Is interacting with curious dolphins on your bucket list? Often associated with the Sunshine State, one of the perks of visiting Florida is being able to get an up-close look at dolphins.  If you stay at Dolphin Point Villas in Key Largo, you’ll be able to take this once-in-a-lifetime experience a step further by swimming with dolphins and learning all about how intelligent and intuitive dolphins are and why they’re worth getting to know and protect.


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Dolphin Point Villas, Key Largo
Dolphin Point Villas, Key Largo

The Dolphin Point Villas is Key Largo’s newest and most intimate paradise getaway, perfect for those who prefer an authentic Florida Keys experience. You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty and free from the tourist crowds at these luxurious villas, where you’ll get a true taste of Florida Keys living. Nature enthusiasts will be lured in by the tranquil island ambiance, while soaring vaulted ceilings and wrap around porches allow you to capture one of those legendary Florida sunsets.

Guests at Dolphin Point Villas can enjoy swimming with dolphins at Dolphins Plus Bayside, which is owned and operated by the Dolphin Point Villa team and located directly next door. Dolphin Plus is the premier marine mammal facility in the Florida Keys and offers a variety of programs that cater to animal lovers of all ages.

Dolphin Point Villas, Key Largo
Dolphin Point Villas, Key Largo

The highlight of visiting this facility is the chance to swim in an enclosed lagoon with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins, which is naturally fed by the tidal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You can experience the grace and beauty of these animals on a structured swim, where you’ll have to hold tight on the fun-filled Doral pull. It’s a perfect activity for swimmers of all ages and is sure to provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Dolphin Point Villas, Key Largo
Dolphin Point Villas, Key Largo

Not sure you want to get wet? There are plenty of programs where you can stay dry. Simply lean over and give an adorable dolphin a smooch in the Kiss A Dolphin activity, or watch the intelligent dolphins paint a masterpiece in the Paint With A Dolphin.

Little ones can participate in the Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter, where they can interact in waist deep water and learn how to give a dolphin a handshake, kisses and belly rubs. If you want the VIP treatment, sign up for the Exclusive Dolphin Encounter for private programs or try the Trainer for a Day to see how the dolphins are cared for as you shadow a Dolphins Plus Trainer.

Dolphin Point Villas:
Address: 101910 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037
Phone: 305-451-0315
Official Website

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