Oklahoma City is an exciting travel destination that has developed into quite the foodie paradise. Quaint hole-in-the-walls have stayed intact, serving generational favorites, while newer, more eclectic cafes and artisan burger joints have prompted a food revolution in the city. Locally sourced ingredients, craft spirits and beer along with age-old recipes and quirky, inventive eats can all be found here. From fine dining experiences to just grabbing a famed pie in a paper sack, these are the best restaurants in Oklahoma City.


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Nic’s Diner Nic's exterior
Credit: Nicsokc.com
Nic's exterior

Nic’s Diner

What is a city without a good old fashioned hamburger joint? A place where you can just dive into Americanized eats like piles of curly fries and fried onions. Nic’s Diner is cozy, with wood and brick accents, with the grill situated in plain view (and boy does it smell good!) But seating is limited, so be prepared to wait—but you’ll be glad you did. On most days, the Diner is open until mid-afternoon, and a little later on Fridays. Even those on somewhat restrictive diets can enjoy Nic’s because they’ll do things like prep your burger with no bun.

Ann’s Chicken Fry House Exterior of Ann's
Exterior of Ann's

Ann’s Chicken Fry House

With just some good ole country fixins, Ann’s Chicken Fry House has a gas station theme and historical roots. While many items are fried, from peaches to the famous Chicken Fried Steak, it’s all wholesome and made from scratch, even the dreamy creamy gravy that can either adorn the crispy chicken, or the real deal mashed potatoes. Green beans, black-eyed peas, corn, fluffy biscuits and bread round out Ann’s comfort food menu.

Jimmy’s Round Up Cafe Jimmy’s Round Up Cafe
Jimmy’s Round Up Cafe

Jimmy’s Round Up Cafe

Apparently chicken fried steak is a big deal here in Oklahoma City, because another local fave, Jimmy’s Round Up Cafe, is praised for the crunchy, gravy topped dish that is bigger than the plate it’s served on. Omelets with biscuits and gravy along with buttery rolls that come with dinner are among the tasty offerings. Jimmy’s also has mastered some divine sweet options like cinnamon rolls and pies.

Arbuckle Mountain Original Fried Pies Apple pie
Apple pie

Arbuckle Mountain Original Fried Pies

With all that indulgence, it’s probably time to toss in a few less fried options—actually we are going to talk about pies. Fried, golden hand pies filled with gooey apples, peaches, chocolate, or crunchy pecans and coconut, that roll out of Arbuckle Mountain Original Fried Pies, every day. Savory pies are available as well, and are filled with a variety of perfectly blended meats and veggies—so good! This is great for a quick stop or a snack, and they come in a handy paper bag to take on the road.

Tacoville Burritos and chips
Credit: Tacoville
Burritos and chips


You can get a pretty mean taco, or burrito, at this surprisingly amazing hole in the wall, called Tacoville. That’s appropriate. For nearly half a century, locals have been visiting this joint to get their spicy food fix—the hot sauce is a must and literally goes on anything. Customers also praise the nachos and Mexican pizza.

Carican Flavors Carican Flavors
Credit: Carican Flavors
Carican Flavors

Carican Flavors

Carican Flavors brings a taste of the Caribbean to Oklahoma City—the menu is full of leaner and veggie-based options like curried goat, grilled fish, smoked turkey legs, spinach rice, cabbage, green beans and black-eyed peas. So this is the place to get a healthier fix. All the spices make for a fun experience for your taste buds. You can wash it down with a fresh-squeezed juice, but we would kind of be tempted to go for the cinnamon ice cream!

Empire Slice House Pizza varieties
Pizza varieties

Empire Slice House

Empire Slice House is a cheap eats joint that ranks as high as most fine dining options. New York-style pizza and a vast selection of beer are served in a gritty, rock-themed environment that’s impossible not to love. While you can order a classic pie with cheese and pepperoni, more interesting selections like the Fungus Among Us, and spicy Evil Empire give the menu an artisanal fun edge. Of course, customers can dream up their own pies too.

Whiskey Cake Exterior of Whiskey Cake, OK
Credit: Whiskeycake.com
Exterior of Whiskey Cake, OK

Whiskey Cake

Whiskey Cake isn’t just a place to get darn good varieties of hard booze (although that is a definite attribute), they whip up the freshest, most locally sourced burgers, fish, chicken and so on. Waffles, pancakes and other breakfast selections like the Farmhouse Egg Benedict will blow your mind. The place is very modernized in a good way when it comes to all the creative dishes. It’s a lucky addition for Oklahoma City, and there are a handful more in other states like Texas.

Clarity Coffee Clarity pour over coffee
Clarity pour over coffee

Clarity Coffee

We have to throw a coffee house in here because the city has too many to overlook this category, and many consider coffee a meal anyway. But they do have tasty treats, not just coffee. A modern yet comfy atmosphere welcomes guests to enjoy perfectly roasted, smooth lattes, cappuccinos, espresso—all the basics. Shops in the area are popular for having really great hot chocolate, with deeply noted chocolate that has a rich flavor, and Clarity Coffee’s variation kills it. Pair with a fitter, donut, scone or other sweet baked good.

Metro Wine Bar and Bistro Metro Wine Bar and Bistro
Metro Wine Bar and Bistro

Metro Wine Bar and Bistro

Metro Wine Bar and Bistro has all the swank, and rates as one of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City. The elegant experience within an ambient environment begins with cloud-like buttery bread that could almost steal the show. But don’t fill up before you try the light avocado cucumber soup, followed by delicate flounder or halibut. Your server can offer the best wines to pair with your course. If you’re up for dessert, the cinnamon roll-esque bread pudding is highly praised.

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