Austin is known to keep things weird. However, if you are serious about finding something truly weird in Austin, then a visit to the Museum of the Weird is a must. From quirky memorabilia to strange and unusual oddities on display, this museum’s exhibits will make you do a double take. Located on the popular 6th Street in downtown Austin, this museum promotes the city’s weird brand and will continue to amaze, amuse and astonish anyone who walks through its doors.


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From shrunken heads to a lifesize version of Frankenstein, the unique exhibits at the Museum of Weird can be found in the back of the store Lucky Lizard. The store’s owner started out with a collection of oddities, which grew until it evolved into a museum of its own. Lucky Lizard is now the gift shop for the museum.

Now the Museum of the Weird has a variety of things on display, however one of its most popular exhibits is the Iceman. The Minnesota Iceman is a bigfoot-like beast that now calls the museum home. Besides this bigfoot, the museum is full of carnival sideshow attractions like a two-headed chicken, a feejee mermaid, a cyclops pig, and a two-headed calf, among many other unique displays.

Come for the bizarre displays but stay for the live side show acts. The cost of your ticket to the museum includes a live sideshow act. The most popular live performance here is definitely the sword swallowers.

After viewing the unique and incredible exhibits, don’t miss out on the Lucky Lizard gift show. Purchase something to remember your time in Austin and this amusing museum. The Museum of Weird is something that truly keeps the weird alive in Texas’ capital city.

Museum of the Weird
Credit: sean hobson
Museum of the Weird

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