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Sleep Next To Your Favorite Animals at Pairi Daiza Resort

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Some hotels are a destination in their own right, and that definitely includes the extraordinary Pairi Daiza Resort in Belgium. It offers what may be one of the world’s most unique stays, the chance to spend the night with some of your favorite animals, right inside the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Brugelette.


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Animal lovers can enjoy staying at one of the unique rooms that offer private views into the habitats at the zoo. There’s even a room where you might wake up to a bear looking in and another that overlooks a walrus tank.

The Walrus House sits within the “Land of the Cold,” and includes rooms that feel like you’re sleeping in a snow cave while enjoying incredible views of the walruses, in their underwater world. This is what you’ll want to book for the most unforgettable stay if you don’t mind the lack of privacy, although not the human kind. The marine creatures can look right into the room through the glass wall that separates it from the tank, providing guests with some very unusual roommates.

The colors of the room, with blues, whites and greys give it an icy look, yet you can expect to be warm and comfortable with high-quality, soft bedding. The underwater rooms are appreciated by the animals too. In fact, they enrich their lives, used as their own kind of “television screen” to see what humans are up to.

At the Full Moon Lodge, you’ll not only be able to watch the bears walk by but wolves too, with the animals living in the adjacent forest. Each lodge includes two bedrooms and lots of luxuries like a fireplace, a bathroom with a bubble bath and a sauna, and a kitchen.

In addition to the walruses, bears and wolves, there are options for enjoying close encounters with polar bears, penguins, sea lions, Siberian tigers, and fallow deer too. The type of animal you will be able to see varies based on which lodge you choose.

The presence of polar bears in Pairi Daiza is part of a program for protection and conservation, as they are the number one victims of climate change issues. The polar bear territories are regarded as some of the best in the world, as they are 12 times the typical size, contain real salted and chilled sea water in a huge and deep basin, is covered in snow and ice, with a constant temperature below zero.

The Last Frontier and The Land of the Cold are open 24/7 for resort guests, with Pairi Daiza open at 9 a.m. until the announced closing time of the park.

A half-board package includes the very unique overnight experience, 2 days access to the park, complimentary breakfast and dinner, a welcome gift along with tea and coffee, reserved parking, and exclusive moments in close proximity to the animals. If you want something to do besides gazing out at the creatures, in-room board games can be provided too.

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