6 Most Haunted Restaurants in Arizona

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There are many stories about ghosts haunting hotels and abandoned buildings in Arizona, but some of the best places to catch a spirit just might be inside one of your favorite restaurants. Since buildings change a lot over time, it’s no shock that an establishment has a rich history. Here are some of Arizona’s spookiest eateries to have a meal the next time you’re feeling brave.

Casey Moore’s Oyster House, Tempe
Casey Moore's Oyster House

Casey Moore’s Oyster House, Tempe

Casey Moore’s Oyster House is a long-time favorite of Phoenicians, but it’s what goes on after the doors close that make people wonder about its origins. The legend is that many years ago, a young woman was murdered by her crazed boyfriend up on the second floor, and many have claimed to see movement up there after the doors close for the night. As for the staff, they all have personal stories that would send chills down your neck. It’s even been investigated by several paranormal hunting teams, and they’ve concluded that it is truly haunted.

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Tombstone
Big Nose Kate’s Saloon

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Tombstone

Tombstone is an interesting town with a very chaotic and bloody history, so it shouldn’t be a shock that many of its buildings are haunted too. Big Nose Kate’s Saloon originated in the 1800s as the former Grand Hotel, and it was frequented by people like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. This is a favorite restaurant of locals and tourists, but many claim that it’s also haunted by a number of spirits., but one in particular named “Swamper.” This old soul is thought to be an old miner from Tombstone’s earliest days who likes to roam the halls and randomly appear in visitors’ photos. The story is that he hid some valuable silver somewhere in the building and is standing guard to protect it.

La Cocina, Tucson
La Cocina
La Cocina, Tucson

La Cocina, Tucson

La Cocina is a popular eatery in downtown Tucson and is known for its adorable outdoor seating patio and stage where live music often plays. It’s also the start of one of the city’s ghost tours, as many claim to have seen and been touched by some of the spirits who live there. One is thought to be an old cowboy, and the other is a little girl that stays with him.

The Old Spaghetti Factory, Phoenix
The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory, Phoenix

The Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix hasn’t been there forever, in fact, it was recently repurposed into a restaurant from an old furniture store and it was a couple of different houses even before that. The ghosts who live in this restaurant are not known to be gentle or friendly in the slightest, as customers have picked up on some very negative vibes during their time inside. Once in a while, staff and customers have claimed to hear bone-chilling screams and sobbing, which might indicate someone was murdered here a very long time ago.

The Palace Saloon, Prescott
The Palace Restaurant and Saloon

The Palace Saloon, Prescott

This historic building has been a part of Prescott’s Whiskey Row for some time now, and aside from its charming character, it’s also thought to be inhabited by otherworldly beings. Customers and staff at The Palace Saloon have noticed things mysteriously falling by themselves from the bar, which could be caused by a spirit by the name of Nevins. He was a poker player that was better at collecting debt than chips and is thought to be back looking for someone to deal a deck against him.

Crystal Palace Saloon, Tombstone
Crystal Palace Saloon, Tombstone

Crystal Palace Saloon, Tombstone

Even though Tombstone’s own real Big Nose Kate got her own restaurant named after her, locals believe that she actually haunts the Crystal Palace Saloon as it used to be one of her favorite places. These days, patrons and staff witness lots of things moving by themselves, lights switching on and off, and other artifacts taking motion that shouldn’t be. It’s thought that Kate isn’t the only one inside the saloon though, as many apparitions of cowboys have been seen too.

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