Summer isn’t the only time to jam out to your favorite bands. Music festivals don’t stop just because the temperature drops. These top winter music festivals are found in some of the most scenic places in the world. From the Alps to Lake Tahoe, a trip to a music festival this winter will be an unforgettable experience. Find new music this winter when you attend one of these top winter music festivals around the world.


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Eurosonic Noorderslag - Groningen, Netherlands Eurosonic Noordeslag
Eurosonic Noordeslag

Eurosonic Noorderslag - Groningen, Netherlands

Head to the Netherlands this January for a music festival in Groningen, a college town with an iconic music scene. The music festival here, known as Eurosonic Noorderslag, draws new musical talent from the Netherlands and Europe, so you’re sure to find your next favorite music artist or band when you attend this multi-day festival. Groningen is just a short train ride from Amsterdam. The weather is sure to be cold here. However, with live music occurring in the town’s most popular bars, Eurosonic Noorderslag brings the heat to this cozy college town.

Dates: January 16th – January 18th, 2020

by:Larm - Oslo, Norway by:Larm

by:Larm - Oslo, Norway

Head to Norway’s picturesque capital city Oslo to experience up-and-coming Scandinavian artists at by:Larm, a music festival that occurs in late-February and March. This winter music festival is hosted in a number of bars and venues in the city, so by:Larm is not only a great way to find new music but also to experience new spots in Oslo too. The music festival typically features over 100 different acts spanning more than 10 different venues, ranging from dive bars to skyscrapers.

Dates: February 27th – March 1st, 2020

Sydney Festival - Sydney, Australia Sydney Festival - Sydney, Australia
Credit: Sydney Festival
Sydney Festival - Sydney, Australia

Sydney Festival - Sydney, Australia

When it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, summer is happening in the southern hemisphere. Therefore if you’re looking to escape the cold, then head to Australia this winter for warm-weather activities, such as the Sydney Festival. Musical acts aren’t the only thing that is featured during this January festival. From family events to circus acts, there are a lot of entertainment options that occur at the Sydney Festival. Even those on a budget will enjoy the free shows that occur during the festival too. This festival spans the month of January, where nearly 500 performances by over 1,000 artists occur in 48 different venues around the city.

Date: January 8th-26th, 2020

Snowbombing - Mayrhofen, Austria Snowbombing

Snowbombing - Mayrhofen, Austria

April may seem like springtime in some spots in America, but it’s still winter in the Alps. If you love to ski the slopes and dance to techno and dubstep till dawn, then this Austrian festival is for you. Snowbombing attracts music lovers and skiers from all over the world. This winter festival features top-notch artists in unique mountaintop venues where stages are set on the ski slope, an igloo or a forest clearing. You may be sleep-deprived after this weeklong festival, but the alpine scenery and incredible music are sure to be unforgettable.

Dates: April 9th – 14th, 2019

Tallinn Music Week - Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn Music Week
Tallinn Music Week

Tallinn Music Week - Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia comes to life during Tallinn Music Week. You may even see the President of Estonia DJing a set here. Tallinn Music Week, located in Estonia’s capital city, not only features up-and-coming musical acts but also art, films and food. This March music festival is perfect for those wanting to discover new talent in the Baltic region. If you’re open to jamming to new bands in Estonia, then a visit to Tallinn Music Week is perfect for you. Tallinn is a budget-friendly European city with a number of great venues and bars to discover, so music week is a great time to explore this unique Baltic city.

Dates: March 25th-28th, 2020

SnowGlobe Music Festival - Lake Tahoe, California SnowGlobe Music Festival
SnowGlobe Music Festival

SnowGlobe Music Festival - Lake Tahoe, California

California is the place to visit for summer music festivals, however, the state shouldn’t be ignored during the winter. SnowGlobe Music Festival, located in Lake Tahoe, is a weeklong event that features big-name acts. Extending to New Year’s Eve, SnowGlobe is a great way to ring in the New Year. Featuring pop artists, EDM DJs and hip-hop stars, this music festival attracts a number of artists and music lovers every December.

Dates: December 29th, 2019 – January 1st, 2020

Snowboxx - Avoriaz, France Snowboxx

Snowboxx - Avoriaz, France

This March festival occurs in the small ski town of Avoriaz in France. Hit the slopes or jam out to big-name artists when you experience Snowboxx. Snowboxx is a weeklong music festival that predominantly features electronic and dance music. So if you’ve ever wanted to dance on the slopes in France, then this music festival is for you. This festival is a healthy mix of music and snowsports, perfect for all ski-loving music fans.

Dates: March 21st – 28th, 2020

Trans Musicales - Rennes, France Trans Musicales
Trans Musicales

Trans Musicales - Rennes, France

Local indie bands and rock artists flock to this December event known as Trans Musicales. Located in Rennes, France, Trans Musicales is found in a multi-room venue where a number of different artists are playing at the same time. Explore the venue to find your next favorite band. With affordable tickets, this multi-day music festival is a must-visit for those looking for a music-filled time in Rennes, France.

Dates: December 4th – 8th, 2019

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