It’s hard to believe you can drive to a tropical paradise like Key West, from mainland USA. Snorkeling, sunset cruises, fishing and shopping are typical activities, and of course, those things are completely memorable. However, Ibis Bay Resort offers one of the most unique excursions, glass bottom, LED lighted night kayaking!


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Kayaking allows one to really delve into the island environment, often taking paddlers into isolated mangroves and over beautiful reefs. Ibis Bay’s night kayaking provides a deeper experience, in the bay area. Venturing out after sunset means you’ll get to see nocturnal sea life, and the other side of the Key West eco system.

Kayaks depart from the docks beside Ibis Bay’s open-air seafood restaurant, The Stoned Crab—consider grabbing some pink shrimp or sustainable stone crab claws before setting off. Each boat has a clear bottom, lined with led light strips, which illuminate creatures and ocean flora below.

Since tides can be low at this time, you’ll be skimming right over lobster, starfish and other colorful life—the guides have an education in ocean biology and provide a lot of educational information. At times, they’ll gently take a creature from the water for close up viewing.

Most anyone would be comfortable on this relaxing, slow-paced voyage. Being in the bay, the water is calm and the night breezes are so serene. You’ll likely be traveling in tandem kayaks, so you and a buddy can stick together.

There’s really nothing else like this in Key West, so sit back, and enjoy the remarkable, up close experience.

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