Have you ever wished your favorite donut shop would serve you a side of booze with your favorite morning treat? Well in Denver, Colorado, this unique donut-and-booze concept is what keeps customers coming back to Habit Doughnut Dispensary. This shop dispenses out unique donuts infused with shots of liquor. Enjoy a plain glazed with a shot of whiskey or a chocolate donut served with Kahlua. The folks at Habit Doughnut Dispensary welcome those needing a stiff drink or simply a sweet treat.


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You don’t have to get your donut with a side of vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, Irish cream or any other liquor, but since it’s only a $2 extra charge, it’s hard to argue against it. You are welcome to choose your favorite donut and liquor combination, however Habit Doughnut Dispensary also offers their own creations, such as “Plain Jane and Blazed” infused with Fireball whiskey or the chocolate and espresso donut served with Kahlua.

All donuts served with liquor come with a plastic pipette filled with the alcoholic good stuff. Therefore you can choose to shoot it straight into your mouth or even squeeze some into your doughnut for both a sweet yet tipsy treat.

This donut shop in the Mile High City actually makes delicious donuts. So even if you don’t partake in alcohol, Habit Doughnut Dispensary is still worth a visit. Grab yourself a dozen to share or treat yourself with a single donut or two. Although donuts and coffee will always be the classic combination, Habit Doughnut Dispensary is breaking the norm by offering doughy creations with boozy infusions.

Enjoy booze-infused donuts at Habit Doughnut Dispensary
Enjoy booze-infused donuts at Habit Doughnut Dispensary

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