The Fox Theatre has been a significant Atlanta fixture since the 1920’s, featuring ornate accents and a lavish Spanish Egyptian mosque structure that continues to wow those who attend spectacular shows throughout the year. It comes as no surprise that such a historical establishment houses some ghostly secrets within its walls. For a few days only, around Halloween, the theatre sells tickets to a tour different from the normal experience, and the atmosphere combined with creepy elements will have you feeling festive in no time.


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Guides weave guests in and out of the building’s intricate nooks and crannies, allowing for glimpses beyond what one would see when attending a show. However, the auditorium, with its glittering sky ceiling and elegant decor, is still one of the most exciting sites. For 60 minutes, the same length as tours during normal months, you’ll also hear a narration about the theater’s eerie past.

Ghosts have been spotted throughout the years, leaving much speculation that the Fox is haunted, with characters from the past that will emerge in various rooms to recount the unusual happenings. Among those portrayed characters will be significant figures like William Fox, his wife, and even the hospital room nurse—yes, there’s a hospital room, and you’ll get to see it. These historic accounts can be next level freaky, so be advised when bringing particularly edgy folks.

Descending down the original stage freight elevator, which has remained the same for nearly a century, feels like one is submerging into a scene from Titanic. Attendees get to venture into the basement, and, as mentioned, the hospital room. Those unsettling locations make the peek into the power room a bit less intimidating. Mighty Mo, the famous pipe organ, is a highlight, and the silent horror movies projected on the walls add to the ambiance.

Children under 6 are not able to come, understandably, and it’s suggested to leave those under 10 at home, too. Tickets go for $35.

The Fox Theatre
Address: 660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Phone:(404) 881-2100
Official Website

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