Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed at Windsor Castle on May 19th. While all of the details haven’t been revealed, of course, it sounds like they’ve chosen a very exotic destination for their honeymoon: the African country of Namibia. If it hasn’t been on your radar, perhaps it should be. In fact, if you’re looking for a luxurious, unforgettable honeymoon, it’s definitely a place to consider.


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Stay at Hoanib Valley Camp Hoanib Valley Camp, Namibia
Hoanib Valley Camp, Namibia

Stay at Hoanib Valley Camp (Prices & Photos)

Nestled in a remote corner of northwest Namibia, Hoanib Valley Camp hasn’t been opened to the public just yet, which means the royal couple might just be their first guests. The camp aims to provide an ideal upscale base for visiting nearby Skeleton Coast National Park. Surrounded by mountains, sand dunes and desert, it offers plenty of privacy and seclusion with just six rooms, all that blend seamlessly with the environment. It will come complete with all the modern amenities guests could ever need, including indoor and outdoor showers. Days are spent searching for elephant, rhino and giraffe, followed by unwinding and relaxing at the camp.

Watch Wildlife at Sossusvlei Sand Dunes Wandering dune of Sossuvlei in Namibia with Oryx walking on it
Credit: Bigstock.com
Wandering dune of Sossuvlei in Namibia with Oryx walking on it

Watch Wildlife at Sossusvlei Sand Dunes (Nearby Hotels)

The Sossusvlei sand dunes, easily accessible by both car and on foot, are an incredible area that’s filled with wildlife, including many animals that you probably wouldn’t expect to see in the desert, such as zebras, oryx, ostrich, antelopes and even lions. The wet season is the best time for a visit, with these magnificent creatures gathering around the temporary watering holes to drink.

Dine at Am Weinberg Estate Am Weinberg Estate, Windhoek, Namibia
Credit: Bigstock.com
Am Weinberg Estate, Windhoek, Namibia

Dine at Am Weinberg Estate (Nearby Hotels)

Am Weinburg is considered one of the top dining experiences in Windhoek, featuring French and Italian-inspired contemporary cuisine utilizing only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. Here you can choose from a wide selection of fish, game meat and vegetarian dishes, all beautifully presented and prepared to perfection. It sits within a colonial-style farmhouse, offering a relaxed yet elegant setting with historical significance, built over a century ago. Look forward to enjoying a meal outdoors in the charming lower terrace or sipping cocktails in the open-air bar while soaking up gorgeous views of the Klein Windhoek Valley below.

Experience a Sun Rise From Dune 45 Sunrise at Dune 45, Namibia
Credit: Bigstock.com
Sunrise at Dune 45, Namibia

Experience a Sun Rise From Dune 45 (Nearby Hotels)

Namibia’s most famous sand dune of all is Dune 45. While it may not be the tallest in the Namib desert, it’s the most popular as it can be climbed, with a number of visitors making the trek up the 262-tall-dune on any given morning to experience a glorious sunrise. While it can be a difficult undertaking, it’s well worth the reward as a true bucket list experience – and incredibly romantic for a newlywed pair to accomplish together.

Catch a Sunset From the Rim of Fish River Canyon Sunset at Fish River Canyon, Namibia
Credit: Bigstock.com
Sunset at Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Catch a Sunset From the Rim of Fish River Canyon (Nearby Hotels)

Whether or not you watch the sun come up from the top of Dune 45, you should really catch a sunset from the rim of Fish River Canyon while you’re there. The canyon is one of the largest in the world, second only to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the very biggest on the African continent, and a jaw-dropping sight to see. it was formed by the erosion of water via the Fish River, remnants of which appear as distant emerald pools on the floor of the canyon. The river flows intermittently, typically flooding in late summer, but the remainder of the year you’ll witness a chain of the long, narrow pools.

Etosha National Park Etosha National Park, Namibia
Credit: Bigstock.com
Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park (Nearby Hotels)

One of the primary reasons visitors come to Africa, and Namibia, is for the wildlife, and Etosha National Park is one of the best places to come in this country to see the Big 5, with everything from rhino and giraffes to lions. The park is home to 114 mammal species and 340 bird species that can often be spotted congregating around the water holes. One of the highlights of the park is the accessible waterholes which are black-lit at night so you can watch the activity, even in the dark.

Windhoek panoramic view of Windhoek, Namibia
Credit: Bigstock.com
panoramic view of Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek (Nearby Hotels)

Most safaris, and honeymoons, in Namibia begin and end in the capital city. It’s worth spending at least a day exploring, with its wide streets and avenues safe and fun to stroll hand-in-hand, providing the chance to wander through picturesque parks and gaze up at impressive architectural sights. Alte Feste is a highlight the oldest building in Windhoek, dating back to the late 19th-century, now serving as the state museum.

Visit a Cheetah Rescue Farm Cheetah resting in Namibia
Credit: Bigstock.com
Cheetah resting in Namibia

Visit a Cheetah Rescue Farm (Nearby Hotels)

Namibia is home to the world’s largest population of wild cheetahs. More than 20% of our planet’s wild cheetahs can be found right here. Because they sometimes prey on domestic animals like cattle, far too often they end up shot or trapped. As part of the effort to save them, several groups have started rescue efforts to relocate and rescue the animals. You can visit them at the Namibia Cheetah Farm, and even interact with these beautiful creatures.

Take a Helicopter Ride Over the Skeleton Coast shipwreck on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia
Credit: Bigstock.com
shipwreck on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Take a Helicopter Ride Over the Skeleton Coast (Nearby Hotels)

Northern Namibia’s harsh Atlantic Coast has been dubbed the Skeleton Coast, as it’s littered with shipwrecks. So inhospitable that Portuguese sailors once referred to it as “The Gates of Hell, the shoreline quickly rises to a wall of sand that is hundreds of feet high. A sight unlike anything else, one of the best ways to see it is to take a scenic helicopter flight for a unique, bird’s-eye view.

Stargazing in the Desert
Credit: bigstock.com

Stargazing in the Desert (Nearby Hotels)

In 2012, the NamibRand Nature Reserve was recognized by the International Dark Sky Association as an official dark sky reserve due to its low light pollution and cloudless night skies. The desert climate with its cool, dry air, is ideal for doing some romantic stargazing together. Without moisture, the night sky is crystal clear and countless stars are very visible. If you can go during a new moon, it will be even more impressive, with less light so that the stars shine even brighter.

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