Quite a bit of the world believes aliens do exist, and witnesses claim to have spotted unidentified flying objects, aka UFOs, in these particular spots around the world. Some places have only experienced an occurrence or two, while alien sightings are rampant in others. Who’s to say if it’s all hoax or reality? Regardless, it can be a ton of fun investigating. If the thought of other-worldly beings intrigues you, then this is your ultimate bucket list.


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Roswell, New Mexico (Nearby Hotels)

The 1947 Roswell UFO incident is this town’s claim to fame, and it draws visitors from all over the world. Researcher-led Roswell UFO Tours are rich with conspiracy conversation, and have over 20 sites on the itinerary, including the crash location and hangar 84. But we must encourage you to pay a visit to the Alien Zone Area 51 gift shop for souvenirs, whether it be local artist created t-shirts or a photo of yourself in one of the hilarious alien prop scenes. Nearby wildlife refuges and beautiful Bottomless Lakes State Park are great non-alien related spots in Roswell, at least we don’t think aliens are there.

San Clemente, Chile
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San Clemente, Chile (Nearby Hotels)

A central Chile path traverses 19 Miles through the Andes, with stops at different sites significant to UFO hunters, like El Enladrillado, defined by unexplainable blocks that form what some think is a spacecraft landing pad. Via horseback travelers also see the habitat of Indigenous people of the Andes. Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel is an incredible place to stay—dome dwellings and unusual cabins allow guests to drink in the open, star-filled sky, while maybe doing a bit of UFO searching.

Area 51, Nevada
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Area 51, Nevada (Nearby Hotels)

Area 51 in Southern Nevada has many fishy rumors connected to it, from being the location of the “real” moon landing in 1969, to housing the UFO wreckage from Roswell. Staying in the town of Rachel on Extraterrestrial Highway is an absolute treat for the alien-obsessed. Dubbed the UFO capital of the world, the people of this shrubby little dessert town totally embrace their relation to the bizarre. A’Le’Inn, a diner and motel with a wrecker truck towing flying saucer outside, is the place to stay.

Wiltshire, England (Nearby Hotels)

Rudloe Manor, in Wiltshire, once served as a Royal Airforce Base, often being referred to as England’s Area 51. Top secret stuff went down in the old world style structures and elaborate underground passageways. UFO sightings like the Berwyn Mountains and Rendlesham Forest incident put England on the extraterrestrial sighting map.

Wycliffe Well, Australia (Nearby Hotels)

The UFO Capital of Australia is the Northern Territory oasis, Wycliffe Well—just a tiny little desert roadhouse community most use for gas, food and lodging along their travels. However, it’s a major hot spot for green little space beings—supposed sightings are reported on the regular, and began as far back as World War II. Three hundred different labels of beer make the lone restaurant an unexpected haven for connoisseurs. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park is the only place to get a room, and camping is allowed if you’re among the brave.

Nome, Alaska (Nearby Hotels)

Nome is a remote Alaskan town with a sub-arctic climate, nestled along the coast of the Bearing Sea. Movies like The Fourth Kind have brought some attention to the community that not everyone is ecstatic about. Yes, an unusual amount of people have gone missing, but locals don’t seem to like the rumor that these disappearances could be space abductions. The other theory is that people just get drunk and let down their guard against the dangerous weather, which seems logical. Either way, it’s a precious place to visit, with a handful of cozy inns like the Nome Nugget featuring unique architecture and simplistic rooms. Pingo Bakery Seafood House is a snug place to enjoy warm meals, along with a number of other welcoming cafes.

M-Triangle, Russia (Nearby Hotels)

Brains apparently enhance in this triangle of woods near Molebka village—some have compared it to the Bermuda Triangle. A 206-footprint was found in the snow during the 1980s, setting off a chain reaction of the bizarre. Mysterious lights appear in the sky and watches cease to tick, which is attributed to strong electromagnetic waves from beneath the ground, but people aren’t buying it. Strange sounds and intense feelings of fear when roaming the grounds have many believing extraterrestrials are behind it all.

Sedona, Arizona (Nearby Hotels)

In 1997, the people of Sedona witnessed a strange light phenomenon that stunned them all, and today folks still claim to see UFOs and such. In fact, there are several cool tours available to those wanting to explore more deeply. Sedona also houses vortexes, which are areas that induce good feelings—Spaceship Rock is one of these places.

Bermuda Triangle (Nearby Hotels)

That brings us to the actual Bermuda Triangle, where numerous aircraft and ships have supposedly gone missing. However, some say that these incidents may have been overblown or inaccurately reported. Expanding from Florida to Puerto Rico, then to Bermuda, this triangle is huge. Today, ships go through and planes fly over all the time without problem, but it still leaves some a little wary. Recently, a UFO, or unidentified submerged object (USO) was found in the mischievous waters, leading some to believe disappearances could be linked to aliens. We may never know.

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