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Freeport is a quintessential coastal town in New England. Traditional villages and a strong fishing community create that ambiance that draws us to the age-old American destination. Not only historically significant, but the city is also a dreamy destination that will meet all your Maine expectations. Great food, scenery, blue ocean water and proximity to other favorite coastal destinations make Freeport an undeniable treasure. If you make it up here, these are the best things to do.


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L.L. Bean Flagship Store L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Flagship Store

L.L. Bean was born in Freeport, Maine, so there’s a lot of attractions bearing the name, including a home goods store. The original retail hub is multileveled and appropriately rustic, featuring indoor ponds and waterfalls, along with a massive fish tank with a spectating bubble visitors can crawl up into. You’ll find special little local items here, that you won’t find online, and lots of fun photo ops like the mammoth sized hiking boot out front. Some come and spend so long in the store, that they need a snack, so naturally there is a little onsite cafe, that smells heavenly. Outside you can find a lemonade and hotdog vendor. The flagship location is more than a store, it’s an experience.

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park Wolfe's Neck Sate Park
Credit: Stateparks.com
Wolfe's Neck Sate Park

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park offers access to the rocky shores of a scenic bay, where some like to even dig for clams. Yum! Lush hiking trails and plenty of wildlife like Osprey and other birds are significant perks to visiting. Walks are fairly easy, so generally perfect for just about anyone who wants an up-close look at the water or Freeport’s wooded areas. Picnic tables are available as well.

Wolfe’s Neck Farm Wolfe's Neck Farm
Credit: Wolfesneck.org
Wolfe's Neck Farm

Wolfe’s Neck Farm

Wolfe’s Neck Farm is a patch of vibrant green pasture right on the bay as well–it doesn’t get much prettier when it comes to farms. They welcome visitors to see their array of farm animals such as pigs, sheep and goats. Hiking trails loop the grounds and kayaking is also available. Some even opt to camp here in the warmer months. However, the farm is perfect as a day trip, because great views and fun interactions for the kids are at your fingertips. Try some of the organic goodies too, like the delicious raspberry jam.

Bradbury Mountain State Park Bradbury Mountain State Park
Credit: wikimedia.org
Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park is the place to see the changing leaves in the fall, but a summertime hike is totally worth it, too. Relatively easy, the hike is achievable for most, and rewards with a fantastic vantage point for viewing Freeport. Mountain biking is also a good way to traverse Bradbury.

When Pigs Fly Bakery When Pigs Fly
Credit: Sendbread.com
When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly Bakery

Who doesn’t love bread? And especially, who doesn’t love freshly baked bread with amazingly unique flavors like blueberry raspberry lemonade? When Pigs Fly Bakery in Freeport is that local little spot that guests fall in love with, whether it be because of the precious aesthetic, or the artisan cookies and other baked goods. The campfire smores cookies loaded with chocolate and marshmallow, blueberry lemon sugar cookies and apple cinnamon pudding cakes are out of this world.

The Desert of Maine Desert of Maine
Desert of Maine

The Desert of Maine

The Desert of Maine may not sound like the most exciting thing to do in such a gorgeous place, because it’s something quite simple that needs to be understood to be appreciated. Basically, it is a small portion of sand dunes in the forests of Freeport, that seems to emerge out of nowhere. So in itself, it’s quite a unique phenomena. When visiting you’ll find an antique barn to explore and a cute little cafe. Guests can also opt to camp in this unusual little part of “Vacationland”.

Broad Arrow Tavern Borad Arrow Tavern
Borad Arrow Tavern

Broad Arrow Tavern

Broad Arrow Tavern is a great place to get that traditional Maine lobster meal. Whether you choose to have it served with local clams, corn and butter, or the famous lobster stew, the crustaceans are perfectly cooked and oh so tender and sweet. Other classics like a flaky, fruity blueberry pie and crab cakes help check off your foodie bucket list.

Wicked Whoopie Wicked Whoopie
Credit: Wicked Whoopie
Wicked Whoopie

Wicked Whoopie

If you’ve traversed the state enough, you’ve likely seen, or have even tried, a Wicked Whoopie. Based out of Freeport, the bakery whips up these huge cream filled cakes, in both the traditional cocoa flavor and some other wild selections. Peanut butter banana, raspberry, blueberry, orange dreamsicle, red velvet, oatmeal—the list is extensive. Guests can even opt for Whoopie a dunked in a coating of chocolate! It’s pretty incredible. Pose by the giant stack of whoopies with your whoopie!

Harraseeket Inn Harraseeket Inn
Harraseeket Inn

Harraseeket Inn

Staying in the Harraseeket is a way to not only meet a basic necessity of travel, but a way to sink further into the quaint atmosphere of Freeport. The traditional homey atmosphere of Harraseeket Inn features classic furnishings and an overall welcoming feel, and it’s open year round, which can be tough to find in Maine. A generous breakfast buffet is very “New England”, with blueberry muffins, eggs, baked beans and other goodies. You’ll feel like you’re staying with family.

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