If you’re into spooky sights and haunted stories you’ll love the iconic Old Bisbee Ghost Tour in Bisbee, Arizona. From a walking tour to a ghost hunt and haunted pub crawl, they’ve even got a kid-friendly ghost tour that will captivate the entire family. Located in one of the state’s most haunted cities and former mining town, the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour introduces you to the ghosts who haunt the area.


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For the classic experience, reserve a spot on the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour to be guided through the historic Old Bisbee streets, stairways and old alleys. You’ll learn about the history and unique stories of the 35-year-old town after sunset and visit the favorite haunts of Julia, a Lady of the Evening, Nat the miner who owed money and the Lady in White who saved the lives of three children. Step inside the haunted locations if you’re brave and see what you discover.

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Traveling with the family? The Bisbee Historic Ghost Walk might be more your speed. Designed to appeal to visitors of all ages, you can walk through the Old Bisbee’s Main Street District and learn why ghosts are attracted to this town. The tour starts earlier (at 5:30 PM) than other tours, doesn’t include any stairs to climb and includes stories that are safe for little ears.

If you’re determined to find some of the most famous Bisbee ghosts, the Bisbee Ghost Hunt takes you to The Bisbee Inn/Hotel La More to explore who is haunting the historic building. With the help of the trained Paranormal Investigators, you’ll have the chance to use equipment such as EMF Detectors, K2 Meters, IR Cameras and Digital Voice Recorders.

You can also get boozy with ghosts on the Haunted Pub Crawl through the area’s most spooky bars, where guides will share tales of Bisbee and its interesting characters. If you want a truly immersive experience, stay overnight at the famous Copper Queen Hotel to dance with Julia, walk past Billy or admire the gentleman with the top hat.

Old Bisbee Ghost Tour
Address: 5 Copper Queen Plaza, Bisbee, Arizona
Phone: (520) 432-3308
Official Website

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