Conveyer belt sushi restaurants have been prominent across Japan since the 1950’s, and were a solution to staffing for small sushi joints. Now you don’t have to go to Japan to experience the splendor of colorful fish and Japanese dishes whisking by your side, just waiting for you to snatch them up.


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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is located in Doraville, barely outside of Atlanta. It’s exactly like the ones you’d see in Japan; a couple of large, circular conveyer belts are situated in the center of many booths, and all kinds of fresh sushi comes rolling out of the kitchen.


You have two choices when it comes to selecting each plate; grab right from the belt or order from your personal screen. If you decide to take one off the belt, just tug on the plate and it will release from the plastic, protective dome. When your done with your plate, insert it into the slot under your screen, and it will add the dish to your bill. For every 15 plates you insert, a special Japan-style prize pops out. Now that’s incentive.


There is a hefty selection of fish; Garlic Ponzu Salmon, seared scallop, Sake Soy Marinated Tuna, Crisp Rice Salmon, octopus and the Popcorn Shrimp Roll, to name a few. The flavors are actually more creative than the simplistic ones you’d find in Japan. While simplicity is often best when it comes to sushi, a variety is great when at a “sushi-go round.”


Speaking of variety, you’re not limited to sushi at Kura. Ramen, Udon, premium beef, miso soup, mochi, mochi green tea ice-cream, sesame balls, Yakitori, fruit and a list of other Japanese favorites can be selected. Sesame balls are probably the best dessert in the world; a bread mochi hybrid exterior is covered in sesame seeds and filled with a sweet paste. They come out hot from the oven and are unexplainably amazing.

All the noodle dishes are true Japanese culture; if you don’t want to fill up on dishes like these, you can always share one plate with others. Sharing is the perfect way to taste a little of everything.


In Japan, plates stay around one dollar a piece, but it’s a bit pricier here in the States. It’s still a rare novelty, so you’re going to pay at least double; plates start around $2.25 and head upwards around $5.00. But it is so worth it; you haven’t lived until you’ve tried sushi at Kura.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Address: 6035 Peachtree Rd., Unit A107-A110
Doraville, GA 30360

Phone: 470-255-2071


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