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We could all use a break from our over-stressed and over-connected lives. So, whether your goal is to disconnect to reconnect to yourself, a partner, friends or family, an escape to Getaway’s modern tiny cabins will leave you feeling more calm and deeply connected than you’ve felt in ages.

Getaway encourages guests to disconnect and “unplug from work, WiFi, and routines, and reconnect to who and what matters.” From the moment my fiance and I booked our escape from Boston, our experience felt peaceful, thoughtful, convenient and comfortable. From the very beginning, Getaway was incredibly helpful with making us feel excited and comfortable about our stay. They sent emails about the amenities included in the tiny home (think: firewood, playing cards, luxury linens, snacks, etc.), ideas on what to pack based on the expected weather, and even suggestions on how to make the most of the trip.


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A Nature Lover’s Escape Cozy queen size bed
Credit: Getaway House
Cozy queen size bed

A Nature Lover’s Escape

Getaway’s dreamy, custom-built tiny homes are located approximately an hour outside of major cities, nestled in the heart of nature and away from everyday distractions.

The bed placed right next to the window was one of our favorite parts of our stay. We felt like we were actually sleeping in nature, falling asleep to the starry skies and waking up with the sun.

Thoughtfully Curated and Designed Kitchenette stocked with the essentials
Credit: Getaway House
Kitchenette stocked with the essentials

Thoughtfully Curated and Designed

We were pleased to find that our Getaway had everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. The cabin was equipped with AC and heat, radio and speakers, a lock box for our cell phones, a plush queen-sized bed, kitchenette, shower, toilet, fire pit with Adirondack chairs, games, thoughtful prompts and a ton of good vibes!

Some food items were even available for purchase, though we decided to bring our own array of goodies to cook over the open fire…including the ever classic s’mores!

We loved that Getaway provided all the basic essentials so we didn’t have to worry about bringing much of anything along on our trip. An added perk is that the company offers 24/7 call, text or in-person service for replacements and questions, too.

Disconnect to Reconnect Getaway tiny cabin
Credit: Getaway House
Getaway tiny cabin

Disconnect to Reconnect

One of the things we loved most about our stay is that the cabin didn’t have WiFi, so we could disconnect from the wired (and wireless) world with ease, making it that much easier to get comfy and cozy with each other. All we needed was a campfire and great conversation!

Don't Forget Fido Our dog Chubbs loved his stay
Our dog Chubbs loved his stay

Don't Forget Fido

Arguably one of our favorite parts of our Getaway experience was the ability to bring our dog with us! Our pup loves any excuse to bask in nature, so when we found out that Getaway is a very dog friendly company (and actually encourages bringing Fido along!), we were all in. When we arrived at our outpost, we were pleasantly surprised to find some complimentary dog treats and a comfortable dog bed provided for him, too. We love that this company not only thinks about their guests’ happiness, but their guests’ dogs too. I’m sure if our pup could talk he would be begging for another Getaway trip just so he could get his little paws on those doggy treats again.

Wanting S'more The perfect escape
Credit: Getaway House
The perfect escape

Wanting S'more

We didn’t realize how badly we needed to get away from it all until the morning we had to leave our tiny home away from home. With checkout at 11 a.m., my fiance and I both realized we should have booked another night’s stay so we could enjoy for just a bit longer. With so many wonderful benefits for our mental, spiritual and emotional well-beings, it’s a no brainer for us to get away again. And with cabin outposts all over the country, it’s easier than ever for us to unplug more often.

Outposts are all within a short drive from a lot of cities, including Atlanta, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Charlotte, Raleigh, Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Portland, and Washington, D.C. If getting away from it all sounds like it’s exactly what you need during this season of life, you can receive $25 off your stay when you use the code DISCOVER at checkout. Book your Getaway here!

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