Southern tradition, a bustling city, and local ingredients are essential pieces of Georgia’s culinary scene. From way down south all the way to Atlanta, there are plenty of places to get authentic, delicious snacks, sweets, and meals. So if you’re heading for the land of peaches, put these items on your foodie bucket list.


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Peach Ice Cream at Lane Southern Orchards Lane Southern Orchards Peach Ice Cream
Lane Southern Orchards Peach Ice Cream

Peach Ice Cream at Lane Southern Orchards (Nearby Hotels)

To stray from the obvious suggestion of peach cobbler, Lane Southern Orchards makes a dreamy, creamy, frozen treat with their very own peaches. Homemade ice cream is great, sweet Georgia peaches are mouthwatering—put them together and you have something special.

The Varsity's Famous Chili Dog

The Varsity's Famous Chili Dog (Nearby Hotels)

Many can’t think about Atlanta without The Varsity coming to mind. The massive drive-in has been around since the early 1900s and has managed to turn a simple hotdog into a classic with finely ground, beanless chili and a touch of mustard. Don’t forget the onions!

Pecan Pie in Savannah (Nearby Hotels)

The Olde Pink House in Savannah may be haunted for a reason—it’s not just the living who can’t resist the hot pecan pie with its nutty, cinnamon crust, rich chocolate drizzle and velvety vanilla ice cream.

Brunswick Stew at Old Hickory House (Nearby Hotels)

Southerners can get heated over a discussion of whom has the very best Brunswick Stew—a smokey, thick soup with brisket, pork and other slow-cooked meats accented with corn and tomatoes. Old Hickory House is iconic for its minute of fame in Burt Reynold’s Smokey and the Bandit, as well as the stew overflowing with tender meat. Some locations have disappeared, but we are praying the Tucker location will forever remain.

Fried Green Tomatoes from The Whistle Stop (Nearby Hotels)

The 1991 movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, made the dish famous at The Whistle Stop in Juliette, Georgia. You’ll find many menu items featuring the lightly battered, tangy tomatoes, such as on salads, sandwiches, or simply a la carte with the famous radish sauce.

Home Grown Pimento Cheese (Nearby Hotels)

Home Grown’s pimento cheese is crafted with a perfectly sharp cheddar and not too much mayo. Go simple and just dip crackers or potato chips into the dreamy goodness, or have a traditional sandwich for lunch. It’s in fact so good, local stores have started carrying it.

Shrimp n’ Grits Served Up At Cotton & Rye (Nearby Hotels)

It’s only natural that you’d travel to the coast to find Georgia’s best shrimp n’ grits, since that’s where the freshest, juiciest crustaceans are derived from. Certain components are necessary to make the dish work—rich, yet not-too-thick grits with “butter pockets” must be topped with delicately seasoned shrimp, which have been cooked to perfection. Cotton & Rye, formerly a bank in the 1950s, delivers with garnishes of aged cheddar, flavorful tomatoes and bacon!

Boiled Peanuts From Finch & Fifth (Nearby Hotels)

While you can get peanuts all over Georgia at quaint farms and mountainside stands, Finch & Fifth in Augusta serves up boiled peanuts, artisan style! This tasty legume is Georgia’s official state crop, and almost 50 percent of the US supply comes from the southern state.

Mary Macs Tea Room's Fried Chicken (Nearby Hotels)

Let’s face it, after the birth of Chick-fil-A, Georgia dominates the fried chicken game. Putting the successful chain to the side, Mary Macs Tea Room’s crispy, tender chicken has been drawing in customers for 70 years. The heavenly cinnamon rolls and traditional sides may have something to do with it, too.

Biscuits (Nearby Hotels)

Top them with gravy, jam, or simply butter—true southern made biscuits are found in abundance through the state. Go back to Home Grown for this one, because they top their fluffy, moist biscuits with a massive portion of chicken and gravy—aka the Comfy Chicken Biscuit.

Have a Coca-Cola (Nearby Hotels)

A visit to The World of Coca-Cola in downtown Atlanta is filled with memorabilia from years passed, interactive displays, and the holy grail of all tasting rooms. A variety of sodas from all around the world can be tasted, and of course, there’s the Georgia original on tap, Coca-Cola.

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