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12 Reasons Why RVing is Becoming More Popular

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RVing has been a part of American travel since the 1920s, and it picked up speed in the 1950s. Many family memories were made by toting the kids and a “house on wheels”, through some of the most scenic parts of the country. The industry has seen its fair share of downtime, especially around the recession in the early 2000s. But recent circumstances and the advancement of products has brought back a steady interest in the recreational activity, and there’s a long list of exciting RV destinations to explore. People are loving RVing again, and here are some great reasons why.


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Low Gas Prices Gas pump
Gas pump

Low Gas Prices

Gas prices plummeted as COVID caused a national shutdown, and even though prices are predicted to creep higher, fueling up is cheaper than it was a year ago. Topping off a motor home with gasoline has become far more affordable, making the idea of traveling in one more feasible for those on a budget.

Travelers Know Their Space is Clean Camping

Travelers Know Their Space is Clean

Staying in a hotel has its perks—free breakfast, a pool, room service. But having a personal “hotel room” that goes wherever the open road takes you, has its advantages over the standard double bed cubicle. You can continue to social distance while still seeing the country, without worrying how clean a hotel or rental might be.

A Good “Hotel” Wherever it’s Needed Camper Van on dirt road
Camper Van on dirt road

A Good “Hotel” Wherever it’s Needed

That brings us to our next point—RV owners can pick a destination without the concern of whether or not there’s a great place to stay, in the exact area they want to visit. Sure, you need to dump tanks at some point, but being in a mobile “hotel” allows for flexibility.

Some of the Safest Destinations are Outdoors RV on road
RV on road

Some of the Safest Destinations are Outdoors

Nature-based destinations are being even more appreciated these days. Being out in the open allows travelers to spread out while still doing really cool stuff. National Parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon are well equipped to welcome RVs, and even offer hookup sites. Do the research before heading out, because some parks can be challenging to navigate in a big vehicle. For example, some of the roads in Acadia can be impossible to traverse.

Dining Problems Solved coffee while camping
coffee while camping

Dining Problems Solved

Hotel rooms don’t always have a kitchen, but most RVs and pull behinds do. So if venturing through an area where restaurants are only offering takeout, or maybe there is only a store, or a river to catch some fish, you’ll have a nice space to prep food and dine. It sure beats trying to balance food in your lap while in a car.

Renting is an Option RV Share
RV Share

Renting is an Option

Buying isn’t the only choice, large rental services are available throughout the U.S. These companies often commit to above and beyond deep cleanings between each customer. If you’re on the go a lot, there’s no hassle of moving hotels between every stop, and that erases a lot of worry about sanitization. RVShare is one of the top choices for RV rentals. As an alternative, you can stay put in one of the unique Airbnb RV accommodations.

Five Star RV Parks The Camp Bend
The Camp Bend

Five Star RV Parks

RV parks are upping their game. Yeah of course there are countless freeway side parks that are just bare-bones and for nights of making do, but swanky RV establishments are popping up all over the place. Take Bend Oregon’s The Camp for example—the park is a gorgeous place to hook up your unit, with mountains, fishing spots and independent restaurants. And retro campers and tiny houses are available for booking too.

Frequent Stops Aren’t Needed Roadtrip

Frequent Stops Aren’t Needed

Being self-sufficient is more feasible when you have added comforts like a washer/dryer, refrigerator and bathroom. Stopping at any old gas station is no longer on the table, sail right on by the laundry mat, and stock up on food before departure to reduce the frequency of stops.

The More the Merrier Friends together
Friends together

The More the Merrier

More people can come along than when cramming in a car. Maybe you’ve dreamed of taking mom, dad, aunts or uncles on the summer vacation, but it just wasn’t practical. Convincing those extra folks to sit back and stretch out in an RV may make for a more compelling argument. Many RV units feature cleverly placed bunk beds and convertible sleeping solutions.

No Flying Paper airplane
Paper airplane

No Flying

Longer distances can be tackled when in the comfort of an RV, which is especially handy if not feeling too elated about flying right now. A road trip that once seemed unbearable in a car can be enjoyed while the kids are buckled in at the table, playing a game of Uno. Stopping in a parking lot for a few minutes of rest in a comfy bed is totally doable. To top it off, all of that scenery won’t be missed while thousands of feet in the sky.

Make the Dough While on the Go Work and travel
Work and travel

Make the Dough While on the Go

Many people are now working from home indefinitely, which opens up traveling possibilities. Folks still have to get work done, but a permanent office space can be set up in an RV. No worries about leaving flash drives or charging cords in a hotel back in who knows where. Your computer, notes, and accessories can stay safely stashed near the passenger seat or at the kitchen table.

Money Saved Ocean parking
Ocean parking

Money Saved

We understand this is circumstantial, but going the RV route could be cheaper, depending on how many are getting to vacation, how much gas is and how cheap the camping/RV sites are. But all in all, with less eating out, no hotel rooms, and accessing largely free or low-cost natural destinations, this could be the most affordable vacay yet!

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