War, tragedy, and just simply time are attributed to Georgia’s most hauntingly striking abandoned structures. Tales behind these forgotten ruins are often somber, but the leftover bones do not set useless—stunning photographs and an eerie glimpse into the past can be found.


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Sweetwater Creek Mill Ruins (Nearby Hotels)

Also known as the New Manchester Mill Ruins,  the lone standing brick walls are dotted with window openings that are ironically beautiful to peer through. Sweetwater State Park’s Red Trail, in Lithia Springs, will take you to the riverside structure.

Briarcliff Mansion (Nearby Hotels)

Although a part of the Emory University Campus today, the 1800s era Druid Hills residence is in shambles. A solarium, greenhouse, 1,700 square foot music room, ballroom and countless bedrooms sadly set in disrepair, and up until 1997, were being repurposed as a mental institute. Naturally, the Briarcliff Mansion is now believed to be haunted.

Marietta Paper Mill (Nearby Hotels)

Burned down by Union soldiers in 1864, remnants of the old structure still sit along the 1.5 mile Sope Creek Trail, at the point where Paper Mill Road meets the path. Back in the day, the mill drew power from the river to support paper, twine and flour production, as well as hydroelectricity.

Roswell Mill Civil War Ruins (Nearby Hotels)

In Old Mill Park is Roswell Manufacturing Co. Mill, which was burned down in the 1860s, during the war. Situated along Vickery Creek, the beautiful bridge and fallen factory are often captured in breathtaking photos. A part of the Chattahoochee River Recreation Area, the remnants are marked by a memorial in remembrance of those stricken by tradgedy amongst deportation by invading forces.

A Crumbling Castle in Cumberland Island (Nearby Hotels)

In its glory days in the late 1800s, we can imagine lavish gatherings at the Dungeness Ruins on this Georgia barrier island. But in the 1950s, the Grand St. Mary’s home, unfortunately, met its demise via fire, and has been left as a striking reminder of the era.

The Ruins At Kellum Valley Farm (Nearby Hotels)

Now a wedding venue, the new owners are taking advantage of the rustic background the historic buildings provide. So these ruins are a little less spooky, and more stunning, because atmosphere is everything! Once being a beautiful home and school that later burned, we’re glad to see this Cleveland Georgia gem living on.

Concord Woolen Mills Ruins (Nearby Hotels)

Mableton’s Heritage Park is a beautiful nature preserve that has managed to keep historical sites in tact, but the old mill has given in to time. The park’s 1.7 mile trail hits all of the good stuff, like the covered bridge, and allows an up close look at a war tarnished industry of a bygone age.

The Prison Farm
Credit: Facebook.com

The Prison Farm (Nearby Hotels)

Okay, so this place will send shivers down your spine, so it’s probably good you aren’t really supposed to visit the charred remains of this 1940s Atlanta prison. In 2009, it caught fire after sitting abandoned since 1995, and even the firefighters opted to just let the place burn. Now coated in graffiti and overgrown foliage, it’s still easy to picture what this place looked like in its years of operation.

Corpsewood Manor (Nearby Hotels)

From Mountain View Road in Summerville, turn onto Black Springs Road. After winding through a few curves, you’ll see a gravel driveway marked by two stones, which leads to the ruins of a magnificent hand built home of the 1970s. A couple was gruesomely murdered here, and speculation of evil activities lurk in the aftermath. Look, but don’t take any mementos, as a curse supposedly follows those who do so.

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