There is nothing more magical than finding someone that enjoys the same things that you do. For nerdy couples, watching sci-fi films, geeking out over science subjects, or re-reading fiction novels together are the things that make a happy couple. So instead of a boring honeymoon, indulge in you and your spouses specific fandom by going on a nerdy honeymoon destination. No matter if you love films, television, comics, or science, there is a top destination on this list for the nerd in you and your spouse.


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Comic Con Honeymoon Power Rangers at Comic Con
Power Rangers at Comic Con

Comic Con Honeymoon (Prices & Photos)

Nerd out during a comic convention with your favorite person. There are many comic-cons that occur around the world, so all you have to do is plan your honeymoon around one of them. One of the biggest comic-cons is in San Diego, California during the month of July. Now you don’t have to like comics to enjoy comic-con. There are plenty of other nerd-tastic booths and panels here focused on a variety of topics from television shows to movies to books and video games. Pop culture nerds and fandom culture of all kinds are present at comic-con in San Diego. Make sure you and your partner dress up in your favorite characters.

Game of Thrones Honeymoon Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Honeymoon (Prices & Photos)

Game of Throne fans should flock to northern Ireland for a fantastic honeymoon getaway. Now Game of Thrones was filmed all over Europe, however there are some iconic spots in Northern Ireland that every Game of Thrones fan would recognize, such as Bregagh Road and the Giant’s Causeway.

Doctor Who Honeymoon London, England
London, England

Doctor Who Honeymoon (Prices & Photos)

London makes for a great honeymoon spot for Doctor Who fans. Yes, many of Doctor Who’s episodes occur in space or on foreign planets, but Doctor Who always ends up saving the day in London at the end of each season. Not only will you recognize iconic London spots regularly seen in the series, such as the London Eye, you and your spouse are also bound to discover a wide variety of Doctor Who merchandise, since Londoners are equally obsessed with the long-running sci-fi series. Now if only you could hop in the TARDIS to travel to London instead of air travel!

Harry Potter Honeymoon Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida
Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Harry Potter Honeymoon (Prices & Photos)

Discover the magical world of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. Found at Universal Studios, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter transports Harry Potter fans to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. This theme park has both thrilling rides and a charming shopping front. Only Harry Potter fans now the struggle of reading about Butterbeer but never tasting here; but here at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter you can indulge in as much authentic Butterbeer as your belly can allow. Don’t forget to purchase your wands and wear your House colors when you visit this Harry Potter-theme park with your new partner.

Lord of the Rings Honeymoon New Zealand, AKA Middle Earth
New Zealand, AKA Middle Earth

Lord of the Rings Honeymoon (Prices & Photos)

The Hobbit in you is ready to take your loved one home to the Shire. However you’ll have to hope on a flight to New Zealand first, and hope they serve second breakfast on the plane! Take a tour of where Peter Jackson filmed the Lord of the Rings movies. Hobbiton is one of the most popular attractions for Lord of the Rings nerds. You’ll finally know why it was so hard for Bilbo to leave the Shire!

Space and Science Honeymoon Space and science themed honeymoon at NASA
Space and science themed honeymoon at NASA

Space and Science Honeymoon (Prices & Photos)

For those couples who geek out over space and science, a trip to NASA makes for a fun and informative honeymoon. NASA even hosts an Adult Space Academy, where adults can learn about what it takes to train for space travel. You’ll definitely enjoy living out your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, even if you don’t make it on a rocket out of the atmosphere. However you don’t have to attend the Adult Space Academy to enjoy the exhibits that NASA has to offer, such as an actual spacecraft.

Disney Honeymoon Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Calif.
Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Calif.

Disney Honeymoon (Prices & Photos)

If you and your loved one danced to Lion King’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” or Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” at your wedding, then you two may be Disney nerds, or Disnerds for short. If seeing all your favorite Disney characters is nothing short of a dream come true, then you and your new spouse should head to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Enjoy thrilling rides, sing Disney songs, and watch Broadway-style shows while you both sport matching Mickey ears.

Star Wars Honeymoon Matmata, Tunisia
Matmata, Tunisia

Star Wars Honeymoon (Hotel Prices & Photos)

If you found your Leia to your Hans Solo, then celebrate your true love with a Star Wars-themed honeymoon. Now there are a number of spots that make for a great Star Wars honeymoon. Redwood National Forest in California is where George Lucas filmed parts of “Return of the Jedi,” specifically where the Ewoks lived. However Death Valley National Park in California is also a spot where a number of Star Wars scenes were filmed. If you and your loved one were hoping for an international honeymoon, head to Matmata, Tunisia in Africa where you can visit the home of Luke Skywalker.