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Looking for a sugar rush in Tempe? The Donut Parlor has you covered with their delicious range of donuts baked daily from scratch. Whether you’re looking for a classic flavor combination or something fancy and unique, the Donut Parlor is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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They’re best known for their cereal donuts, where you can get anything from Cookie Crisp to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Coco Pebbles, Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms added on top of their classic donuts. Prefer something more gourmet? Go for the lemon-filled, bear claw, apple fritter or Boston creme. Maple bacon is a hit, as is the strawberry pie, peanut butter jelly and red velvet.

Donut Parlor, Arizona
Donut Parlor, Arizona

Star Wars fans probably already know the magical “galaxy” donuts they created to honor the film series. If not, you’ll be captivated by the traditional yeast doughnut dipped in a psychedelic mixture of butter icing that is topped with sugar sprinkles to give it a twinkling look.

When the weather heats up, it’s hard to pass up their selection of donut ice cream sandwiches. Looking for a super-sized sweet treat? Upgrade to the mega Texas-sized donut. If it’s a special occasion like Valentines Day or Mother’s Day, make sure to put in your order for the best present ever, a donut bouquet. Wash your treats down with freshly brewed hot coffee, iced coffee, Thai iced tea or a smoothie.

The Donut Parlor is a family-run business, operated by a brother and sister team who wanted to create a positive space where their mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, could recover and find purpose in life again.

What they’ve created is an award-winning donut shop who donates leftover donuts to different charities and church groups and participates in local organizations to support fundraisers for first responders, high education causes and community-building. When you’re in the Tempe area, don’t miss out on the sugary goodness that is the Donut Parlor.

Donut Parlor:
Address: 1245 W Elliot Rd 103, Tempe, Arizona 85284
Phone: (480) 570-1900
Website: https://donutparlor.com/

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