Mac Lab in Duluth is where French macarons are taken above and beyond in presentation and taste. Walking into the bright shop, eyes immediately lock on the colorful display case filled with magical works of art. A husband and wife team who attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, have been featured in major publications for their mastered macaron making skills and all around mesmerizing cafe. Come and indulge in rich hot chocolate, creamy lattes with intricate foam art and the most beautiful cookies you’ve ever seen.


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Obsessed with Geodes? Mac Lab has turned the dimensional rock into a sparkling cookie with clusters of sugar crystals bunched on the outer shell. Touches of gold accent the edges, and the treat comes in a variety of colors to match your occasion.


Unicorns are the trend, and food shops around the world are outdoing themselves time after time. Complete with lashes, a flowery crown and golden horn, Mac Lab artfully prepared Unicorn macaron tastes as magical as it looks—that might be because bits of Fruity Pebbles are mixed in. Mac Lab is home of the original Unicorn Macaron, and they also design bunny, kitty, solar eclipse and other creative cookies.

Every basic flavor seems to have a twist that makes it more than just a typical macaron. Vanilla is made with Madagascar bourbon and caramel for the Salted Caramel cookie is made in-house, and every flavor has been given an artisan twist, and warm flavors from Atlanta local roaster Batdorf & Bronson make for the most amazing coffee macaron. Both art and culinary mastery come together in each creamy, perfectly sweet balanced morsel of goodness.

Mac Lab sometimes features specialty products like gold ice cream from Dairy Project. Check them out online to see what quirky delicious items are currently being offered.

Mac Lab Bakery
Address: 2131 Pleasant Hill Rd., Ste. # 135, Duluth, GA. 30097
Phone: 678-580-1985
Official Website

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