Macon Street Tacos is a delicious little taco joint with a surf shack vibe that debuted in Georgia’s McDonough Square in late summer of 2018. Setting right next to legendary Gritz Family Restaurant, it has some big shoes to fill, and they are doing it quite well. The concept is simple—tacos, sangrias and ice cream, and you really can’t go wrong with that.


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McDonough Square
McDonough Square

Front and center, they have the tacos, which come double wrapped in perfectly heated corn tortillas—flour is also available, but the corn is hands down the best. From tender slow roasted pork al pastor style to flavorful chicken, beef, shrimp and fish, there’s a lot of versatility with Macon Street’s authentic bundles of heaven. Tacos are customizable, but we urge you to trust the masterful combinations from the menu. Avocado cream, roasted corn, black beans, Abodo cream, spicy mango salsa, pico de gallo and pineapple are some of the incredible toppings used to make the savory combinations. Worthy of a mention as well as the quesadillas.

Roasted corn, black beans and homemade chips with salsa are your side options, and it’s a tough choice because all three have a quirky street food twist. But the corn on a stick, with a creamy, cheesy coating takes the cake because it’s just a bit more authentic and difficult to find anywhere else in the area. Careful though, the robust garnishes and indulgent textures are addicting.

If we had to pick one sweet indulgence over the other, we’d pick the peach or house specialty sangrias. While tasty, the ice cream is traditionally what you’d find at most scoop shops, so we will leave flavors like Superman and Cotton Candy for the kids to enjoy. But the sangrias are spot on, with a perfect balance of liquor and fruity flavor—they aren’t as sweet as many cocktails, which is completely refreshing.

What stands out most about Macon Street Tacos is how they’ve nailed a streamline idea—just drop in informally, order and pay at the counter, then binge on excellent Mexican food. Tacos run from $3-$4 each, but it’s totally worth it!

Macon Street Tacos
Address: 16 Macon St., McDonough Ga. 30253
Phone: (404) 863-7725
Official Website

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