Experience the Magic Time Machine Restaurant in Texas

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Head to this magical San Antonio restaurant to have your favorite fictional character serve you jokes along with some great prime rib. At the Magic Time Machine Restaurant, the waitstaff is dressed to impress. Tinker Bell, Captain Jack Sparrow or Spiderman may greet you at your table during your stay at this eclectic establishment. Enjoy a night of improv by iconic characters of the past and present at the Magic Time Machine Restaurant.


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The Magic Time Machine Restaurant

This restaurant, which started in San Antonio, has been in operation since 1973. The restaurant was such a success that a second location opened in Dallas. Although the Magic Time Machine Restaurant is a popular destination for kids, adults can’t resist its quirky charm either. With themed booths and tables and a maze-like layout, the interior of the Magic Time Machine is just as alluring as its employees.

Characters at The Magic Time Machine

Guests to the Magic Time Machine Restaurant head here for the fun, and the menu isn’t half bad either. Dine in a tiki hut, school bus or other uniquely themed seating options while you feast on great cuts of meat and fresh seafood. One of the most iconic menu items is the Roman Orgy, which feeds four or more. This massive family-style plate is truly a feast that comes with brisket, chicken, fresh fruit and other fares. And every entree at the Magic Time Machine comes with a trip to the salad bar, which is located actually inside a 1952 MG-TD Roadster vehicle.

Meeting a princess at The Magic Time Machine

This funky establishment may seem to be just for kids, however after 10 p.m. adults can enjoy an adult-only saloon found at both restaurant locations. Complete with a full bar, a stage for live acts and TVs playing popular sporting events, the Magic Time Machine Restaurant is a fun getaway after a long day of being an adult.

Return to your childhood by playing along with the fun characters found at the Magic Time Machine. With a plentiful menu, a silly waitstaff, and eclectic dining rooms, this Texas restaurant is truly a unique experience.

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