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The challenges associated with travel are many and diverse. Whether the trip is for pleasure or work, alone or with others, short or long, organization, security, and convenience are all absolutely necessary to help reduce frustration, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed. After all, you have stuff other than the actual act of traveling to worry about.

It can be difficult to find travel accessories that make life on the road or in the sky easier without compromising style, but that doesn’t mean you need the functionality any less than someone else. That’s why we’ve worked hard to compile some of the best travel accessories for men on Amazon.

From wallets to anti-stink shoe balls, this list contains many travel-related products that fit your needs as a guy on the go!

Vetelli Toiletry Bag

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If you’re someone who wants to make an impression or just has a taste for the finer things in life, this toiletry bag is meant for you. Yes, we realize that’s an odd statement to make, but this Vetelli Toiletry Bag would look just at home on a marble countertop as it does hanging in a hotel bathroom. Don’t let its rich timeless appearance fool you, though—this bag is as functional and durable as they come.

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Zoppen Passport Wallet

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For those who enjoy vacations to other areas of the world or simply have to leave the country for work, security and organization are paramount. It is vital to keep personal information safe from would-be thieves while simultaneously keeping the ridiculous amounts of paperwork, credit cards, and so on in a centralized and accessible location.

Enter the Zoppen Passport Wallet. This product is well-thought and functional while retaining a simplistic, unassuming style. It is understated but appealing and comes in 36 colors. It also packs incredible space into a small package, allowing you to carry your passport, boarding pass, credit cards, and various other necessities in an RFID-blocking tri-fold.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

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The traveling gentleman needs to regularly maintain his grooming. With airport bathrooms being cramped, hotels being unpredictable, and scheduling being hectic, you need something compact and convenient to keep your handsome head of hair handsome. Meet the Remington HC4250. This clever self-haircut device fits in the palm of your hand, has a 40-minute run time, and turns any space into a barbershop.

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Case

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Technology never stops growing, which means your collection of wires and cables is always increasing. It’s hard enough to keep these twisted terrors organized at home, let alone on the road or in the air.

Thankfully, Bagsmart offers a compact organizational system for all your chargers, headphones, wall plugs, and favorite gadgets and electronics. To add peace-of-mind, the simple yet classically styled bag is constructed of durable and water-resistant nylon to ensure your cables survive just about anything thrown at them. Talk about a lifesaver.

Ambor Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

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It is vital to own a functional backpack that works for you when traveling. Whether you’re powerwalking through the airport, waiting for your flight, or trying to drown out your road trip partners, the AMBOR Laptop Backpack has you covered. It features a dedicated laptop compartment and lockable main pocket, but its features extend far beyond this standard fare. You can plug a power source into the bag, then utilize the built-in plugs to charge devices via USB and listen to music through the headphone jack. Innovation meeting function is a beautiful thing.

Tile Slim

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It can be easy to misplace things while traveling. Sure, you lose your keys or phone when you’re home, but when you’re in an unfamiliar place the stress of doing so is exponentially higher. To dispel that stress and frustration, simply stick Tile Slim on your valuables and utilize its ring function to track down whatever it is you’ve lost!

Buffway Minimalist Wallet

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For those who value style and portability, this genuine leather wallet is the ideal choice. It’s small enough to be convenient for travel—even fitting in slim front pockets—but functional enough to carry several cards, forms of identification, and cash. As if the fashionable nature of this wallet isn’t enough, it also features RFID-blocking technology to help keep your information safe.

The Buffway Minimalist Wallet also comes in 28 colors, meaning there is an option for every preference—or for every outfit if you’re really invested in color coordination!

Forge Luggage Locks

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Keeping your personal items safe and secure is a priority when traveling; knowing your luggage is exactly that is a huge stress-reliever. That’s where Forge Luggage Locks come in handy. They utilize flexible yet strong cables to secure your luggage and are TSA approved, meaning the TSA won’t cut your locks to check your luggage. With the added feature of setting your own 3-digit numerical code, you can customize each lock to your preferences.


$18.40Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

If you’re traveling for pleasure, you’re bound to remember your camera supplies. When you’re traveling for business, though, it can be difficult to justify bringing bulky equipment. That’s where the PEDCO UltraPod II is determined to prove you wrong. This extremely light and portable tripod turns any relatively flat surface into the ideal mounting spot, while its non-slip feet ensure stability. Now you can capture your travels with ease without sacrificing much luggage space!

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

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To keep your kicks both protected and separated from your clothing, Yamiu offers zippered shoe bags constructed of durable and waterproof nylon. Whether you are making the quick jaunt to the gym or you’re traveling overseas, these bags can make transporting shoes of all varieties easier than ever without compromising the cleanliness of your other clothes. With two sizes available and an unconditional lifetime warranty, these bags are convenient and high-quality.

Shacke Pak Cubes

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Staying organized while traveling can save you a lot of frustration. Even when you pack everything perfectly in your suitcase, it always ends up being an indeterminable mess by the second day of the trip. Not with Shacke Pak Cubes, which allow you to separate your clothing or other travel necessities into individual cubes that can stack, be used individually, or fit inside suitcases to form handy compartments.

Relax Artist Compression Socks

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Comfort is key when traveling. With the stress of organizing your luggage, making sure you have the proper documentation, and sticking to a schedule, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. Enter the Relax Artist Compression Socks. They won’t slip, they wick away sweat, and they support your arch for standing for seemingly hours in long security lines. The compression feature also helps minimize fatigue and soreness. Sounds like a win-win!

TSA Toiletry Carry-On Bag

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Don’t let the name—or the transparency—confuse the usefulness of this toiletry bag. Because it is clear and quart-sized, this bag is TSA-approved. Passing through security checkpoints with small liquids has never been easier than it is with this durable zippered bag. For added peace-of-mind, this bag minimizes the risk of liquids leaking in your carry-on or checked bag. It’s also a fantastic option for those with kids, as it is essentially spill-proof!

Sof Sole Sneaker Balls

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Let’s get this out of the way: we’re not implying your feet stink because you’re a guy, we’re just guessing that your feet might stink because they’re feet. Great, so let’s get down to business—these deodorizing balls can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go. Feet sweat, rain happens, and smells build up; it happens. Luckily, that stench doesn’t have to become overwhelming or transfer to your other clothing thanks to Sof Sole Sneaker Balls. Simply twist them, toss them in your sneakers, and let them freshen up your shoes!

BAGAIL Packing Cubes

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This set of packing cubes comes with a variety of sizes, all composed of durable, lightweight, and breathable material to keep your luggage organized, compact, and aired out. The multiple sizes also contribute to the BAGAIL Packing Cubes’ ability to be arranged a bit like Tetris pieces, meaning that regardless of what suitcase you’re using, you’ll likely be able to figure out the perfect fit. As an added bonus, this set comes with a laundry back that can be stored in even the tiniest spaces. It’s an invaluable and often overlooked necessity of travel.

Venture 4th Neck Pouch

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Whether you’re trying to free up pocket space, put your valuables a mere downward glance away, or embrace the tourist look, the Venture 4th Neck Pouch is for you. It’s lightweight and water-resistant, so you’ll barely even notice it. This comfort doesn’t mean it lacks functionality, though. In fact, the opposite is true—this pouch can carry your passport, paperwork, valuables, and credit cards within its RFID-blocking compartments.

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