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11 Irresistible Roadside Attractions in Florida

Wacky and weird, Florida has it all. From a giant lobster statue to a skunk ape research facility, Florida has a variety of tourist attractions that will appeal to the eccentric in all of us. Next time you’re on a road trip in the Sunshine State, make sure to pull over for one of these must-see roadside attractions.

Big Orange, Melbourne Big Orange
Credit: Big Orange by commons.wikimedia.org

Big Orange, Melbourne

A real throwback memorabilia of Old Florida, Big Orange in Melbourne is a retro piece of history. Built in 1967, this 15-foot wide landmark made of concrete and steel was originally used as an orange juice stand throughout the ’60s.

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, Ochopee Skunk Ape Research Headquarters
Credit: Skunk Ape Research Headquarters by Lonny Paul via Flickr

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, Ochopee

If you’ve been looking for Bigfoot, you should know he’s been hanging out in Florida all along. Head to the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters for information on skunk ape sightings in the Everglades in addition to fun exhibits and a petting zoo.

Goofy Golf, Panama City Goofy Golf
Credit: Goofy Golf by goofygolfpc.com

Goofy Golf, Panama City

A true gem of Florida’s north, Goofy Golf is uninhibited kitschy fun, entertaining roadside travelers since 1959. Here you’ll find a variety of themes scattered around a miniature golf course including space aliens, monsters, and a giant monkey.

Gatorland, Orlando Gatorland, Orlando
Credit: Gatorland, Orlando by Gatorland Orlando

Gatorland, Orlando

You simply cannot visit Florida and miss Gatorland, Central Florida’s oldest major attraction. Gatorland is a thrilling roadside attraction with gator wrestling shows, a swamp walk, and an observation tower to soak in the views of these terrifying creatures in their natural habitat.

Big Betsy, Islamorada Big Betsy, Islamorada
Credit: Big Betsy, Islamorada by Big Betsy

Big Betsy, Islamorada

Big Betsy is possibly the biggest lobster in the world standing at over 35 feet in length. Lucky for us, she’s situated in the Rain Barrel Artisans Village in Islamorada welcoming visitors with a smile.

The Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine The Fountain of Youth
Credit: The Fountain of Youth by Chuck Coker via Flickr

The Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine

For a dose of youthful vigor, grab a serving of the famed water at The Fountain of Youth. One of the most fascinating historic sites in St. Augustine, it is said to have been discovered by Ponce de Leon in 1513, then further promoted in 1904 when a glass of this potion went for only 10¢.

Robert The Doll, Key West Robert The Doll
Credit: Robert The Doll by Robert the Doll

Robert The Doll, Key West

If you’re interested in creepy paranormal experiences, head to Fort East Martello Museum in Key West and pay a visit to the haunted doll in a glass case, the inspiration behind the demonic Chucky from the horror movie franchise.

World's Largest Alligator, Christmas Jungle Adventures A Real Florida Animal Park
Credit: Jungle Adventures A Real Florida Animal Park by Jungle Adventures A Real Florida Animal Park

World's Largest Alligator, Christmas

Coming as a surprise to no one, the world’s largest alligator is in the Sunshine State. Welcoming visitors to the Jungle Adventures park in the small town of Christmas is a gigantic 200-foot long alligator named Swampy. Inside the park, you can experience a variety of wildlife encounters.

Weeki Wachee Mermaids, Weeki Wachee Weeki Wachee Springs
Credit: Weeki Wachee Springs by Weeki Wachee Springs

Weeki Wachee Mermaids, Weeki Wachee

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close to a real mermaid, here’s your chance. Weeki Wachee has been offering mermaid shows in an underwater glass-sided theater since 1947. Watch as trained professionals captivate audiences with graceful underwater performances.

Spook Hill, Lake Wales Spook Hill
Credit: Spook Hill by wikimedia.org

Spook Hill, Lake Wales

Watch your car defy gravity in Lake Wales as it rolls uphill after being parked at the bottom. As the legend goes, there was a great battle between a gator and a Native American in the area, causing strange occurrences ever since.

Smallest Post Office In The US, Ochopee Smallest Post Office
Credit: Smallest Post Office by Global Reactions via Flickr

Smallest Post Office In The US, Ochopee

With barely enough room for 1 person, this former tomato farm shed was converted into a post office when the official one burned down in 1953. The town of Ochopee just kept it that way, creating one of the most adorable roadside attractions in Florida.

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