If you’re going to travel, you might as well travel in style. These 10 luxury sleeper trains are perfect for the stylish adventurer hoping for an unforgettable trip. With expensive decor, fine dining options and breathtaking views, these sleeper trains turn train travel from drab to fab. Live like the rich and famous when you purchase a ride on one of these top luxury sleeper trains around the world.


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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Europe Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Europe (Nearby Hotels)

This overnight train from London to Venice has made a name for itself due to its luxury decor and accommodations. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is known simply as the Orient Express, the same train that is the setting for Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express.” With antique furnishings and elegance that makes you think you just stepped back in the 1920s, this sleeper train is a great way to experience Europe, as the train stops in London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona and Venice.

The Blue Train, South Africa The Blue Train, South Africa
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The Blue Train, South Africa

The Blue Train, South Africa (Nearby Hotels)

Explore South Africa in luxury while aboard The Blue Train. This sleeper train runs from Pretoria to Cape Town. Luxury suites come complete with incredible accommodations, like full-sized bathtubs, mahogany wall panels, and a full entertainment system. Celebrities and royalty alike have taken this luxury sleeper train, which is a 27-hour journey. With impeccable service and one-of-a-kind views of the savannah and Karoo desert, the Blue Train is a superb way to experience South Africa.

The Ghan, Australia The Ghan, Darwin to Adelaide, Australia
The Ghan, Darwin to Adelaide, Australia

The Ghan, Australia (Nearby Hotels)

This luxury sleeper train that traverses Australia has been pleasing travelers since 1929. However, some things have changed since The Ghan’s early days, like the addition of 11-foot luxury sleeper rooms that boast full-size showers, windows on both sides of the suite, and extravagant furnishings. This transcontinental trip takes four days and three nights from Darwin to Adelaide and has a remarkable itinerary that will wow adventurous travelers. With incredible fare found on the train too, a ride on The Ghan is worth every penny.

Maharajas' Express, India Maharajas' Express, India
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Maharajas' Express, India

Maharajas' Express, India (Nearby Hotels)

The over-the-top interior of Maharajas’ Express brings the railroad to life in India. Guests typically travel on four or eight-night excursions from Delhi to Mumbai. However, there are plenty of stops in between, including cities like Mysore and Goa. The Maharajas’ Express has 14 guest cabins that all feature panoramic windows. Book the Presidential Suite for true luxury, as it spans a whole carriage.

Golden Eagle, Russia Golden Eagle, Russia
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Golden Eagle, Russia

Golden Eagle, Russia (Nearby Hotels)

The Golden Eagle is like no other luxury train. Spanning eight time zones and taking two weeks, an experience on the Golden Eagle is for all who want to truly indulge in Russian elegance. This gorgeous train comes with a resident pianist, fine dining options and en-suite bathrooms. Although the Golden Eagle’s journey is two weeks long, you don’t get cabin fever as the train stops at a new destination every day. With stops in Mongolia’s capital city and at the world’s largest lake known as Lake Baikal, the experience on the Golden Eagle will be unforgettable.

Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland
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Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland

Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland (Nearby Hotels)

Nothing compares to seeing the Scottish countryside out of a window from the Belmond Royal Scotsman. This luxury sleeper train has a number of options, from two-day excursions to week-long rides. The most popular option is the four-day experience through the Scottish Highlands. Visitors stop at castles and distilleries, as the train travels between stops through heather-filled meadows. As UK’s only sleeper train offering luxury accommodations, the Belmond Royal Scotsman offers guests unique amenities from 50 single malt whiskeys at the bar to the finest furnishings.

Seven Stars, Japan Seven Stars, Japan
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Seven Stars, Japan

Seven Stars, Japan (Nearby Hotels)

If you’re looking for solitude and luxury while exploring Japan, then purchase a ticket for the Seven Stars train. Seven Stars can only hold up to 30 people, so only a select lucky few will be able to take advantage of the rich service and opulent accommodations offered here. Stay on the train for just a night or take the four-day journey that traverses southern Japan. Expect astonishing Japanese decor and an enjoyable itinerary that leaves all the guesswork out of planning an incredible tour of Japan.

Rovos Rail, Africa Rovos Rail, South Africa
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Rovos Rail, South Africa

Rovos Rail, Africa (Nearby Hotels)

Rovos Rail is another South African luxury sleeper train that knows no bounds. At a slower pace than the Blue Train, the Rovos Rail is for travelers that are in no rush to travel through the South African landscape. Although the popular route runs from Cape Town to Pretoria, the Rovos Rail also travels across other destinations like Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada Rocky Mountaineer, Banff to Vancouver, Canada
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Rocky Mountaineer, Banff to Vancouver, Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada (Nearby Hotels)

The views from the Rocky Mountaineer leaves travelers speechless as they traverse the Canadian Rockies. There are four different routes and a variety of packages to choose from with this luxury sleeper train company. Serving gourmet meals and featuring a glass-dome seating area, this luxury sleeper train is a great way to view the magic of the mountains. The Banff to Vancouver route is a favorite among the routes offered by Rocky Mountaineer. However, the Coastal route from Seattle to Vancouver displays the jaw-dropping views of the Canadian coast. To say the least, no matter what route you choose through Rocky Mountaineer, it will be a luxurious experience.

Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru
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Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru

Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru (Nearby Hotels)

Peru’s gorgeous landscape is the perfect backdrop for travelers on South America’s first luxury sleeper train. The Belmond Andean Explorer offers guests one and two-night excursions on one of the world’s highest rail lines. Adorned with handwoven fabrics and Peruvian charm, each cabin also comes with private bathrooms and oxygen tanks for those adjusting to the high altitude of the Andes. From Cusco to Arequipa, the Belmond Andean Explorer is truly a bucket list adventure.

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