It’s peach season in Georgia, and we’re rounding up the best treats infused with the state’s official fruit. From classic to the unexpected, Georgia natives have gotten pretty good at making peach everything. All you have to do is chow down.


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Drift Fish House & Oyster Bar - Peach and Chong Cocktail (Nearby Hotels)

Peaches are so refreshing, and Drift Fish House muddles a complete half peach into their Peach & Chong cocktail. Clever name! The pulp is blended with simple syrup, lemon juice, rum and ginger liqueur—it’s perfect.

Better Half Desserts (Nearby Hotels)

This Atlanta foodie hub has an ever changing menu, featuring beautifully crafted foods and courses. In the past, they’ve served up seasonal dishes like the peach tart loaded with fresh peaches of course, decadent cream, sorbet and a hint of rose, a peach ice cream sandwich that was to die for. So always check in during the season to see how they are using this incredible fruit.

Revolution Doughnuts - Peach Slider (Nearby Hotels)

Revolution’s donuts are made with wholesome ingredients, and their yeast style selection has a delectably soft texture. Take sweet peaches, and cram them into the tasty, sugar dusted dough, and you have the amazing  Peach Slider. Only available in the summer, you have to get there kind of early to nab one.

Farm Burger - Peach Burger (Nearby Hotels)

Farm Burger’s Peach Burger is a bit of a mystery in the Atlanta area—some have tried it, and others have never heard of it. Goat cheese, arugula and sweet peach chutney come together to create this burger, and it’s only been seen during the summer.

Queen of Cream - Ga Buttermilk Peach Crisp Ice Cream (Nearby Hotels)

Queen of Cream is always mixing up their flavors, so it’s not uncommon to see several peach selections come and go. From boozy to straight up quirky, we couldn’t be more in love with this locally fueled ice cream shop, and we are “melting” over the Ga Buttermilk Peach Crisp cream.

Farm Fresh Ice Cream (Nearby Hotels)

Many little farms with peach orchards are sprinkled through Georgia, and it’s safe to say most have mastered homemade peach ice cream. Standouts hail from Southern Belle Farm, Lane Southern Orchards and Dickey Farms.

Southern Baked Pie Company - Georgia Peach PIe

Southern Baked Pie Company - Georgia Peach PIe (Nearby Hotels)

Southern Baked Pie Company has the most amazing, buttery crust to accent their enormous list of flavors, from savory to sweet. But it would be a lie to say that the Georgia Peach Pie made with local Georgia peaches isn’t one of the best the bake shop offers! Luckily, pies can be ordered online, too.

The Lawrence - Seasonal Salad (Nearby Hotels)

Atlanta is obviously taking advantage of peach season; so many awesome eateries have crazy good peach dishes right now! The Lawrence’s seasonal salad is always great, especially in the summer. Expect to see a blend of fresh peaches, cherries, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, basil and spiced almonds.

The Cockentrice - Peach & Coppa Flatbread (Nearby Hotels)

Peach flatbread—uh, yes please! The unique flavor combinations and rush of fresh peach juice when biting in makes for a new summertime experience. Housemade coppa adds a delicate yet substantial factor.

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