Wellness retreats can provide a variation of services, from traditional medicinal therapies, workout regimens, diet renewal, to even a total mental reset. People opt to go, either to disconnect or get their body on the fast track to healthiness. What could take months to accomplish at home can be achieved through a rigorous routine at one of these gorgeous retreats around the world. But be prepared to detox as you’ve never detoxed before because these establishments definitely don’t mess around when it comes to whipping folks into shape. Attend these booty busting escapes at your own risk.


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REVIVO Detox Revivo


Jet set to Bali to immerse in REVIVO Detox’s programs, which can range from being physically oriented, or mentally transformative. Natural practices not only enhance the body but can rewire the mind as well. In tandem with pristine foods, Ayurvedic therapies and unexpected tools such as complete silence, one can lift the veil of emotional woes at REVIVO. Retreats can be personally tailored to fit the needs and goals for a total body and mind overhaul.


SHA Detox

SHA Detox in Spain begins with an analysis of your current physiological state. Lab tests, detoxing lung nebulizing, and liver purification delivered via IV kick off stays that can last up to three weeks. Diets are reinvented at SHA, so if you’re in a nighttime funk of downing soda and cheese puffs, the program is the fast track to eliminating cravings. Not only will guests be placed on a cruciferous regimen, but they’ll relearn how to cook meals. Expect lots of ancient Chinese medicinal therapy, as part of the renewal process.

Extreme Fitness Camps Extreme Fitness Camps
Extreme Fitness Camps

Extreme Fitness Camps

Extreme Fitness Camps in the Dominican Republic will give you a metaphorical kick in the butt, to get your new regimen swiftly off the ground. A deep appreciation for the more casual Island surroundings can be found, as it all seems very down to earth. Workout instructors don’t mess around and are ready to annihilate your gluts with some serious HIIT sessions. Consider a yoga class later in the day to gently decompress, and fuel up with a plant-based meal sourced from the onsite farm. We’ve heard they are prepared to change your perception of broccoli completely.

Valley Rock Inn and Mountain Club Valley Rock Inn
Valley Rock Inn

Valley Rock Inn and Mountain Club

Valley Rock Inn and Mountain Club in New York can be either a leisure or hardcore fitness retreat. Lavish rooms, three artisan-style eateries and lush surroundings are available when you just want to chill, but joining a weekend boot camp will whisk guests into the outdoors, to work those buns through a list of seasonal activities. Bike routes can be challenging, as are some of the snowshoe trails in the winter. Valley Rock suggests boot camps for those who are already somewhat in shape because it’s not going to be easy.

Amankora Amankora
Credit: Aman.com


Amankora is for both spiritual and physical transformation, across various lodges in the Himalayan Mountains. The high elevation adds intensity to hiking and biking, further elevating the fitness regimen. Soak into the culture of Bhutan, which is just an added appeal to the fitness reinvention you’ll experience, along with holistic treatments that will bring out an entirely new you.

Kamalaya Kamalaya
Credit: Kamalaya.com


Kamalaya may be the most stunning retreat yet, playing seamlessly off Thailand’s natural beauty, and centered around a former Buddhist monk cave. Focusing on lifestyle, and overall emotional wellbeing, wellness seekers can opt for more comprehensive programs that renew the body through detoxification. Recommended for experienced detox participants, the schedule is full of cavern steam sessions, massages, and for the intense factor, regular colon hydrotherapy.

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Absolute Sanctuary Absolute Sanctuary
Absolute Sanctuary

Absolute Sanctuary

Absolute Sanctuary is located in Thailand, and some programs consist of a diet you won’t be able to sink your teeth into. Get ready to indulge in plenty of juices, that are however quite delicious. Several programs are up for selection, from basic body alignment to an ab busting Pilates boot camp. You can tone up and also reach a place of mental peace while at the sanctuary.

The Ranch The Ranch
The Ranch

The Ranch

California’s The Ranch sees some famous faces, who must like punishment because this place means serious business. But hey, that’s the point. Guests will spend their days doing lots of heavy-duty hiking, and stretching during sessions that can last up to an hour. Let’s just say you’ll be moving more than sitting, but you’ll sleep like a baby. Meals are hyper healthy and focused on veggies. During your hike, a few precious almonds are allotted to boost energy. If you are serious about really changing your body, this luxurious yet no funny business retreat will deliver.

Trill Farm Trill Farm
Credit: Trillfarm.co.uk
Trill Farm

Trill Farm

Trill Farm seasonal nutrition weekends in Devon are centered around practical farm life, and real enriching foods that even are more nutritious because of the soil they’ve grown in. There’ll be a 101 on beekeeping and herbs, while you’ll be dining on plenty of fresh, diet changing ingredients that will reinvent your taste buds. Hosts will teach the importance of eating seasonally while helping you eradicate bad home eating habits.

Boot Camp Marbella Marabella Bootcamp
Marabella Bootcamp

Boot Camp Marbella

Boot Camp Marbella doesn’t use the phrase “boot camp” lightly. Beginners and the experienced will be put to the test, physically and mentally, with hard-hitting workouts in beautiful locations, like the beach. While totally hardcore, instructors are attentive, but absolutely will not let up if you are just slightly slipping. Somehow they still keep the tough sessions fun. And you are likely to form bonds with everyone there.

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