This neighborhood is home to the iconic crosswalk that is one of the top photo ops in the city. Shibuya is also a great place to be if you love shopping and endless entertainment opportunities. You’ll most certainly never be bored while staying among the bright lights and big crowds of Shibuya in Tokyo. First-time visitors love the vibrant energy of this neighborhood while staying here.

Shinjuku West Shinjuku, Tokyo skyscraper district
West Shinjuku, Tokyo skyscraper district


Why Stay Here: Convenient location with lots to do if you don’t have much time to spend in Tokyo.
Top Hotels: nine hours Shinjuku-North Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

The largest neighborhood in Tokyo is Shinjuku, which is known for its prominent skyscrapers and lots of things to do. This is also an excellent area to stay for first-time visitors to Tokyo because it’s in the middle of all the action. You’ll be near the business district, shops, nightlife, parks, and restaurants when you stay here. Travelers who don’t have much time to spend in Tokyo enjoy staying here because you can see and do so much without having to venture out very far.

Harajuku Harajuku


Why Stay Here: Quirky fashion and cheap eats.
Top Hotels: Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel | Hotel Fukudaya

Harajuku is an awesome place to stay if you want to get to know the quirky and outrageous side of Tokyo. This area is known for its fashion and pop culture, so plan to stay in this neighborhood if you love to shop and browse the latest and wildest fashions. Travelers on a budget enjoy this neighborhood because of the cheap eats and youth-focused shopping.

Asakusa Senso-ji Temple
Senso-ji Temple


Why Stay Here: Old-world charm with one of the most famous temples in Tokyo.
Top Hotels: Asakusa View Hotel | THE GATE HOTEL Asakusa Kaminarimon by HULIC

There are lots of areas of Tokyo to stay in if you’re looking for a spiritual experience, including Asakusa that is home to one of the most popular temples in the city, the Senso-ji Temple. Check out the old part of town to indulge your spiritual side, and then soak up the old-world charm as you take in the scenic views and perhaps watch sumo wrestlers in action.

Ginza Ginza


Why Stay Here: High-end fashion with upscale eateries.
Top Hotels: Imperial Hotel Tokyo | Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo

Travelers looking to splurge will fall in love with Ginza, a luxury destination in Tokyo that is home to lots of upscale shops with name brands like Gucci and Chanel. To go with these high-end shops, you’ll also find plenty of upscale restaurants in Ginza and some beautiful architecture as well. Ginza is very pedestrian-friendly and a great place to see the Imperial Palace nearby.

Near Tokyo Station Night View Tokyo Station in Tokyo City, Japan
Night View Tokyo Station in Tokyo City, Japan

Near Tokyo Station

Why Stay Here: Easy transportation to everywhere in Japan and budget accommodations.
Top Hotels: Mitsui Garden Hotel KyobashiHotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

If train travel in Japan is one of your top travel priorities, then consider staying near Tokyo Station in the Marunouchi area of the city. This is the primary transport hub in town and will give you convenient and easy access to everything you want to see and do here. From this area, it’s also easy to see the Imperial Palace, city parks, and lots of great restaurants. This is a good place to stay with kids because of the convenience factor and attractions to do in the area. There are also budget-friendly hostels around the station for travelers.

Ueno Ueno Park and cherry blossom season
Ueno Park and cherry blossom season


Why Stay Here: Family-friendly atmosphere with a lovely park and museums.
Top Hotels: Hotel Mystays Ueno Inaricho | Hotel Sardonyx Ueno

Families traveling with kids should definitely consider staying in Ueno when they visit Tokyo because of the lovely park and cultural attractions here. This is a part of the city known for its history, cherry blossoms, museums, and temples. It’s a great place to explore on foot with kids in tow. It’s also a convenient place to stay near a major train station for day trips from Tokyo and a place where you can find budget-friendly accommodations.

Ebisu Yebisu Garden Place and Ebisu train station
Yebisu Garden Place and Ebisu train station


Why Stay Here: Residential vibe that allows you to live like a local.
Top Hotels: The Westin Tokyo | Hotel Princess Garden

If you’re looking for a more local vibe and not on a tight budget, Ebisu is a wonderful choice for where to stay in Tokyo. This area is a bit pricey but very residential, so you’ll feel more like a local than a tourist here. There are some excellent restaurants here, and it’s a convenient location for a more laid-back experience in Tokyo. Families enjoy staying here because of this relaxed vibe and because of how safe and convenient Ebisu is for tourists. Other neighborhoods nearby are Meguro and Daikanyama, which are also fashionable and elite places to stay for your trip.

Roppongi Romantic night scenery of illuminated cherry blossom trees Sakura namiki in Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi
Romantic night scenery of illuminated cherry blossom trees Sakura namiki in Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi


Why Stay Here: Fun nightlife scene for partying.
Top Hotels: Candeo Hotels Tokyo Roppongi | Remm Roppongi

Solo travelers, groups of friends, and fun-loving couples will enjoy staying in Roppongi, which is an entertainment district in Tokyo known for its nightlife. You’ll find lots of bars in this area to party all night long, as well as unique nightclubs that are distinctly Tokyo. Just keep in mind that this isn’t the most budget-friendly place to stay in the city, so you’ll need to be willing to open your wallet a bit. Roppongi is in the western part of Tokyo and lined with lovely trees in the parks to check out during the daytime.

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