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Georgia possesses a lot of beloved barbecue joints. So how do you decipher the great from the downright legendary? Well, you simply have to try them all, or ask someone who has! Know that when we tell you Holy Smoke BBQ & More, located a bit south of Atlanta, ranks as one of the best, you’re hearing from the taste buds themselves. While just a mere baby when compared to long time staples such as Old Hickory House in Tucker and Fresh Air Barbecue in Jackson, this little southern joint off the McDonough Square has debuted on a high note.


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Holy Smoke BBQ & More
Credit: Brian M./Yelp
Holy Smoke BBQ & More

Everything centers around the meat. The perfectly wood smoked morsels of succulence ranging from lightly glazed ribs to moist, tender pork. When a meat is correctly smoked over wood, it develops this salty, earthy crisp on the outer edges, while maintaining a moist center that just falls apart in your fingers. It doesn’t need sauce because the flavor is so balanced, but of course, southerners hardly shy away from a nice dash of spicy sweet to add a little kick.

Going a bit above some of the bare bones barbecue joints, there’s a list of sides that include sweet baked beans, creamy mac n cheese, hearty potato salad, coleslaw, fresh cut fries, crispy sweet potato fries, and southern style fried okra. Beer battered onion rings and juicy fried mushrooms make for a great addition to a meal via add-on side or appetizer. There is most definitely a technique to frying so that the batter is light, crispy and not too greasy, and Holy Smoke nails it.

Holy Smoke BBQ & More
Credit: Eva M./Yelp
Holy Smoke BBQ & More

But if one side stands out above the rest, it’s the savory, meaty Brunswick stew. The crew prides themselves on using a high pork, chicken and beef ratio in the substantial stew—this barbecue classic isn’t a soup after all, it’s meant to be loaded with protein. A bit of corn, onions and some secret spices add the signature flavor.

Credit: Facebook.com

Holy Smoke BBQ & More is a humble, cozy, brick restaurant that sits on a side road off the main portion of the McDonough Square. Visitors experience true southern hospitality thanks to the sweetest, personable, tight-knit group running the place. So if you get the chance to drop in, you’re in for a complete Georgia experience.

Holy Smoke BBQ & More
Address: 13 Hampton Street, McDonough, GA 30253
Phone: 770-294-7513
Official Website

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