The largest, and likely the quirkiest, Elvis museum in the world exists in Cornelia, Georgia, on the third level of an early 1900s boarding house. Joni Mabe’s super fan collection is complete with over 30,000 items, and possibly an actual toenail of the King, which she found in a shag rug at Graceland. Fascinating? Sure; but a little freaky too.


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Mabe restored the beautiful home herself, and it’s even officially registered as a historical place. But the third floor isn’t  anything like the exterior, and is fixated with bright decor and numerous images of Elvis. The most peculiar thing you may see is a preserved wart, yes—a wart, removed by Elvis’ doctor, and stored in a little tube of formaldehyde. Folks have even sought after the vial of DNA in hopes of cloning another Elvis, but Mabe just doesn’t think it would be right. So the wart sets on a mini shrine of red velvet for visitors to simply gaze upon.


The Loudermilk house played a large roll in the city’s early development, and now continues as a fun town staple with Joni Mabe’s Panormic Encyclopedia of Everything Elvis. You can commemorate your visit by grabbing something from the gift shop, like an Elvis wart t-shirt.


Known as the “Experience”, Mabe incorporates her character and enthusiasm into the tour of unusual treasures that she has collected over the years. Some of the creations are things she’s hand crafted herself, such as her themed frocks and glittering artwork. Every room is packed with memorabilia, so you’ll want to take it slow to enjoy all of the one of a kind relics.


Cornelia is a gorgeous town rich with history, and one of the world’s largest apple sculptures. There’s so many reasons to visit, but the Elvis museum alone is enough of a reason to stop through.

Loudermilk Boarding House & Elvis Museum

Address: 271 Foreacre St.
Cornelia, GA 30531

Phone: 706-778-2001


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