From the bizarre to the downright gross, these beverages are popular in various regions around the globe. Believe it or not, this list of concoctions is legit, with some recipes and methods being intertwined into culture, and others still in their infancy. Some sound delicious, while several are just too much to handle. We can say one thing, people can sure get creative. So if you’re in the mood for something unusual, these drinks have your name on them.


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Sour Toe Cocktail, Canada

Sour Toe Cocktail, Canada (Nearby Hotels)

What started in the 70s as more of a dare has turned into a hilarious tradition in Yukon. The first toe was discovered in a cabin but devastatingly swallowed in the 80s, by a dude who had one too many. Several toes have been generously donated to Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada, the home of this freaky but strangely intriguing cocktail. Since one fellow came in and purposefully swallowed one of the toes, the $500 penalty fee was raised to $2,500. From 9-11 every night, visitors have the option to give it a try.

Bird's Nest Drink, Indonesia (Nearby Hotels)

So you know those birds who make nests out of their hardened spit? Yeah, well that substance is ground up to make Bird’s Nest Drink—the name kind of gives it away. Actually popular in various locations, it’s somewhat of a staple in Bali. The belief is that the mixture is good for health and wellness.

Chicha, Peru Chicha, Peru
Credit: Krista
Chicha, Peru

Chicha, Peru (Nearby Hotels)

Chicha can be found in Colca Canyon, but is casually found throughout Peru via roadside sellers with the drink in a bucket. There are two predominant types of Chicha, one made with yellow corn which is fermented into a golden liquid, and the other made with purple corn boiled with cinnamon, pineapple and sugar, serving more as a soft drink. Undoubtedly, it’s a significant part of the culture, with some even taking special classes to learn how to make it. If you want to taste something true to the area, this is it.

Terremoto, Chile (Nearby Hotels)

Half dessert half cocktail, the Terremoto, also meaning “earthquake”, is a combination of pipeño wine and fluffy pineapple ice cream. Obviously, this isn’t some ancient recipe passed down for generations, it supposedly popped up around the 1980s. It’s commonly found in many Chile establishments, including La Piojera in Santiago. Truly indulgent and sweet, you must proceed carefully, because this tasty mixture will leave you tanked much quicker than expected.

Kaffepunch, Denmark (Nearby Hotels)

On an island called Fano near Denmark, there’s a coffee drink a bit more unique than your typical Starbucks latte. Coffee is poured into a small cup until it covers a coin, then schnapps is added until the coin reappears. Schnapps and coffee? Yum!

Smoked Salmon Vodka, Alaska

Smoked Salmon Vodka, Alaska (Nearby Hotels)

Alaska and salmon go hand in hand, so naturally, a distillery is going to make smoked salmon vodka. That’s just so hardcore, and so is Alaska! Alaska Distillery actually soaks hunks of smoked salmon in the vodka, then strains it out. The result is a zinger vodka with earthy fish notes, which pair surprisingly well with a Bloody Mary.

Habushu, Japan (Nearby Hotels)

On Okinawa, an island located off of Japan, it’s a regular thing to see shops displaying jars of rice liquor housing a preserved pit viper. It’s more of a novelty, because the stuff just tastes like a sharp whiskey, but is terrifying and alluring none the less. Some do claim that tossing back a few shots of Habushu, or Habu Sake can have a more intense effect than regular booze. Talk about a drink with a bite.

Raki, Turkey (Nearby Hotels)

Wine making leftovers are combined with water in Turkey, which creates a milky liquor called Raki. Comparable to absinthe, the drink also has strong flavors of anise. While being an acquired taste, it’s actually kind of good.

Lambanog, Phillipines (Nearby Hotels)

Lambanog isn’t one of those unusual drinks you try as a dare, you try it because it sounds downright delectable. Quezon Distillery has perfected this popular wine made from the sap of a coconut flower which has yet to bloom. The taste is subtle with a slight bit of sweetness, and since it’s distilled, it has a pretty quick kick.

Kumis, Mongolia
Credit: Wikimedia

Kumis, Mongolia (Nearby Hotels)

This horse milk-based drink is the national beverage of Mongolia, and people love the stuff. Produced by many different companies, it’s one of those things you can grab right off the shelf to enjoy. It is creamy, and a bit sour, but definitely not as bad as it sounds.

Rainbow Beer, Japan (Nearby Hotels)

Leave it to Japan to make something as pretty as rainbow beer. While colorful brews can be found worldwide, we are particularly fond of Abashiri Brewery’s spectacular hues. Probably the most gorgeous is the icy aqua blue beer, but there are other colors to choose from. You may ask, why? Because sometimes we just want to drink pure magic.

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