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When many people envision a traditional wedding, images of a religious ceremony, flowing white dress, and colorful bouquets come to mind. However, some couples dream of something a little bit different – something that more closely matches their personalities and relationship. Perhaps you’d rather say “I do” at the top of a mountain, on a scenic beach, or even jumping out of a plane!

There are lots of things that go into planning a wedding, but one of the most important aspects is the venue. Whether you want your wedding to be big, small, elegant, casual, or quirky, the place you choose to say your vows will always hold a special place in your heart.

These are some of the most unique and unexpected wedding destinations around the world to consider for your big day.

Artist’s Bridge – Newry, Maine
Credit: James Walsh
Artist’s Bridge – Newry, Maine
Artist’s Bridge – Newry, Maine

Artist’s Bridge – Newry, Maine (hotel prices & photos)

Marriage is a journey that bridges two individual lives together to form a single path. To symbolize this unity, consider getting married on a scenic bridge in your area or even one you’ve only seen photos of in travel books. One of the top wedding ceremony bridges in the world is Artist’s Bridge in Newry, Maine. It’s located just north of North Bethel and is a favorite painting and photography subject for local artists. Some couples have even organized weddings on major metropolitan bridges, like New York’s Brooklyn Bridge! Just make sure that your bridge-of-choice is free of traffic during the ceremony for everyone’s safety and consider a covered bridge in case of bad weather.

Yagodina Cave – BulgariaYagodina Cave – Bulgaria
Yagodina Cave – Bulgaria

Yagodina Cave – Bulgaria (hotel prices & photos)

If sunshine and open air isn’t really your thing, then why not get married in a beautiful and geologically stunning cave? The Yagodina Cave is located near the Rhodoope village of Yagodina and a top tourism spot in Bulgaria. One hall of the cave is even called The Wedding Chapel, with an altar and wall decorations! Caves like this one aren’t just dark and dingy, they exhibit the raw power and beauty of nature and history over millions of years. Your cave ceremony won’t be affected by weather, as the cave is 6-8 degrees Celsius year-around. Although some caves are too fragile for large groups, there are lots of cave venues around the world that allow weddings, including Bridal Cave in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

Hawaii Volcano National Park – Hawaii
Credit: Ed Suominen
Hawaii Volcano National Park – Hawaii
Hawaii Volcano National Park – Hawaii

Hawaii Volcano National Park – Hawaii (hotel prices & photos)

To secure a hot and steamy marriage all throughout the years, some couples head to Hawaii Volcano National Park to commit to each other on top of a volcano! You might assume that all Hawaii weddings are on the beach, but a volcano wedding is ultimately surreal, with otherworldly scenery that makes for some truly memorable photographs. The best parts of a Hawaii wedding are the consistently warm temperatures, sunshine, photogenic beaches, and built-in honeymoon. For a less traditional honeymoon, consider setting out on an extended hiking trip on the outdoorsy island of Kauai.

Levi Ice Castle – FinlandLevi Ice Castle – Finland
Levi Ice Castle – Finland

Levi Ice Castle – Finland (hotel prices & photos)

Some like it hot, and some like it cold. If you and your sweetheart are of the latter persuasion, then consider an ice castle wedding in the Lappish countryside of Finland. For weddings, the castle is decorated with snow and ice sculptures and beautiful lighting to complement the magic of your special relationship. The castle is actually re-built every year with the new snow and spans 10,000 square meters. You can even make your big entrance on a reindeer, snowmobile, or husky sled! After the ceremony, join your guests at the Ice Bar and Lappish Hut Restaurant, then enjoy a warm, romantic night at the Snow Hotel.

Pearson’s Pond – Juneau, Alaska Pearson’s Pond – Juneau, Alaska
Pearson’s Pond – Juneau, Alaska

Pearson’s Pond – Juneau, Alaska (hotel prices & photos)

Another amazing cold weather wedding destination is Pearson’s Pond, where couples can get married on a glacier! It may not be long before the world’s glacier’s melt and become a part of history. Celebrate their natural beauty and your love with an unforgettable glacier ceremony. One of the best ways to pull of this wedding plan is to board a cruise ship with your friends and family or to take a scenic helicopter flight to the glacier. Just make sure to pack warm clothes and ice-appropriate boots to wear after your wedding photos have been taken!

Henry Doorly Zoo – Omaha, NebraskaHenry Doorly Zoo – Omaha, Nebraska
Henry Doorly Zoo – Omaha, Nebraska

Henry Doorly Zoo – Omaha, Nebraska (hotel prices & photos)

Animal loving couples will get a kick out of celebrating their wedding with their favorite creatures in attendance. Your favorite local zoo may be able to accommodate weddings of various sizes, and it doesn’t hurt to call the administration office to ask! Omaha, Nebraska’s Henry Doorly Zoo has been rated one of the very best zoos in the world, and it has over 130 acres of exhibits and gardens to explore. This zoo welcomes wedding ceremonies and receptions during regular operating hours and even after hours during certain seasons. Why limit your guest list to just humans you care about?

The Dome Garden Glamping – Gloucestershire, EnglandThe Dome Garden Glamping – Gloucestershire, England
The Dome Garden Glamping – Gloucestershire, England

The Dome Garden Glamping – Gloucestershire, England (hotel prices & photos)

If you and your spouse-to-be love camping, then why not dress you hobby up a bit to celebrate your wedding? One of the best places to have a glamping wedding is the Dome Garden, which is situated on 31,000 acres of woods in the English countryside. Glamping weddings here can be reserved for 4-day midweek blocks or 3-night weekends, and guests sleep in comfortable domes that fit up to six people. The covered deck can accommodate up to 90 people, and catering options are available too.

Burning Man Festival – Black Rock City, Nevada Burning Man Festival – Black Rock City, Nevada
Burning Man Festival – Black Rock City, Nevada

Burning Man Festival – Black Rock City, Nevada

Maybe you two met at a concert or just love listening to great live music. Hardcore festival-goers have been known to choose outdoor concert festivals for wedding venues with a party atmosphere and lots of love in the air. One of the most popular festivals to get married at is Burning Man, which takes place in the Black Rock Desert, about 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. Just keep in mind that Burning Man is a pretty expensive festival and tickets can be challenging to get. You and your guests will need to embrace hot temperatures, questionable bathroom facilities, and camping accommodations to pull this off!

Riverside Farm – Pittsfield, VermontRiverside Farm – Pittsfield, Vermont
Riverside Farm – Pittsfield, Vermont

Riverside Farm – Pittsfield, Vermont (hotel prices & photos)

But if something a little more peaceful and serene is your style, consider a romantic and quaint farm wedding in the countryside of Vermont. Located in Pittsfield, Riverside Farm has 700 acres of land with six restored barns and antiques to decorate your ceremony. Up to 25 guest scan stay onsite at the farm estate, and there are B&Bs and cottages nearby to accommodate more wedding guests. Farm accommodations like the one provide a rustic and elegant escape for couples who want to live a simple and blissful life together.

Riverside Farm – Pittsfield, Vermont