Vivid blankets of wildflowers, crystal lakes, rushing rivers, a bustling local food scene, perfect weather and towering mountains—I’m talking about a little place called Aspen. Typical referenced for its renowned slopes, you’re completely missing out if you over look this Colorado town for a summer getaway.


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Rafting and Kayaking

With class II and III whitewater rapids, traveling by boat in Aspen is an extreme, and thrilling summer activity. Surrounded by mountains, the river is breathtaking. Portions of the water do have more tame rapids, so there’s time to soak in the beauty.


Aspen undoubtedly has some of the best fishing in Colorado. Brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout can be caught in the Roaring Fork River. Snowmass Lake is so gorgeous that it’s surreal, with mountains swaddling its clear blue, fish filled waters. A worth while hike guides fisherman to the lake.


Hiking trails are superb, with a route suitable to all experience levels. Walking the Rio Grande Trail is fitting for beginners and leisure strolls. With views of the roaring fork road, and smooth paths perfect for strollers, this trail allows practically any visitor to absorb the outdoor beauty of Aspen.

The Local Market

The Local Market

The Aspen Saturday Market operates mid-June to mid-October. Fresh local produced and handmade goods fill the “u” shaped mountain side path. Hours are 8:30am-3pm.


Northwest states have the most gorgeous wildflowers, and while you can see them in a variety of spots, Cathedral and American Lake are loaded with color during the season.

Gondola Views

Have you ever traveled up a ski gondola during the summer? The perspective is unique from winter views, and often at the top, there’s much to enjoy. Take a ride up Aspen Mountain via the Silver Queen Gondola, and enjoy stir fry and scenery at Sundeck.

Great Weather

As if the towering mountains and vibrant green foliage weren’t enough, Aspen’s day time temperature peaks at about 80, and floats down into the lower 70’s and upper 60’s at night. Southerners and extreme northerners crave this kind of neutral weather!

Hot Springs

Unwind from long hikes and biking with a soak in a natural hot spring. Penny Hot Spring is near Aspen on Highway 133, and is free of charge. With mountainous surroundings, the 20 foot wide, 2 foot deep pool is an incredible way to experience Aspen’s summer beauty.

Easier to Get To

It’s common sense really, no snow means easier navigation. Driving, walking, flying—literally every travel method is immensely easier in the summer.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon Rides

If there’s one best way to see Aspen in the summer, it’s via a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the mountains, with Above it All Balloon Co. Nothing is quite as serene, and there’ll be a delicious brunch complete with cheese, chocolate covered strawberries and mimosas waiting for you upon landing.

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