Picking a brunch spot in Atlanta is easy and difficult. It’s easy because there are tons of good places, and hard for the same reason. It’s overwhelming. Sun in My Belly is a standout with its simple, southern menu with a few curve balls thrown in.


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Items like The Belly Benedict are only available on the weekends, but it’s worth making sure you fight the crowd at least once to try the best poached eggs ever, with creamy hollandaise, over sweet potatoes. It’s refreshingly different than the Eggs Benedict you know and love.

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Other main entrees for brunch include creative egg mixtures with house made cheeses. If you’re looking for something hearty and very southern, the pimento cheese omelet comes stuffed with pimento cheese, of course, and sweet glazed bacon. Delicious golden potatoes typically accompany this indulgent egg creation, but their salads are phenomenal and would serve as a great side choice.

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If any item on the menu catches the eye, it would be the lavender biscuit for sure! This depicts Atlanta brunch; home-style goodness with an unexpected tweak. No, it’s not a gimmick; it’s a really good biscuit with a moist, soft center and an ever so slightly crisp exterior. Lavender notes can be detected if you really take the time to savor a bite, but the flavor is so pleasantly faint, you wouldn’t notice it if you weren’t looking for it. So if you despise lavender, there’s a good chance you’ll still love the biscuit!

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Sun in my Belly is centered around good food that’s made in house. Their jam isn’t an exception; each sweet spoonful is crafted right in the kitchen, and different variations are available with each season. Apple cherry is available during the fall, and is reminiscent of apple butter. Cherries give it a bit more “twang”, which blends nicely with the other warm flavors. As if the lavender biscuit wasn’t already crazy good, try it with fresh jam! Irresistible.

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Coffee is essential to every good breakfast joint, and the brew here is on point. It’s bold, but smooth, and fresh cream is served on the side. It’s good because it’s simple, because sometimes less is more.

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The atmosphere is eclectic and modern with a restored, industrial feel that’s prominent in Atlanta. It’s big in comparison to many restaurants; there’s plenty of places to sit. Parking is great for the city; a lot sets in the back and could comfortably accommodate several cars. That’s a luxury downtown!

Sun in My Belly is a fabulous brunch selection; don’t rule it out for lunch and dinner either!

Sun in My Belly:

Address: 2161 College Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30317

Phone:+1 (404) 370-1088

Website: suninmybelly.com


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