5 Ways Flying Private Can Make 2021 Safer, Easier, and More Exciting

In Partnership with: Airshare

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If you’re like most of us, we have a hunch after this year at home, you’ve deeply missed going places, but not necessarily what’s involved in getting there. Here’s a bit of good news in that regard: While the coronavirus pandemic continues to influence the way we all live and travel, private aviation is welcoming new passengers looking to avoid crowded airports for a safer flying experience. And those boarding these aircraft aren’t limited to celebs and titans, but broader swaths of people very much like you. Kansas City-based Airshare, with unique pricing and fractional ownership programs, is making private aviation more simple and more affordable than ever before. Here are five reasons why flying private is worth a look in 2021 and beyond.


1. Fewer People, Less Contact

Safety is a top concern for traveling no matter what. And now, the idea of traveling safely has taken on a whole new meaning. While long security lines, crowded terminals, and cramped cabins were once an inconvenience, they now present an inherent safety risk. According to Airshare CEO John Owen, traveling commercially requires roughly 700 touch points (think: baggage desk, presenting ID and boarding pass ad nauseum, jockeying for the overhead luggage compartment, and so on). Meanwhile private aviation requires just 30 touch points or less for travelers.

In terms of additional safety protocols, Airshare is taking every measure possible to ensure a safe flying experience. “We spray all the airplanes with a clean, green, viral disinfectant that cohesively bonds to all the materials in the airplane and kills all the bacteria once you spray it,” explains Owen. “Since it bonds to the surface of materials, it continues to kill anything that hits it for up to 30 days.”


2. Travel on Your Own Schedule

Changing flights last minute can be a hassle at best, and totally impossible in the worst circumstances. Flying with Airshare gives travelers total flexibility in where and when they fly — and we mean total. Instead of being limited by a set number of hours like most competing fractional programs, Airshare users purchase days, which means the plane and pilots are yours for the entire day during usage. So, if you have a ski trip planned but the weather in Jackson Hole shifts to sleet the night before departure, you can easily change destinations using the Airshare app that connects you with your pilots.

“You have complete control over the airplane for the day, and where and when the pilots are flying,” says Owen, adding that if you want to switch destinations while you’re in the air, that’s no problem either. And unlike other fractional ownership programs, you won’t get grounded by fine print with Airshare. “There are no hidden costs or surcharges that are going to sneak up on you,” Owen says, “we don’t do peak days or blackout days. It’s all upfront and simple.”


3. A Payment System as Flexible as Your Flight Plan

No, you don’t need to own your own plane or even a portion of it to fly private. Airshare offers its customers options depending on how much they need to travel. Looking to get started with a few days? The EMBARK Jet Card is the way to go for those traveling up to ten days per year. Simply pay a program fee then only pay for the days as you use them. It’s that easy. “COVID has given a lot of people a push toward private aviation in how they approach travel. For newcomers, simplicity is so important,” says Owen.

Airshare also offers fractional ownership for travelers who need more days in the air. “You can buy as many days as you need for the year, then pay your share of the overhead costs of that airplane — it’s scalable,” says Owen. “If you end up with too much, you can sell some back. Or if you decide you need more days, you can buy more.” No matter the program, travelers have the same access to Airshare’s planes, pilots, and unique “your plane, your day” approach to private aviation.


4. A Flight Crew That Feels Like Family

Do you remember the name of your favorite airline pilot? Didn’t think so. Commercial air travel is a decidedly impersonal experience, and many private aviation companies operate the same way. While most rotate their planes and pilots across the country and the world, Airshare takes a more localized approach. Serving customers predominantly in the center swathe of the US — from Chicago to Texas and beyond — allows Airshare pilots and travelers a rare sense of familiarity. “Airshare is all about the people. Our pilots live in the same places that our customers do. Our customers see the same pilots over and over again, and it really starts to feel like a family,” says Owen.

Inside the cabin, rather than wait for a beverage cart, passengers are free to graze on their favorite foods and beverages, stocked through a concierge service. “There are no flight attendants, but our planes are fully stocked with drinks and snacks — whatever you want, from a breakfast burrito to caviar,” says Owen.


5. More Airports, Loads More Options

While safety and flexibility are key reasons to fly with Airshare, let’s not forget why we travel in the first place: to explore. Flying private opens up the possibilities. In fact, you can land directly in about 10 times the number of airports as commercial flights. This means reaching previously unavailable locales — and cutting out a significant amount of driving. For a destination like Vail, Colorado, you could be on the ground and skiing in the time it would take you to drive from DIA, and that’s without snowy road conditions.

“Not only do you not have the hassles of the layovers or the delays or everything else, but you can get exactly where you want to go as quickly as possible,” says Owen. With private air travel via Airshare, you can safely fly where you want, when you want, without any of the typical inconveniences of commercial travel.

Go here to learn more about the perks of Airshare’s EMBARK Jet Card — and start seeing the world in a whole different way!

In Partnership with: Airshare