You know all of Georgia’s legendary restaurants, including The Varsity and Vortex, but the food scene has few limits. From Atlanta to Savannah, it seems if you keep digging, quirky eateries continue to emerge. So we’re taking you off the beaten path to some of the unusual places you may have not heard of yet. Ready for an adventure? Jot these fun, tasty stops down for your next drive through the Peach State.


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Bone Garden Cantina, Atlanta Bone Garden
Bone Garden

Bone Garden Cantina, Atlanta

Bone Garden Cantina in Atlanta celebrates Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, 365 days a year. With artistry from not only the owner but from other local talents, Bone Garden is brimming with colorful displays of Hispanic culture. Not just any Mexican fare is served here—everything from the vibrant tacos to the chips and salsa is made from scratch, in house. The result is authentic street food worthy of any Day of the Dead celebration.

Overlook BBQ, Tallulah Falls Overlook BBQ
Credit: Overlook BBQ
Overlook BBQ

Overlook BBQ, Tallulah Falls

Overlook BBQ is located near one of the more undoubtedly beautiful spots in Georgia, Tallulah Falls. Barbecue is extremely common in the state, with seemingly every major town having lists of establishments to enjoy tender, smoked meats and southern sides. However, Overlook has an edge, thanks to scenic views from its sky-high, open-air seating, and a unique sundae. Not an ice cream sundae, but a meaty concoction with slaw and black-eyed peas served in a styrofoam cup.

Paul’s Pot Pies, Marietta Pauls Pot Pies
Pauls Pot Pies

Paul’s Pot Pies, Marietta

Pot pie isn’t the first thing to come to mind when dining within the culinarily rich borders of Georgia, but Paul’s Pot Pies in Marietta has reimagined the pot pie experience. A pleasant variety of pies are crafted with flakey, tender crust, from the classic chicken with expected fillings to the seafood option loaded with shrimp, scallops and crawfish! This Southern dish will never be the same.

Ball Ground Burger Bus, Ball Ground Ball Ground Burger Bus
Ball Ground Burger Bus

Ball Ground Burger Bus, Ball Ground

Ball Ground is a bit north of Atlanta and houses the charming Ball Ground Burger Bus. An old vintage transit bus from Atlanta, of course, has been fully restored while keeping its historic charm. Guests can enjoy craft burgers made from a melt-in-your-mouth fresh meat blend with brisket and bacon. Pair it with a beer or some in house-made pickles and sauce!

Jamwich, Rome Jamwich Rome Ga
Jamwich Rome Ga

Jamwich, Rome

Georgia’s Jamwich has reinvented the grilled cheese sandwich, with artisan bread, jams, veggies and other ingredients that make the childhood classic even better. Try the Toe Jam with sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, tomato jam and mayonnaise, or the Dirty South Mouth with London Broil, pimento cheese, crisped bacon, red onion, hydro bibb lettuce and raspberry-jalapeño jam on jalapeño cornmeal bread.

The Grey Restaurant, Savannah The Grey
The Grey

The Grey Restaurant, Savannah

The Grey Restaurant was once an old bus stop in Savannah. Now the building has been brought back to life, attracting the same droves of people it did back its transportation days. Aesthetics, even including the old gate signs within the terminal, have been kept intact. Come enjoy upscale southern cuisine that Savannah is known for, in an iconic setting.

Ann’s Snack Bar, Atlanta Anns Snack Shack
Anns Snack Shack

Ann’s Snack Bar, Atlanta

You wouldn’t suspect that this ultra-simple building in Atlanta would house an incredible burger joint known as Ann’s Snack Bar. The small business has stood the test of time and pulls in hungry patrons not only for its staple menu items but for its huge “Ghetto Burger”, topped with deep-fried bacon.

Mama's Boy, Athens Mammas Boy, Athens
Mammas Boy, Athens

Mama's Boy, Athens

Mama’s Boy is a breakfast joint in Athens. Biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls and fried green tomatoes are all pretty basic for any southern eatery, but things get funky when trailing down further on the menu. How does a pork taco plate sound for breakfast? The surprisingly tasty creation comes with egg tacos topped with drunken beans, jicama slaw, and most definitely pork. The “soysage biscuit” defies the Southern cuisine nature, and their ground beef is sourced from the University of Georgia.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, Doraville Kura Revolving Sushi Bar
Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, Doraville

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is technically a chain restaurant, but still uncommon and offering an all-around interesting experience. Multiple booths and bar seating encircle a few conveyer belts carrying a variation of sushi dishes and sides. Each table also has its own touch screen, so you can order items specifically as well. The concept hails from Japan itself, as it was intended to help make the most out of tiny restaurant spaces. After you eat each small plate, insert dishes down the table side slot, and eventually, a prize will roll down from the ceiling goody case.

Mac Lab, Duluth Mac Lab
Credit: Mac Lab
Mac Lab

Mac Lab, Duluth

Mac Lab in Duluth is a simple shop, in a shopping center. Don’t let the simple exterior fool you, because inside are the most magical macarons, literally. Little unicorn designs are flavored with fruity pebbles, but there is also a range of other heavenly flavors from blueberry to mango. Order early, or hope to time it just right to get one of the stunning geode macarons made with electric blue and purple crystallized sugar rocks. As a bonus, the lattes are to die for.

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