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Sometimes business travel lets us explore far-flung destinations we’d never be able to experience otherwise, enriching our lives. Other times we’re at a regional domestic airport waiting for a red-eye with three layovers. No matter the duration or destination, there are a few must-have travel necessities to keep things running smoothly.

Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

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Traveling doesn’t have to mean relying on single-use, disposable, or plastic goods for every meal, drink, and snack. A well-insulated travel thermos, like this Contigo model, means you’ll have more time to enjoy that hot drink before it goes cold.

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Altoids Smalls Sugarfree Mints Variety Pack

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Having bad breath is an easy way to make a poor first impression, but travel size packs of mints are easy to keep on hand. This multi-pack of Altoids are sugar-free and come in a variety of flavors.

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner

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Avoid the risk of lost luggage by packing light in this 20” carry-on. Hard-sided with four wheels, it offers enough space for your travel carry-on essentials and stands independently without wobbling or tipping and can handle rough treatment, just in case you’re asked to gate check it at the last moment.

Silicone Luggage Tag

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In a sea of black luggage, any pop of color helps your bag stand out. These bright orange luggage tags are durable, flexible, and easy to spot. Remember to always put a luggage tag inside your bag as well as out; if the outer tag is destroyed or removed, you’ll be able to verify ownership with an internal tag.

Anker PowerCore

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Never rely on airport charging ports again with this rechargeable power bank. You’ll avoid power surges and device incompatibility in foreign countries, and be able to charge during transit if necessary; always useful when in an unfamiliar city and relying on your phone for directions.

Drunk Elephant New Littles Kit

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Calling all travel-obsessed beauty gurus, if you’re worried about a big presentation, impressing a client, or nailing that dream job interview, odds are that stress will show up on your skin. Banish worry lines and stress breakouts with a quality skin care routine like this travel set by the beauty perfectionists at Drunk Elephant. A radiant complexion helps you display confidence.

Zoppen RFID Blocking Passport Holder

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Instead of taking your usual wallet while traveling, opt for this all in one wallet and passport holder combination. RFID shielding can help prevent theft of your electronic data, and bringing only one or two credit cards with you on a trip means if you were to be the victim of a theft, you’re only stuck calling to cancel those specific cards. Some travelers use the strategy of one on their person, and one hidden in their luggage somewhere to further mitigate the likelihood of ending up without a card while away from home.

Goodthreads Men's Slim-Fit Wrinkle-Free Dress Chino Pant

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Keep your clothes from looking as bedraggled and travel-worn as you are. These wrinkle-resistant Chinos are stylish, with a slim fit that conveys a professional, well-tailored aesthetic.

Herschel Chapter Travel Kit Bag

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Hotel laundry fees can be exorbitant, and finding the time and the money to go to a laundromat with a packed schedule can seem impossible. Prevent spills and stains from ruining your clothes, and your trip, by keeping grooming items inside a waterproof organizer, like this stylish bag by Herschel Supply Co. Plus it gives you a convenient way to hoard all that fancy hotel soap you’re bringing home.

Beautural Steamer for Clothes

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If you skipped on the wrinkle-resistant clothes, a handy travel steamer gives a freshly laundered look to even your most delicate business ware. Unlike that iron in your hotel room, there’s no risk of burning your fabric blends with a steamer.

Zegur Suit Carry On Garment Bag

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Easier than getting out wrinkles is preventing them in the first place. A hanging garment bag keeps your dresses, suits, and jackets looking their best and ready to help you impress.

Copper Compression Socks

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If you notice swollen ankles after long flights, you’re not alone. Long flights put us at risk for blood clots in the legs; you can reduce the risk by standing and walking at least once an hour. Compression socks improve blood flow and reduce swelling and pain in the extremities, and reduce the risk of those DVT blood clots from ever forming.

Be Smart First Aid Kit

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Neck and back pain from hauling luggage, blisters from exploring a new city, or traveler’s stomach problems can all send us running to the nearest pharmacy. Next time, keep the essential first aid components on hand, especially medications like antidiarrhea, antihistamines, and sleep aids.

Pacsafe Venture Daypack

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If you’re hesitant to leave valuables in a hotel room while in a strange city, keep them on your person with this pickpocket resistant backpack. Theft resistant pockets keep pickpockets out, and clipping the bag securely keeps it from being an easy target for bag snatchers.

Ceptics Adapter Plug Set

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If business travel takes you international, be sure to study up on local customs, learn some helpful phrases, and be prepared for technical differences. This five pack of grounded adapters cover most destinations worldwide, so recharging those devices and staying in touch with family back home has never been easier.

Amazon Brand 3MG Melatonin

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Help your body fight jet lag and adjust quickly to time zone changes with a natural sleep aid like Melatonin. It works with the body’s natural circadian rhythms, signaling to the brain when it’s time to sleep. It’s also useful when trying to re-acclimate after the flight home.

Columbia Women's Big Arcadia II Jacket

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Leaving behind a cold and snowy hometown for a tropical paradise may be the dream travel assignment, but sometimes work trips send us in the opposite direction. If your winter wardrobe is lacking and you’re facing a rainy season, sleet, or other miserable weather, stock up on the necessities, like this waterproof nylon jacket by Colombia.

Jelly Comb Electronics Organizer

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Keep from being unnecessarily flagged by security with a cord organizer. This one can also store mini tablets (up to 7.9”) and is waterproof, so you’ll have an extra layer of protection between delicate electronics and that now broken bottle of travel shampoo. The small mesh pockets make for useful storage for flash drives or memory cards for digital cameras.

Luxebell 110lbs Digital Luggage Scale

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Overweight luggage fees can wreck any trip, but business travel expenses can sometimes be heavily scrutinized. The worst follow up to a successful pitch is a dressing-down for wasting money in avoidable ways. Bring along a portable luggage scale and be sure those extras and souvenirs don’t land you in hot water.

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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Traveling during cold and flu season may seem like a guaranteed illness waiting to happen. Between those airplane trays, the hotel, the rental car, and all the requisite hand-shaking business requires, you can feel like a petri dish. Banish the ick of traveling with these alcohol free sanitizing wipes.

Mini Travel Umbrella

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Staying abreast of the local forecast can get complicated in foreign countries. Whether it’s a language barrier, lack of internet connectivity, or drastically distant seasons than you were experiencing at home, a little extra protection from sudden downpours never hurt.

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