The largest city in western Poland, Wroclaw is a charming city nestled on the Oder River. Known for its colorful Market Square, Gothic Old Town Hall and unique Panorama of Raclawice painting, you’ll discover a wealth of historic landmarks and cultural attractions to explore. Read on to discover our pick for the best things to do in Wroclaw, Poland.


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Explore Market Square Wroclaw

Explore Market Square (Nearby Hotels)

Wroclaw’s Market Square, also known as Rynek, is lively throughout the day and is considered the heart of the city. Dating back to the early 13th century, this medieval square is one of the largest market squares in Europe and includes two town halls, including the iconic Gothic Old Town Hall that has been converted into the Museum of the Bourgeois Art. Surrounded by beautiful townhouses, the square is also home to the oldest restaurant in Europe and is a great place to find local dining, holiday celebrations and street art movements.

Wander around Ostrow Tumski (Nearby Hotels)

The oldest part of Wroclaw, Ostrow Tumski dates back to the 10th century. Surrounded by the River Oder, this former garden has a number of impressive monuments, including the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, the Holy Cross and Saint Bartholomew’s Collegiate, which is a beautiful two-story brick basilica. Take a scenic walk around the quarter to admire its unique architecture, cross its charming bridges and marvel at some of the city’s biggest landmarks including the Gothic Cathedral and Church of St Giles.

Find magical Wroclaw Dwarves Wroclaw Dwarves
Wroclaw Dwarves

Find magical Wroclaw Dwarves (Nearby Hotels)

A delightful activity for visitors of all ages, Wroclaw is home to famous Dwarves or Goblins. Spread across the city you’ll find hundreds of these adorable little bronze statues that highlight them doing different activities and include fairytales and legends. It’s one of the most unique features of this city and has become a tourist attraction within itself. Originating with the anti-Communist and anti-authoritarianism movements called the Orange Alternative. Have a little treasure hunt and see if you can spot the most dwarves hidden in window sills, tiny alleys and in the Market Square.

See the Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice (Nearby Hotels)

Considered a must-see when exploring Wroclaw, the Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice was painted by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak. It’s a unique representation of the Battle of Raclawice in 1794 and was created to commemorate the centenary of the Kosciuszko Uprising. It’s a large piece at 50 feet tall and 374 feet long and located in a special room inside a round building. See if you can spot the number of Polish historical figures and places represented in the painting.

Climb to the top of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Climb to the top of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (Nearby Hotels)

If you enjoy history, a visit to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a must. One of the most important and historically valuable monuments in Wroclaw, it dates back to the 13th century in the medieval times. It was Poland’s first brick building and features stunning symmetric spires with impressive views over Wroclaw. Step inside to see its altarpiece in the center of its interior that depicts the Virgin Mary sleeping and the largest pipe organ in Poland, which was the largest pipe organ int he world until World War II.

Snap a photo of Centennial Hall (Nearby Hotels)

Centennial Hall is one of the most prominent landmarks in Wroclaw, found on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2006. Created in 1913, the dome is 1.5 times largest in diameter than the dome of Rome’s Pantheon and includes a mix of traditional and modern elements. It also features a Four Domes’ Pavilion and hosts a variety of concerts, conferences, exhibitions and other special events.

Take a break in Szczytnicki Park (Nearby Hotels)

Escape the city bustle with a visit to Szczytnicki Park, which is the largest park in the city. Dating back to 1875 as a private garden, it is now a city park that features a beautiful Japanese Garden that is worth exploring. Boasting its original composition and unique Japanese architecture, it offers a new perspective throughout the seasons. There’s also an arboretum, rose gardens, rhododendron orchards that are heritage listed.

Admire the Monument of an Anonymous Passer-by (Nearby Hotels)

Include a visit to the Monument of an Anonymous Passer-by on your itinerary for Wroclaw, as it includes 14 modern, bronze sculptures on Swidnicka street. In the collection of statues, you’ll discover a man carrying his luggage, an elderly person, a woman with a child and other normal characters we typically see in a day. The sculpture has a unique perspective, as it was designed to vanish deeper and deeper in the ground as you get closer. Created in 19777 by Jerzy Kalina, it was first displayed in one of Wroclaw’s museums before moving to the streets.

Enjoy a family day out in the Wroclaw Zoo Wroclaw Zoo
Wroclaw Zoo

Enjoy a family day out in the Wroclaw Zoo (Nearby Hotels)

If you’re traveling with the kids, take them for a day out at Wroclaw Zoo. The oldest and largest Polish zoo, it features a bear tower, elephant house and monkey house, while modern features include an Afrykarium, which is a complex that houses an array of Africa’s aquatic habitats. It is possible to see the animals from every continent and environments, for example in Madagascar, Sahara or Europe Pavillons. In the last few years, many new enclosures have been built, for example for bears and wolves. There are also new animals, among which very rare species like okapi. Kids can feed the animals and ride ponies.

Watch the Multimedia Fountain show (Nearby Hotels)

If you’re looking for a romantic evening out, visit Wroclaw’s Multimedia Fountain. Created in 2009 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Polish democratic elections, it now offers a beautiful display that you can enjoy. Located in the picturesque Szczytnicki Park and next to Centennial Hall, it features 300 nozzles that create a mesmerizing water multimedia show that uses music and color effects. It takes place every hour, with longer shows in the summertime during July and August.

Admire the foliage in the Ossolineum garden Ossolineum garden
Ossolineum garden

Admire the foliage in the Ossolineum garden (Nearby Hotels)

After a long day of sightseeing, head to Ossolineum garden to soak up your surroundings. It’s a charming Baroque garden surrounded by Ossolineum, a historic non-profit foundation dating back to the partitions of Poland that contributed to the development of Polish literature. Trimmed hedges and manicured gardens create an elegant atmosphere, and in the center of the garden, you can see the monument of the Silesian Baroque poet, Angelus Silesius.

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